SEO PowerSuite Review – Are SEO Professionals Love Them?

Are you planning to buy SEO PowerSuite?

and want to see SEO PowerSuite Review before you buy this tool.

So, In this detailed post, I will share all the positive and negative facts about SEO PowerSuite.

and, It will probably help you whether you should buy this tool or not.

If you’re a beginner in blogging or owned an SEO agency then you have to use some SEO tools to maximize your reach towards your audience.

Now at this point, SEO PowerSuite is one of the best tools that provide accurate results (Just like Ahref and SemRush).

Some peoples said, SEO PowerSuite time has finished but this is not the reality. SEO PowerSuite is a very powerful tool with many features.

Some industry leaders also use SEO PowerSuite for their website to maximize their reach.

SEO PowerSuite Review

1- What is SEO PowerSuite?


SEO PowerSuite has many best and unique features like (TF-IDF tool, and also many features related to semantic SEO).

It can easily be downloaded in Windows and Mac.

YOU: Are You Crazy?

YOU: We can easily go for SEMRush and Ahref so Why to choose SEO PowerSuite?

As compare to Cloud SEO apps (ahref and SEMRush), SEO PowerSuite somehow losses the battle.

because SEO PowerSuite has some limitations when it comes to speed, features, data, etc.

But There’re also some advantages of using SEO PowerSuite over Cloud SEO apps (like Ahref and SemRush).

Cloud SEO apps are very costly and if you’re just starting out then you can’t afford this expense.

SEO PowerSuite Review

However, SEO PowerSuite has affordable pricing which can easily fit into your pocket.

You can also get 7 Day Free Trial for their Professional and Enterprise Plan.

and, If you’re satisfied with their premium services that i have told you in my SEO PowerSuite Review then only go with SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite Review

If you have any doubt then you can go for its free plan, which you can try and if you’re satisfied then you can purchase their plan.


Now, Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. So take a look at its PROS and CONS – 


  • It comes with 4+ apps as a complete SEO solution
  • Apps are cross-platform compatible and sync seamlessly
  • Comes with a great TF/IDF feature for semantic SEO
  • Comes with tons of features
  • Comes at a one-off fee unlike other tools


  • Work Slow
  • For many features, It requires you to have search algo subscription

3- Ground Level SEO PowerSuite Review

We have researched a lot to for the SEO PowerSuite Review on Google.

Many Peoples are saying on Google that, This tool helps me a lot to grow from 10 positions to top 3 positions.

Some SEO Powersuite Reviewer also claiming that This tool have very accurate data while others Cloud Tool can’t show data in details.

In One Line, This tool is worth buying for your SEO services.

and We got the following result from Google.

seo powersuite review

Review On Google Search –

seo powersuite review

If you have doubts about SEO PowerSuite in 2020, Then let me ask you a question.

What SEO services you want from your SEO Tool?

YOU: I want to research the keyword, website audit, and backlink building, and want to see other’s website STATS.

Do you want anything else from this tool?

If yes, then please comment below.

It is worth to buy this tool in this pricing range.

Maximize Uses of SEO PowerSuite?

1- WebSite Auditor

🔵 Why use Website Auditor Tool?
Your website should be an error fix. Because it impacts more than you think on your SEO.
and by using the Website Auditor Tool, You can identify all the errors and warnings that can affect your website’s page/post.
🔵 Benefits of using Website Auditor Tool
  • Optimize your content more powerfully
  • Perform entirely on your website
  • Get the most valuable keywords
  • Find out the Competitors content strategy
Open this tool and enter your website URL.
seo powersuite reviews
now you’re ready to optimize your website.
🔵 On-Site Optimization
  • Go To Site Structure > Site Audit
On the next screen, You can find if your website has an error

🔴 Error: Page with the error

🔴 Warning: Pages that need immediate attention

🔴 Info: You need to visit this page

seo powersuite reviews

  • Click on one of the options shown in the SIDEBAR,
  • Get the details of all the pages with error (If).

seo powersuite reviews

You can also know how you can fix this error by clicking on these page/post URLs

seo powersuite reviews

By Site Auditing Tool, You can remove all the errors that may impact your website SEO. 

🔵 Page Auditing for Maximum SEO Result

From Page audit, you can get the overview of your post/page (like its keyword, H1 Title, H2 title, etc.)

  • Go To Content Analysis > Page Audit

seo powersuite reviews

It will show you some suggestions, and by implementing those suggestions your website and article will become more SEO Friendly.

🔵 Content Optimization

From the content editor, You can optimize your post/page and can achieve a higher SEO score in the SEO PowerSuite (Link-Assistant).

  • Go To Content Analysis > Content Editor
  • Choose One of your Post/pages
  • Enter Your Keyword(s)

seo powersuite reviews

  • Edit your post to make it more On-Page SEO Friendly.
  • Try to score more SEO Score from the content editor.

seo powersuite reviews

Copy this and update it on your WordPress dashboard.

🔵 Use of TF-IDF (Unique feature)

As I was said, TF-IDF is a very useful tool ( which stands for “frequency-inverse document frequency formula”.)

It will suggest the top LSI Keywords which your competitors are using to optimize their content too.

  • Go To Content Analysis > TF-IDF

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

It theft data from your competitor’s site that is ranking in the top 10 positions for your keyword.

TF-IDF is the Website Auditor tool is one of the premium tools that I can easily suggest to anyone.

and, The best feature in this is TF-IDF.

It will not only help me to make my content more SEO Friendly but it will also help me to rank in the top 10 positions.

2- Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a tool which will help you track down all your post.

🔵 Why use RankTracker?

If you have more than one website and (or) you have tons of posts on your website then you can’t track them one by one.

Rank Tracker helps you to remove this pain.

🔵 Benefits of using Rank Tracker

  • Track Featured Snippets
  • Know Keyword Difficulties
  • Get your Current Ranking

🔵 Track Your Keyword Ranking

To get your keyword ranking, 

  • Go To Target Keywords > Rank Tracking

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

  • Get your ranking for up to 50 position
  • Try to achieve higher Visibility score

🔵 Automate Your Ranking Checking

The best thing is, You can automate all the processes in this tool.

This means you can receive all your keywords ranking reports right in your inbox.

To do this,

  • Go To Preferences > Scheduler

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

  • Select “Check search engine rankings” from the options

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

  • Select the appropriate time in which you want this data in your inbox

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

Excellent, You have done.

You can now receive your personalized report on the keywords right in your inbox.

🔵 Check Your Youtube Ranking

The best feature in SEO PowerSuite is that You can check your YouTube Video Ranking too.

Follow these simple steps to do that –

  • Go To Preferences > Preferred Search Engine
  • Select, YouTube Search Engine
  • Visit Preferences > Alternative URLs
  • Paste all the YouTube URLs that you want to track

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

Now, You can track all of your youtube videos by Rank Tracker Tool

3 – LinkAssistant

Great content can not attract users so you need to first rank in the top 10 position of Google.

and, LinkAssistant can help you to achieve a better rank in the top 10 positions of google by building backlinks.

🔵 Why use LinkAssistant?

LinkAssistant will help you to analyze your page/post and gives you the opportunities for building backlinks.

You can directly apply for Guest Posting, or Email Outreach, etc from this tool.

🔵 Benefits of using LinkAssistant

  • Get Link Building Opportunities
  • Get Contact Information For Backlinks
  • Create Email Outreach Template
  • Contact Website Owner in Bulk

🔵 BackLink Building Opportunities

The best feature in LinkAssistant is “Look For Prospectus”

It will give you the most relevant links related to your Niche.

  • Go To Prospectus > Look For Prospectus
  • Click the button

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

  • You will get a menu (For building Backlinks)
  • Choose any one Link building opportunities from the menu to continue
  • We choose Guest Posting

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

  • Enter Keywords related to Your Niche

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

  • Follow the same steps
  • and, You will get a list for available Guest Posting

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

You get all the opportunities for Guest Posting to boost your website ranking fast.

🔵 Bulk Email Outreach

Once you have enough Email address,

You can send your Email Outreach to all the websites at the same time.

  • Select the website to send the Email
  • Click on Email

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

  • This Outreach Email is not enough
  • Edit it for a better Email Outreach
  • So, Click on the GEAR icon

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

  • Edit your Email Outreach
  • Click OK
  • Send your Outreach Email

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

Now, If anyone will be interested in your Guest posting.

Then he will reply to your Email.

🔵 Monitor Your Links

If you have done guest blogging, then you may want to make your eyes on your Guest Blog’s links.

and, The best thing is that you can do this with the LinkAssistant tool

  • Go To Prospectus > Backlinks > Add
  • Paste your links
  • Change the status to, “Website Links Back”.
  • “Verify”

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

You can check it any time for your Guest Posting links.

4 – SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is a powerful tool that helps you to steal the strategies of your competitor website that actually works.
🔵 Benefits of Using SEO Spyglass
  • View your competitor’s backlink profile
  • Steal strategies
  • Reduce the risks on your site
  • Stop harmful backlinks
  • Maintain your backlinks profile

You have to first add your project by visiting Projects > New

Add your and your competitor’s domain name.

Now, you are ready to access SEO Spyglass.

🔵 Download Your Competitor’s Backlink

If you want to download your competitor’s Backlinks and want to pitch them for backlinks, then 

  • Go To, Backlink Profile > Backlinks > Quick CSV Export

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

You can also use this report in other SEO tools.

🔵 Compare Your Competitors

You may also want to compare your competitors

  • Go To Domain Comparison > Summary
  • Enter Your Competitors Domain Name
  • Here is the detailed comparison

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

Point to focus on

  • Total backlinks
  • Total linking domains
  • Traffic SOURCES
  • Do-Follow backlinks

🔵 Which Backlink Sends Traffic

SEO Spyglass can be used to analyze which backlink is sending traffic.

and, You can steal their backlinks to gain more traffic

  • Go To Backlink Profile > Referral Traffic
  • You will get a list of that domains

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

You can contact these domains by Email outreach ( Which we have discussed above) and ask them for the Guest Posting or HARO Technique.

Now, Good backlink always comes with a bad backlink, and you must remove the bad backlink to keep your site healthy and SEO friendly.

There is a tool called DISAVOW

seo powersuite reviews in 2020

You can disavow all the bad backlink

Benefits of Using SEO PowerSuite

There are many benefits of using SEO PowerSuite for your website.

They have some unique and worth features in their tool and the best thing is that you can start with SEO PowerSuite for free.

1- Pricing

If you know about ahref and SEMRush then the most irritating thing about these Cloud SEO Tools is pricing.

Yes, There pricing is too high and a normal person like you and me, can’t afford these expensive tools.

SEO PowerSuite comes here to remove this pain point.

Ahref and SEMRush basic subscription start from $99/month which is very expensive.

while SEO PowerSuite comes with a free version and paid version.

As a beginner, you have to give more time to writing, backlink building, etc and that’s why you can not fully focus on these SEO Tools.

and if you purchase Cloud SEO Tool for a month then you can not utilize it for the maximum result. 

and that’s why,

If you’re a beginner and you have a little budget, then I recommend you to go with SEO PowerSuite.

Because I know after reading SEO PowerSuite Review, You will become more clear about this SEO tool.

2- Features 

While this tool comes with many essential features (like Site Audit, Keyword Researching, etc).

You can get some unique features with this tool like Quality Link Building & Management, “Not Provided” Solution, etc.

You can build quality backlinks in this tool and Email websites in bulk for link building.

SEO PowerSuite Review

How To Build Backlinks

  • Go To Link-Assistant Tool 
  • Now Click On “Look For Prospects”

seo powersuite review

  • Choose any one method in which you’re willing to build backlinks, I choose “Guest Posting”

seo powersuite review

  • Now Enter Your Keywords Related To your Niche.
  • You can also get keyword suggestions by clicking on “Get Keyword Suggestions” (Link Your Google Ads Account First)

seo powersuite review

  • You will get related keyword suggestions from Google Keyword Planner
  • Filter your keywords which is most relevant to your Niche
  • Write some Title suggestions for Guest Posting like “Write For us, Guest Posting, etc”

seo powersuite review

  • SEO PowerSuite will make a list that is offering backlinks related to your Niche and the data you provided.

seo powersuite review

and with its “Not Provided” Solution tool, You can Unlock Google Analytics’ hidden data in SEO PowerSuite and have the “not provided” visits calculated with 91% precision.

FAQ’s Related To SEO PowerSuite Review

What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a tool which helps you in (Website Auditing, Backlink Building, Keywords Researching, Fetch website owner’s Email Address, etc.)

Is SEO PowerSuite Free?

Yes, there is also a free license available and, There is also a 7 day free trial without credit card.

Is there any Unique feature in SEO PowerSuite?

Yes, If you want to build backlinks then you can directly fetch other website’s contact details and send them directly an Email for backlink or Guest Posting.

 What is SEO PowerSuite Cost?

SEO PowerSuite comes under a free license and the initial pricing is started from $299 (This price is under an offer)

My Recommendation

Well, No Doubt ahref and SEMRush are better than this tool but SEO PowerSuite can be also used to do essential things (like Keyword researching, WebSite Audit, Link Building, etc).

and, In the SEO PowerSuite Review, I have described each and everything to you like How it is beneficial to you, etc

Now, the main question which stands in your mind, Should I Buy This Tool?

My answer is Yes,

Because, it has all the essential features that bloggers need for SEO.
So, If you’re a beginner then you can purchase this handsome tool for your blogging.
and, If you buy this tool from my affiliate link then you will get an Exclusive 10% Discount.
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Note: Please Share Your Thoughts On This Article By Commenting Below, I will be very thankful to you.

😀 Cheers!

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