Team Behind AskBlogging

Few Updates

I have joined a good company as a Software Developer. However, my true passion lies in blogging So, I will always contribute the well-researched content from time to time here. As ASBlogging gets older so, we have increased our team size.

We welcome Palak Thakur. She has recently joined us as a Content Writer.

From now onwards, she will be responsible for all the Content on this website and, I’ll review the SEO and Ranking related stuff.

About Me

My name is Bhavishya Singh, Founder and Owner of ASKBlogging and I was born in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. I was an average student in education. I wanted to become a pilot in my childhood and I was thinking about this all the time.

But, Things go on, and I forget my first dream.

Shivansh Singh

Down In My Life

During My High School days (2015), One day I was using my mother’s phone to search for the best games and suddenly I saw an article about Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of OYO Rooms). I read that article. It was the success story of Ritesh Agarwal.

Now, It was a life-changing moment for me and, It was going to change my life completely.

I took inspiration from Ritesh Agarwal and now I have a dream. I wanted to start my startup.

I researched a lot but didn’t know how to start my startup. 

In 2016, I got to know about the Peter Thiel Fellowship. I applied for the Peter Thiel fellowship for my startup idea but didn’t get any reply from them.

I gave up my dream and started to focus on my education (12th standard). After completing my 12th, I was admitted in Chandigarh Group Of Colleges in 2017. I was doing Btech in the Information Technology Field.

Everything was perfect but, One day I got to know that there was some problem in my school (From where I have done my 12th) so, They could not give my 12th mark sheet (There were around 318 students who did not receive their 12th mark sheet)

And, I must have to submit my 12th mark sheet to my Engineering College for the document verification purpose.

However, I failed to submit my 12th mark sheet there, so I have to withdraw my admission from the Chandigarh Group Of Colleges.

Shivansh Singh

As you can see in the above newspaper Case 2, I have to withdraw my admission from the college (There was a little my name mistake in the newspaper).

It was November 2017.

I was very demotivated and feeling stressed because we have lost around 1.5 lakh Rs including College Fees, Hostel Fees, and Mess Fees.

At that time, I was a 10th-grade student because I didn’t have my 12th mark sheet. I was watching my future be ruined.

But, I think negatively for a certain period and, after that, I think how can I overcome this bad situation.

Bounce Back Time 

I was thinking about what’s next for me then again I started to work on my Dream. 

I was searching for the best income sources so that I could recover my lost money (Invested in my college and related fees) and then I got to know about Blogging.

After one month of research, I started my first blog in January 2018.

I started

But, It failed because I didn’t have proper knowledge of SEO and Content writing. 

Then again I started another website, It was also a blogging website but again it failed due to improper knowledge of SEO and Content Writing.

It was mid-2018 and I also got my 12th Marksheet after winning the case in Lucknow High Court (Filed by my father) and was admission to Lucknow for BCA.

Now, I want to figure out my mistake in my previous unsuccessful blog.

I saw I didn’t have proper blogging-related knowledge and I was also not following the powerful strategies.

I started to learn SEO and Content Writing but, It was very difficult to manage blogging learning with my college because of time-related issues.

I traveled around 50 KM daily with public transport for my college. It takes me about 1.5 hours to 2 hours to reach my college from my residence and the same with the college to home.

College timing is from 9:40 AM to 4:50 PM.

After reaching my home from college, I have to manage my college-related work (Like making notes, assignments test preparation, etc).

I was frustrated because I wanted to do something but could not.

But somehow, I managed my blogging-related tasks during my free time at my college.

In 2019, I got to know about the Abhit Updhayay SEO King course. I enrolled in this course to enhance my learning in SEO.

SEO King Course

Seriously, the SEO King Course is a pack of value. I learned many things from this course.

After that, I took the Affiliate Marketing Master Class Course from Kulwant Nagi sir. I have learned many things from both courses.

Now, I was ready to bounce back in 2020. I started my blog, I want to teach people why they are not earning money from their blog and that’s the reason I started

When COVID-19 came to India, It hit businesses badly but I took this as an opportunity and I saw my blog grow during the CORONA crisis.

AskBlogging Growth & Income

I implemented all the strategies and then within 3 months, I got a sponsorship from a Europe-based hosting company.

Even, though I had 0 traffic with less than 5 DA but still, they were still ready for the 100$ sponsorship.

first income

The reason behind my earning is, that I am following all the strategies.

It was my first online earning, Now I’m working hard with my blog to make it big.

Consistency + Improvement + Strategies = Success

I have faced many ups and downs in my life but I never give up, and Now, I’m on the way to success.

Tools I Use and Suggest

I use many tools to make my work easy, Some tools are free and some tools are paid –

1 – Ahrefs 

I use the ahrefs tool to analyze my competitor’s backlink profile and to create powerful backlinks.

2 – semRush

I believe semRush is the best tool for keyword research, All my keyword research done through semRush

3 – WorkFlowy

It is the perfect tool for designing the article’s headlines.

4 – Funnelytics

It is the best tool to visualize your funnels, It works on the freemium model. You can use its free version for visualizing the funnels.

I will use this tool to create funnels for my upcoming courses and ebooks.

5 – Noisli 

This tool is very helpful for me. If you think you are not giving your 100% while writing your content then I suggest this tool, It will definitely increase your productivity.

6 – Frase

I can say that this is a mind-blowing tool. It saves my precious time, Whenever I want to write an article after the keyword research, I use because it does all the research for me for a particular keyword (like what should be the article’s length, no. of topics you should include, and external links and internal links data and any latest news related to your topic).

It researches all the topics for me.

7 – AnswerThePublic

This tool helps me to find all the related topics for my keyword. I use this tool to cover all the topics for a particular keyword.

8 – The Hoth

If your budget doesn’t allow you to invest in the semRush tool for keyword research then you can use The Hoth tool. The Hoth tool helps me to research keywords for free. It fetches its data from semRush so all the data that we get is from the semRush tool. We can use this tool for free.

9 – CoSchedule

This online tool helps me to make my post title more attractive to increase the CTR of my article.

10 – Trello

Trello is a management-based cloud software. It helps me to manage all the upcoming articles and I also use this tool for managing my Guest posts on various websites.

There are many paid secret tools I use to rank my keywords in Google Search. They are secret tools and I got these tools through my research and investment in the courses.

Success Formula That I Follow

I have seen many newbie bloggers start their blog and within 1 year they close their blog because they didn’t get success in it.

One thing I want to share with the audience, If you want to grow then follow all the strategies that the industry leader follows.

Strategies are the secrets behind people’s success.

If you see unsuccessful and successful people then the only difference you will get is Unsuccessful people, don’t follow the strategies and Proven methods.

If you want to become successful then follow strategies.