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Why is My WordPress Site Down (Quick Solutions)

Do you ask yourself “why is my WordPress site down“? or your “WordPress site not loading properly”?

If Yes, Then you are on the right place. In this article, we will discuss all the possible reasons and Quick Solutions for all these errors so that you can fix this WordPress error.

why is my WordPress site down

One of the main reasons for this WP error is hosting related issues and if this is due to hosting related issues then you should switch to another host.

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Warning: Before taking any action on your website, make sure you have a proper backup of your website. Generally, Backup is not needed for website down error but precautions are always better then cure


WordPress site down error can be occurred due to many reasons.

Sometimes due to the Cache problem in your browser, You may face “WordPress site down error”, but your website is still live for the USERS and GOOGLE So you need to check your website if it is really down.

Here is the list of Four Websites, where you can check if your website is down:

Visit any one of the above websites, and just enter your website URL to check the status of your website.

It will generate a brief report and shows you the status of your website, whether your website is DOWN or RUNNING WELL.

If your website has NO PROBLEM then it will show you the interface like the below image.

why is my WordPress site down

If your website is live for the USERS and GOOGLE but you are facing website down the error, then there are maybe cache problem in your browser.

To remove the website down the error, Try all the below steps to solve this problem.

Clear the cache of the browser, Then revisit the website.


Visit from a different browser


Visit from a different device

Now, If your website is DOWN then it will show you the interface like this image.

why is my WordPress site down

In this situation, You have to identify the correct reason for this website error rather than asking yourself “why is my WordPress site down

8 Possible  Reasons On Why Is My WordPress Site Down

There are currently eight possible reasons and solutions, in which you can solve this error, and if you didn’t find your solution here or your problem is something different.

Then you can mention your problem in the comment box, I will be very happy to solve your queries.

#1 Hosting Related Issues

Why is My WordPress Site Down

Most probably, You may face this error due to server related issues from your hosting site, and you can identify this error if you get the following message on your screen when visiting your website. 

  • If You Get Time Out Error
  • If You Get Error With Your Host Branding
  • If You Get A Cryptic Non-PHP Error (For GoDaddy Host-Only) 

If you are facing server related error then you should contact your web hosting provider immediately.

If your host is reputed (like BlueHost or A2Hosting) then they will immediately listen to your problem and will take action.

This error is normal and if you have good hosts like A2Hosting or BlueHost then the host error chances are less than 0.01% but if you have a bad host then the chances are increases to 0.5%.

This type of problem also can happen, if you have recently installed a new plugin.

In this situation, Uninstall all the plugins that you have installed in your WordPress site but if you don’t have access to the WP dashboard, Then you can also delete all your plugins from your File Manager.

Here is the video tutorial about, how you can delete the plugins from File Manager

and check if your website is loading now, But if it didn’t work then move to further steps.

This error can also happen if you have made any changes to your PHP files of any theme or plugin. 

In this situation, you have to delete that particular theme or plugin and re-upload the same theme or plugin again from the File Manager or WP dashboard.

Now check your website, if it loading then Congratulations! You have successfully fixed your “website down problem” but if it is also not working then move to further steps.

#2 Theme or Plugin Conflict

Why is My WordPress Site Down If you have just installed a new plugin or theme and after that new plugin or theme, you are seeing this error, (and you are asking your self “why is my WordPress site down“) Then this might be the reason for this “website down error”. Some plugins and themes contain malicious codes, and from that code, plugin or theme’s developer might be want to build backlinks or want to hack your website. To solve this error, Delete all the new plugin or theme from your WP Dashboard or File Manager and check if your website is loading now. But if it is didn’t work, Then you should move to further solutions.

#3 Website is Not Accessible

Why is My WordPress Site Down

You can also face the website is down the error, if your website is not accessible.

There are various different reasons for which your website may be down. These reasons are –

1. WordPress is not updated completely: Whenever you update WordPress (then your wordpress site down for maintenance), it creates a temporary file of .maintenance extension. 

So whenever you visit your website it shows a message “briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance or your wordpress site down for maintenance“.

briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance

But If the installation of WordPress is failed then you will get a message like “Installation failed” or “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress“ and now, to remove this error, you have to delete the .maintenance extension file.

I recommend you to read this guide about how to update WordPress safely.

2. Incorrect File Permission: Proper file permission is required by WordPress for auto-update.

WordPress uses the htdocs/Yoursite/wp-content/upgrade directory to store some files during the installation of the newer version of WordPress.

and, This directory must have permission to “write”.

Once you do that, you can update the WordPress without any “website is down error”.

#4 Your Website Has Been Hacked

Why is My WordPress Site DownYour website can also be hacked by various methods. If you a beginner then chances are increases to hack your website. Here is a full guide to secure your website. You can identify, If your website is redirecting to another website, then your website has been hacked. In this situation, you have to immediately contact your hosting provider, and they will guide you to how you can recover your website. If you have been hacked, A good host can take action immediately,  So make sure to choose only Good Hosting Companies.

If you have recently installed a new plugin or theme, then this may be the reason for this hack, So you can also delete that bad plugin or theme to prevent your website from the hacker.

#5 Server is Down

server down

If you are a beginner, then most probably you have bought the shared plan for your hosting.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that, Your server is a shared server that means 4 to 5 people (Not an Exact Number) are sharing the server.

Your shared server has limited RAM and Bandwidth to control the visitors at the same time.

and, If any user (from above 4 to 5 people) has approx 2000 visitors traffic at the same time on their website then your website will automatically down.

but don’t worry, this type of problem is normal for shared users but if this problem is happening regularly then check your server Details, If you have crossed your RAM and Bandwidth due to high traffic then you have to upgrade your hosting plan.

#6 Suspended Account

account suspended

This may also a problem if your “WordPress site not loading properly”, Suspended account problem generally not occur.

but if you have done any illegal activity (Like purchasing a Copyright Domain Name) or if you have not paid the dues for the renewal of your domain name or hosting. In both cases, your domain or hosting account will be suspended.

You have to immediately contact the Hosting company, they will guide you to settle your account.

But there are very low chances for Account Suspension. 

#7 Domain Has Expired

Why is My WordPress Site Down

This is also a reason for which you can ask your self “why is my WordPress site down“ but there are very least and least chances to occur this problem because you know whenever your domain will expire.

Generally, Hosting companies send you the email for all the unpaid dues or about any renewal charges and you have to update your billing information to ignore the expiration of your domain name.

There is also very little chance to occur this problem.

#8 Check Your Connection

Why is My WordPress Site Down

If none above method is working then there may be the problem of your internet connection.

Check your internet connection again to assure that this is not an internet connection problem.

FAQ’s on “why is my wordpress site down”

Q.1 Why does my WordPress site keep going down?

Ans. If your wordpress site keep going down, then there is problem with your Hosting Provider. Contact your hosting provider for more information. 

Or, You have crossed the limits of RAM and Bandwidth in your hosting account. So check your server and hosting details to identify this issue.

Q.2 How to Check if Your Website is Down?

Ans. you can check by visiting below links, if you think that your wordpress site is down.

  • Visit
  • Enter Your website URL
  • You will get the answer, either your website is down or not

Q.3 How do I fix a website that is down?

Ans. If your wordpress website is down, and you can’t login to your WP Dashboard.

Then, Check your server details by visiting your hosting account (check your RAM and Process Request), if everything is good there then perhaps there is problem with a plugin or theme.

Delete all the plugin and theme from your File Manager and then re-visit your website.

Personal Recommendation On “Why is my WordPress site down”

I think the most probable reason about wordpress down error is hosting related or there is code conflict with newly installed plugin or theme.

If this is happening just after installing a newly plugin or theme, then you should uninstall that plugin or theme as soon as possible.

If your website is still not working then there may be hosting related issues. In this scenario, You have to immediately contact to your hosting provider and describe all of your problem. They will help you.

I always recommend you to use Bluehost or A2Hosting because there server down chances are less than 0.1%. So that you will (approx) never face any error on your website due to hosting related issues.

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