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How To Solve WordPress Updating Failed Error

Are you facing WordPress Updating Failed Error or WordPress page Updating Failed Error, If yes then you are in the right article. 

We have all the solutions so that you can solve this error.

And there is no need to panic because WordPress Updating Failed Error is common in most cases but in some cases, it may be more difficult to solve this error.

Why This Error Is Happening

Wordpress Updating Failed Error

You may face WordPress Updating Failed Error while updating your WordPress page or post and the reason behind this error is WordPress Update 5.0.2,

WordPress 5.0.2 Update comes with a Gutenberg editor and this Editor is the reason behind this error. 

But Wait, We have researched all the possible causes for WordPress Updating Failed Error, and we got to know that there are some plugins that are responsible for this error.

If you have installed any of these plugins on your website then uninstall them right now.

These plugins are-

  • WP Bakery
  • Beaver Builder
  • Divi

And Our research didn’t find any issue with the Elementor page builder plugin, So you can use this plugin But to find out, which plugin is making mistakes follow our below tutorial



✔️ You will get the in depth knowledge of “why this error is happened?”

✔️ You will get all the solutions (also in video format) to solve this error.

✔️ You will solve this error without touching any code

Just read this article carefully without skipping any part of this article.

  Now keep reading on…

How To Solve WordPress Updating Failed Error

(Solution 1) By Uninstalling Gutenberg Editor

  1. The First Step is to install the Classic Editor (Plugins->Add New->Search Classic Editor)

Wordpress Updating Failed

2. Activate the Classic Editor Plugin

3. You have DONE!

In The Video Form

So, I think your problem has been solved but if that is not solved that you can try below method.

(Solution 2) By Uninstalling All Plugins

If that above solution is not working then only follow this tutorial.

  1. Uninstalling All Plugins

WordPress Updating Failed

2. And check the error on the installation of every plugin one by one.

3. This problem may be solved.

(Solution 3) By Debugging Mode

If you are a pro or you have a little bit more knowledge about WordPress then you can identify the WordPress Updating Failed Error in debugging mode.

If you know how to enable debug mode in WordPress then you can proceed further steps but if you don’t know then follow these simple steps to Enable the Debug mode in WordPress.

NOTE: You should have access to FTP or CPANEL

Process To Enable Debug Mode

  1. Login to your CPANEL
  2. Access Your File Manager
  3. Select Your Domain (If you have more than one domain in your host)
  4. Select the WP-Config.php and click on edit
  5. Scroll down to search below code

define('WP_DEBUG', false);

6. And change this to

define('WP_DEBUG', true);

7. Now Click on the Save button

WordPress Updating Failed

Now Your Debug mode is enabled.

After Enabling Debug mode, follow this video tutorial to better understand the use of debug mode to solve the WordPress Updating Failed Error.

Note: After Solving this error, please remember to turn off the debug mode by just changing the true value to false in this code define('WP_DEBUG', true);

Wrapping Up

I have given you all three possible solutions that can solve your WordPress Updating Failed Error.

First Solution is about just installing a simple plugin called Classic Editor.

The second solution is about uninstalling all the plugins and installing one by one and to identify which plugin is persisting the problem.

And the Third solution is only for pro users who have little bit knowledge about coding so in this solution, You will enable the debug mode and then identify the problem by the provided video.

So, These are all the solutions to solve WordPress Updating Failed Error.

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