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Social Snap Coupon Code ⇒ Get 30% Extra Discount [Verified] 2020

If you want to buy Social Snap Plugin at discounted price then you are on the right place. We have an exclusive social snap coupon code which will give you 30% exclusive deal discount.

We had exclusively deal with Social Snap Plugin to provide our users a 30% Massive Discount with our Social Snap Discount Code.


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How To Buy Social Snap With 30% Deal Offer

If you are a newbie or you want a step by step assistance to buy the Social Snap Plugin, Then follow these steps to buy this wordpress plugin.

STEP 1: Visit this Discounted Link and You will be redirected to official Deal page

If you want to buy social snap pro at 30% discounted price then make sure you clicked on our special link.

STEP 2: Choose most suitable pricing according to your budget and Click on Get Started

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I recommend you to go with at least Pro Plan because there are some features and benefits you will miss if you select Plus plan.

STEP 3: On the next page, Click on Have a discount code?

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Now, Enter the social snap coupon code and you will get 30% extra off under the Deal.

Coupon Code = GET30

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Your are getting the benefit of 99 – 69.30 = 29.7

You are saving the 29.7$ here.

and, If you purchase its Agency Plan then your benefits will be approx 90$

STEP 4: Select the payment method and enter your payment details here (CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL)

You have to enter the billing and personal information like your name, email, address and country etc.

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CONGRATULATIONS! You have done now…

Now, You will receive a confirmation email on your registered email id and You can download the Social Snap Pro within the dashboard.

Copy the License Key from the Social Snap dashboard and paste it in your wordpress dashboard.

Your License is Activated Now.

Social Snap Pro Add-Ons

If you purchase the Agency or Pro Plan then you will get the free add-on which is very useful but If you purchase Plus Plan then you will not get these free and useful add-on.

So, Lets take a look at these free add-on.

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1 – Social Log In: If you are creating a membership website then you would also enabling the Social Log In feature and to do this, You have to install a separate plugin.

Which will add more slow and complicated codes in your website that means, Your website is going to slow.

But If you install the Social Snap Pro plugin then this feature will help you and your visitors to logging in by their Social Profile.

And, It will also not push a big impact on your website speed.

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2 – Boost Old Post: We publish a new article and share it on all the major social platforms.

and, We create another post and do the same thing. What we do in all the process is, We just share our content at the time of publishing it (At least for newbie and medium level bloggers).

and, Then we forgot about that post to re-share it frequently.

So This add-on will help you to share your all the post in auto mode.

Means, Your older post will automatically share on your social profiles and pages.

3 – Content Locker: Social Snap is still building the Content Locker.

Content Locker will help you to lock your articles for a particular thing like, You can take their email address to unlock the content.

4 – Auto Poster: Auto Poster works as the same as Boost Auto Post add-on works.

Social Snap Pro Pricing

Let’s take a look at the pricing of the social snap plugin.

1 – PLUS PLAN ($39)

This is the starter plan, If your budget is not allowing you for the Agency or Pro Plan then you can go with this plan but you will not get any add-on here.

Benefits of PLUS PLAN

  • 1 Site License
  • 1 Year Updates
  • No Add-Ons
  • Share Counters
  • Analytics Integration
  • URL Shortening via Bitly

and, Many more features are available here.

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2 – PRO PLAN ($99)

I highly recommend this plan because this plan will give you the all the benefits of Social Snap pro plugin and also their is 30% extra discount with our Social Snap Coupon Code.

Benefits of PRO PLAN

  • 3 Site License
  • 1 Year Updates
  • Free Add-Ons
  • Share Counters
  • Analytics Integration
  • URL Shortening via Bitly

Now, If you are interested in this plan then buy this.

Social Snap Promo Code         –       GET30 

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3 – AGENCY PLAN ($299)

This plan is for growing bloggers and I had also purchased this plan. If you think that you may create more sites in near future then you can buy this plan under the deal.

Benefits of AGENCY PLAN

  • 15 Site License
  • 1 Year Updates
  • Free Add-Ons
  • Share Counters
  • Analytics Integration
  • URL Shortening via Bitly

The only difference between the Agency Plan and Pro Plan is, In Agency Plan you will get 15 site license while in Pro Plan you will get 3 site license.

Social Snap Promo Code         –       GET30 

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To know all the features of Social Snap Pro, Click Here.

Social Snap Free vs Paid








✔️ ✔️

Social Media Options

 ❌ ✔️

Pinterest Image


Track Engagement


License Key


Link Shortening


Twitter Cards


Recover Share (If URL Changeed)




Get 30% Off

All the pricing listed above is before the 30% discount.

Personal Recommendation

Social Snap Pro is the best social share plugin in the wordpress market So, I will definitely recommend this plugin to all the wordpress newbie bloggers.

If you have just started out then you can go with PLUS PLAN but, I recommend at least go for PRO or AGENCY PLAN.

because, You will get all the free add-ons with these two plans and My Social Snap review and experience is also very satisfying.

So, Why are you waiting?

Get 30% Discount on all the plans with our Social Snap Promo Code.

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FAQ’s Related To Social Snap Coupon Code

Q1. Is Social Snap Pro Better Than Social Warfare?

Ans. Both have almost same features in there version but I personally like Social Snap Pro.

Q2. What Is Your Social Snap Review?

Ans. I am using this plugin on my websites and I like the every feature of Social Snap Pro So, In my opinion this is the best plugin for social sharing.

Q3. Is There Any Social Snap Promo Code Available?

Ans. Yes, There is a promo code available, Just visit our special link and enter our exclusive coupon code there to get 30% extra off.