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15 Top Indian Bloggers List + [Their Earning Revealed] 2023

If you want to become a successful person in your life in 2023, then you have to do many things to achieve your goals.

Not parallelly but may be sequency.

It might be starting a website by choosing a good hosting company or a building a wordpress theme or anything in which you have little bit information.

You have to make plans, strategies, and decisions with the right mindset. One of the most important tasks among them is Clear Mindset

If your mind is not clear about your plans or strategies then you can’t achieve your dream.

So, The best way to make your mind sharp and goal-focused is, Read other successful people’s thought.

Let’s say, If you want to be a blogger then you can read top Indian bloggers thought on their blog.

When you read the top blogger’s thoughts then you get to know that how they startedwhat mistakes they have made and how can you become like them, etc.

Those blogs will help you to achieve your goals with blogging (or anything you want to achieve).

So, I always recommend, you must read the top Indian blogger ‘s thoughts.

Now, Come to this article. This article will help you if you are also planning to start your own blog or affiliate website or anything that contains an online website.

I have included almost all types of bloggers (who are also doing Youtubing parallelly)

So, Let’s move to our quality-rich content.

ASKBlogging List: Top Indian Bloggers List 2023

I have not included these bloggers based on their income. These listings are just normal and randomly. All of them are successful and doing great in their professional life.

1. Harsh Agarwal

top Indian bloggers

Harsh Agarwal is the topmost Indian blogger. He is doing blogging since 2009, Harsh runs many blogs and one of them is ShoutMeLoud.

I think you are all aware of the, The story behind starting ShoutMeLoud is quite interesting and also a very motivational story.

After completing his college, He started to work with an IT company Accenture. All was going great but one day, Harsh got a big accident and Dr said He can never walk again.

and He needs at least 7 to 8-month bed rest for the recovery.

A normal guy (22 years young) feels demotivated and given up everything after that incident but Harsh accepted the truth and he started to invest his time in ShoutMeLoud.

He started reading and writing more and more blogs. Now, You can see the success of ShoutMeLoud in 2020.

He also started ShoutMeHindi to teach the blogging in Hindi language.

It is not one day or one month work to get success in the blogging but You have to keep patience and once you grow, You can live the boss’s life.

Their blogs will help you to start -> grow -> succeed.

About Harsh Agarwal

  • Blogger Name: Harsh Agarwal
  • Topics: Blogging Tips, Make Money Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  • Monthly Earning: $50,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 21,406
  • Rank in India: 2,310
  • DA: 74/100

2. Amit Agarwal

top Indian bloggers

Who doesn’t know Amit Agarwal? He is India’s very first passionate blogger.

Amit Agarwal’s future all set due to his family business background. But he selects the engineering field to choose his career.

He was looking for more flexibility in his professional life and that’s why, After completing graduation he joined ADP Inc company for the Job.

Amit Agarwal wanted to be with his family so he resigns from his job after 5 years. Now, He started in 2004. It was the first blogging website in India.

LabNol is about daily tech blog.

After working some months, He selects blogging as a full-time business and Now he is a well-settled blogger with his family and, Living a boss life.

One thing Amit says “What I am doing today (Blogging) is the result of what I have done yesterday (Job)”. is one of the top blogs in india, You can visit this blog to learn more.

About Amit Agarwal

  • Blogger Name: Amit Agarwal
  • Topics: Tech Guides, Digital Inspiration, Google Apps Script, G Suite APIs Etc.
  • Monthly Earning: $60,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website: / CTRLQ.ORG
  • Alexa Global rank: 12,931 / CTRLQ.ORG: 55,040
  • Rank in India: 2,362 / CTRLQ.ORG: 18,692
  • 7. DA: 81/100

3. Shradha Sharma

top Indian bloggers

Whenever I feel low, I read the success stories of others. It motivates me to do more work. It teaches me that all successful people were like me before their success.

Now, All this becomes possible due to Shraddha Sharma.

She was the well-settled interviewer in CNBC where she speaks with different entrepreneurs about their success.

and, she focused a point that every entrepreneur has its own failure to success story but no one is covering that.

Shradha knows it potential that youngsters will be very interested to learn from their failure to the success story.

So, She left her high paying interviewer job and started her own venture.

Shradha started  where she covers all the failure to success stories of entrepreneurs.

The biggest challenge faced by Shradha was Peoples treat her differently after she left her job but it doesn’t down her morale because Entrepreneurs like the way she was working.

Entrepreneurs appreciate her Venture and ready to give interviews on

About Shradha Sharma

  • Blogger Name: Shradha Sharma
  • Topics: Success Stories, Startups Stories and funding, etc.
  • Monthly Earning: $30,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 10,166
  • Rank in India: 893
  • DA: 83

4. Pardeep Goyal

top Indian bloggers

Pardeep Goyal story’s quite interesting for newbie bloggers and for those also who want to quit their job and start their full-time blog.

He started his career with an American software engineering company where he was earning more than enough income for living a good life.

But he knows that he can’t live a boss’s life with this income.

So, He started to think about his own business and he takes action by resigning his job in the USA and come back to India in 2013.

He started a cloud-based business but it got failed within 1 year.

Now, He is depressed.

Then he started to learn new skills including Content Writing and Digital Marketing, etc.

Pardeep Goyal started his blog CashOverFlow in 2015 to enhance his content writing skills by sharing his financial related knowledge.

CashOverFlow goes popular day by day and, In 2017 he received the best blogging award from Indiblogger in the financial category.

It has received over 4 million people who have enhance their financial related knowledge by reading 6,800,000 pages between 2016 to 2019.

If you want to read financial related blogs then I highly recommend you to learn it from one of the top indian bloggers that is, CashOverFlow blog.

About Pardeep Goyal

  • Blogger Name: Pardeep Goyal
  • Topics: Financial Related.
  • Monthly Earning: $60,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 37,173
  • Rank in India: 3,830
  • DA: 42

5. Faisal Farooqui

top Indian bloggers

Faisal Farooqui belongs to an upper-middle-class family. His father has some bakery shops in Mumbai.

After completing his school, Faisal Farooqui continued his education in the USA where he got the highest salary package among his batchmates.

He has a good life with a good income salary but what he wants to do at that time is starting his own business on the internet.

Now, That was the worst time for internet business due to the dot com bubble.

But, Faisal Farooqui still wants to start their own venture so, In 2001 he started

It is one of the top Indian blogs to read.

The reason behind starting MouthShut is to, Connect the real customers directly to the CEO.

Sometimes customer care doesn’t listen to the customers and that’s why customers switch to other alternative companies.

Now, MouthShut was the problem-solving solution for both the company’s CEO and real customers.

Customers can write directly to the CEO if they face any problem in the company’s customer service.

All these become possible due to Faisal Farooqui. It is one of the most popular blogs in india within the review category.

About Faisal Farooqui

  • Blogger Name: Faisal Farooqui
  • Topics: Reviews Related.
  • Monthly Earning: $50,000 (Estimated).
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 8,282
  • Rank in India: 767
  • DA: 60

6. Varun Krishna

top Indian bloggers

Varun Krishna is also a blogger from India. He started FoneArena where he shares the review of each and every possible electronic gadget.

He is on the mission of finding the best smartphone so that people don’t change their smartphones after every new launch.

that make him one of the top indian bloggers.

If you’re a tech guy then I can bet, You’re aware with FoneArena. You can visit his website to see your favorite gadget review.

About Varun Krishna

  • Blogger Name: Varun Krishnan
  • Topics: Tech, Reviews Related
  • Monthly Earning: $22,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 20,768
  • Rank in India: 2,317
  • DA: 80

7. Manish Chauhan

top Indian bloggers

Manish Chauhan was born in the small town near the Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), He completed his schooling and college from Varanasi and Pune.

After completing his education, Manish Chauhan started working with Yahoo India. but he always wants to teach.

When he saw the ignorance of money towards him in Yahoo then he started to think about his passion that is teaching.

Manish also wants to share his financial knowledge with the world so the best way to do this was to start a website.

He started a website in 2007 where he shares all his precious knowledge with the audience.

One thing Manish focused at that time, There were no enough quality rich blogs in the financial niche and this was also one of the reasons why he started the Jagoinvestor.

This makes JagoInvestor a big success because there were no competitors at that time.

Manish shares his personal financial-related knowledge in the most simplified way so that a newbie can understand it easily.

About Manish Chauhan

  • Blogger Name: Manish Chauhan
  • Topics: Money Saving, Financial Education, Investments, etc
  • Monthly Earning: $22,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 92,337
  • Rank in India: 11,808
  • DA: 45/100

8. Arun Prabhudesai

top Indian bloggers

Arun was a US living job person and he was earning well to make his dream true. But, He wants to do something on his own.

So, He returned to India and started there own business blog

In the initial days, It was a short niche blog but day by day becomes successful in the latest business news category.

He also made an app for

Arun Prabhudesai wrote their first blog post in the last week of April 2007.

There were no business blogs at that time in India. So, youngsters love to read from the

Arun also started their youtube channel in 2017 where he share unboxing related electronic gadgets video and currently he has approx 5.8 million subscribers.

You can visit his blog and youtube channel to see his creativity level.

About Arun Prabhudesai

  • Blogger Name: Arun Prabhudesai
  • Topics: StartUps, Financial Education, Investments, etc
  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website: Trak.In
  • Alexa Global rank: 20,531
  • Rank in India: 1,558
  • DA: 65/100

9. Raju PP

top Indian bloggers

Raju PP was an electronic engineer and worked as a technical specialist in an IT firm. But, he wants to do something big in his life.

So he quit his job and started his blog in late 2009.

His blog name is

He was featured by the Exhibit magazine in the 151 Top Tech IndiansHe also got the opportunity by the Economic Time to be featured s in top web entrepreneurs in India.

TechPP has the aim to make people’s life simpler and easier by providing them technology solutions.

It is a forum where reviewers can review the product and talk anything openly related to the product.

You can visit his website for more information.

About Raju PP

  • Blogger Name: Raju PP
  • Topics: Tech, Android, Reviews, Guides, etc
  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 45,934
  • Rank in India: 14,225
  • DA: 80/100

10. Imran Uddin

top Indian bloggers

Imran was in his first year of college when he thought about blogging.

Imran belongs to a middle-class family so he wanted to support his family at least for his education fee.

After some research done online, He got to know about blogging. It was a first time experience with the blogging for the Imran.

He decided to start his first blog when he was in his first year of college.

He invested his first 99 Rs to purchase the domain name for the blog and starts writing the content and learning the SEO.

He received his first payment after 6 months worth $8.4 (600 Rs).

Now, Imran was getting the success in his blog day by day and he reached a new height in blogging.

So, He thought to make his career in Blogging.

Imran owns AllIndiaRoundUp and AllTechBuzz and all his websites come under his parent company AllTechMedia.

It is one of the popular blogs in india.

About Imran Uddin

  • Blogger Name: Imran Uddin
  • Topics: Current Technology Updates, Phone review, Gadgets Reviews
  • Monthly Earning: $15,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 276,047
  • Rank in India: 43,993
  • DA: 57/100

11. Anil Agarwal

top Indian bloggers

Anil Agarwal is one of the Top Indian Bloggers. He started his first blog in 2004 after completing his MCA.

He was earning well from his blog through Adsense but later, He sold his blog on Flippa.

Till then, He got the potential of blogging. So, Anil Agarwal again started a new blog in 2010 that is BloggersPassion.

He loves to write about detailed guides for blogging stuff. Anil writes about 3000 to 4000 words articles on an average.

Anil says, When you keep blogging with persistent then you get then content compound method.

Anil was working for a company for the SEO related works till 2018 but when he gets the point that he can make his dream live possible with blogging then he resign with his job.

BloggersPassion is generating about 1.5 million page views/year with revenue of $100,000 per year.

If you are a beginner and you think that you have the potential to start the blog with consistency and improvement, Then you can read his blog.

It will help you to make you the blogging expert.

About Anil Agarwal

  • Blogger Name: Anil Agarwal
  • Topics: Blogging Tips, Make Money Blogging, SEO Tips, and Web Hosting
  • Monthly Earning: $10,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 45,607
  • Rank in India: 4,406
  • DA: 48/100

12. Kulwant Nagi

top Indian bloggers

Kulwant Nagi is the founder of, He started this blog in 2012 where he shares blogging tips so that newbie bloggers can learn from it.

Kulwant Nagi wanted to continue his education in the USA after 12th but His father’s financial condition was not stable at that time so he skip the USA dream and joined an MLM company to support his family.

In that MLM company, Kulwant gets some commission for every sale he does.

From the MLM company, he got the idea of blogging, So he quit the job and started his very first Blog in 2011.

At that time, Kulwant saw that many guys are starting their own blog so he thought to teach them blogging tips so that they can become successful.

Later soon, He registered his main domain name in 2012.

Now, It was time to work hard and to write the quality content to teach the newbie bloggers how to blog. 

It was not an overnight journey (From a middle-class boy to a millionaire affiliate marketer), He worked hard to make his blog successful.

Currently, He has redirected his blog to SaasUltra.

About Kulwant Nagi

  • Blogger Name: Kulwant Nagi
  • Topics: Blogging Tips, Make Money Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  • Monthly Earning: $1000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website: SaasUltra
  • DA: 20/100

13. Ankit Singla

top Indian bloggers

Ankit is a college drop-out student. He wanted to earn some money on his own so he started a blog and working on different niches.

Later On, His blog hit by a Google Penguin update, and he loss all his blog traffic overnight.

It was a big downfall for him because he only depends on the AdSense and now, There was not enough traffic to earn a decent income from the AdSense.

At that time, He was not making a good income so he started to research to increase his revenue. Then he finds, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money.

Now, He started, where he shares blogging related useful stuff that users really like.

BloggerTipsTricks was a great success for Ankit Singla. Later On, He changed his domain name from to

MasterBlogging means, Master the art of blogging.

Ankit is generating more than $10,000 per month from his blog. 

About Ankit Signla

  • Blogger Name: Ankit Singla
  • Topics: Blogging Tips, Make Money Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  • Monthly Earning: $10,000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 23,338
  • Rank in India: 2.067
  • DA: 45/100

14. Sumit Sao

top Indian bloggers

Sumit Sao is a part-time blogger at BloggingLift. He started this blog to share his personal blogging experience.

He loves coding (HTML and CSS). once he visits the and he thought that This website is made up of HTML and CSS.

But, After some research, he got to know that, This blog is made up of WordPress. Now, Sumit has decided that he will also start his own blog.

He failed to succeed in the 3 blogs and after 3 unsuccessful attempts, he started where he shares all the blogging related educational content.

and, He is investing his precious time to learn blogging.

Sumit is a part-time blogger so one hand he manages the job and another hand he handles his blog and Facebook group.

If you are fearing that you can’t start your blog with your job then you are wrong.

Sumit is a perfect example to learn that how can one manage the 8 AM to 6 PM job with a growing Blog.

He also writes quality content on his blog. You can learn valuable content from his blog.

About Sumit Sao

  • Blogger Name: Sumit Sao
  • Topics: Blogging Tips, Make Money Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  • Monthly Earning: $1000 – $2000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 58,306
  • Rank in India: 6,803
  • DA: 22/100

15. Ravi Dixit

top Indian bloggers

Ravi Dixit is my favorite blogger because he is always available to help me. He runs a blog

Ravi started his first blog in 2016 and that was but along with his blog, He was doing a job.

He got the idea of blogging when he was using his 2G keypad phone (2015 or 2016). He loves to read blogs.

When Ravi decided to start his first blog in 2016 then the main problem was blogging accessories that is, A domain name, hosting and A laptop.

That’s why, Ravi joined a call center job to purchase his laptop but he ended his job by purchasing a Windows Tablet.

top Indian bloggers
Credit – StayMeOnline

Note: Later On, He purchased a laptop for his blogging related works.

Ravi is a Travel Loving person so he always wanted to live freedom life and He knows the potential of blogging but he was unable to give his 100% in his blog due to time eating job.

So In 2019, Ravi decided to resign from the job and make the blogging a full-time profession.

Ravi teaches blogging related stuff in his blog. If you want to learn blogging then you can visit his blog.

StayMeOnline is one of the top blogs in India.

About Ravi Dixit

  • Blogger Name: Ravi Dixit
  • Topics: Blogging Tips, Make Money Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  • Monthly Earning: $1000 – $2000 (Estimated)
  • Blog/Website:
  • Alexa Global rank: 144,075
  • Rank in India: 19,847
  • DA: 20/100

Learning From These Top Indian Bloggers

Learning should be the top most priority from these popular bloggers in India. They have faced many problems in their life but yet they are successful now because they never give up.

If you want to start your own blog but everyday you make excuses like, I will start it tomorrow, I don’t have money or something like that then you’re spoiling your life.

These top Indian bloggers should be the best motivation for you because some of them didn’t have money to start the blog or some of them were the job person.

But still they have started their blog and now, You can see the result.

Below is the some top learning from these popular bloggers –

1 – If you work smartly, Blogging can become your permanent business.

2 – If you are a student then it is best time to start a blog

3 – You can handle your blog with you daily 8 AM – 6 PM job.

4 – Blogging is the best career stream because there is no limitation of time or place, You can work anywhere at anytime.

5 – Consistency and Improvement are the only ways to be successful in the blogging.

So, I hope you have learned many things from these top Indian bloggers now if you have something that worth to share or if you want to share your blogging journey then comment below.


  1. Hey Shivansh Singh,

    You have mentioned all of my favorite bloggers here. They are real pro beacause of their effective hacks and strong ability of networking.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

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    Thanks for this It really motivates many of us newbie bloggers to grow in blogging community. I started following each of them on social media. Thanks Again..!!

  3. Harsh has been my mentor for a really long time and it’s good to see him making the list of the top earning bloggers in India.

    He is my mentor and I look forward to emulate him as time goes on.
    This is a really inspirational post.

  4. In this post, you have mentioned the names of all the top bloggers, I follow their blog so that I can learn something from them.

    I have started my own blog by following his blog

    I know I have to work very hard now.

    Thank you Shivansh Sir

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