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Best High-Quality DoFollow Profile Creation Sites List 2020

When you buy a domain name and create a new website then no one knows your website even Google also don’t know about your new website.

So if you do anything on your website (like article posting or page building, etc) then Google takes some months (up to 1 year) to get properly index your website and rank your articles.

You can rank your website fast on google by informing Google about your new website.

and, the best way to inform Google about your new website is to create high-quality backlinks on do follow profile creation sites list.

It can make the process fast to get index your website easily.

Creating do follow backlinks on high pr profile creation sites also boost your website targeted traffic.

So It is always recommended to create some authority backlinks on profile creation sites.

Now In this article, I’m going to share the list of high pr profile creation sites that you can use to build powerful do follow backlinks.

Benefits of Profile Creation Sites For SEO

Profile backlinks are the best way to promote your new website at the beginning of your business.

and, To make your work more easy and smooth, we have created a Profile Creation Sites List that you can use for your link building.

Now, there are many benefits you get if you create profile backlinks.

Some of the benefits are –

  • Easy Way To Get Do-Follow Backlinks
  • Google Can Easily Know About Your Website
  • More Targeted Traffic On Your Website
  • Improve Your Social Networking 
  • User Can Connect To Your Website Through Multiple Platforms
  • Free Brand Building
  • It Increases the Domain Authority

There are many websites on which you can create profile backlinks but all the website are not the same.

Some websites may affect your website SEO negatively, So I recommend you to always choose high pr profile creation sites list.

But, Here is a free method to analyze website weather it is an authority website or not.

How To Check Profile Backlink Authenticity

As I said, All profile building websites are not the same and you should check its DA and Spam Score before creating a do-follow backlink.

To check website authenticity for free, Follow these steps –

STEP 1: Install MOZ extension on chrome browser

STEP 2: Create a free account on MOZ

STEP 3: Visit the website where you want to create profile backlink

STEP 4: At the bottom of the page you can see MOZ notification bar

If that bar is not present then double click on the MOZ extension and you will get a notification bar at the bottom of the page

Now check the DA and Spam Score of the website, If DA is more than 25 and Spam Score is less than 5% then that website is perfect for creating profile backlink

Profile Creation Sites List

In the above screenshot, DA is 95 and Spam Score is 5% so it satisfies our condition.

STEP 5: Create free profile backlink

I have provided you the best Profile Creation Sites List for backlink building and these websites are safe to create backlinks but make a free check with MOZ extension will confirm its authority again.

So, Install MOZ free extension and analyze all the websites.

Note: Some popular website (like or, etc) may have more than 10% of spam score but these websites are safe for profile link building. 

Pro Tip For Building Profile Backlink

According to Google’s update, Relevancy is a most important key for ranking and if you build profile backlink on the website which is not relevant to your website’s Niche then Google counts that backlink as Spam.

It will also down your website ranking in the search engine.

and, It is very challenging to remove spam backlinks one by one, and I don’t want you to face this problem so, I’m sharing some rules which you must follow for building quality profile backlinks.

? Always Select Relevant Profile Building Websites

? Provide Precise Information To Create Profiles

? Always Sign Up Using Your Professional Custom Email Id

? Use High-Quality Logo On Profile Building Websites Rather Than Normal Pictures

? Link Your Other Popular Social Media Profiles For Brand Image

? Try To Link On The Keyword To improve Your Search Ranking

? Do Not Make Heavy Profile Link Building, It May Seems As Spam

Do Follow profile creation sites can give the maximum benefit to your website and It helps you to improve your website off page SEO but if you did anything wrong during profile backlink building process then you may seem like spam.

and, It will be the worst thing with your website.

How To build a Profile Backlink

Follow these proper steps to build a do follow profile backlink.

Note: The first task is to check that website DA and Spam Score

STEP 1: Check website content if it is matched to your website Niche

STEP 2: Register Your Account using a professional custom email id

STEP 3: Open the dashboard

This is the most crucial step and you should really follow this step.

STEP 4: Provide the post link according to profile website content (if possible)

Trust me guys, This is the small tip but It will definitely make a big impact on your website off page SEO.

STEP 5: Your anchor text should be related to your targeted keyword, It is another small but magical tip that will boost your website off page SEO

For Ex.

If you want to submit your website or post to then the first task is to analyze its content.

Profile Creation Sites List

After analyzing this website, I got some particular categories as you can see above.

Now, If your website’s Niche matched to these categories then you can make powerful do follow backlinks here.

but, If your website Niche is not matched then you can switch to other DoFollow Profile Creation Sites.

Their are more than 1000 Niche on profile creation sites so their is no need to worry if you didn’t find your niche easily.


List of Dofollow Profile Creation Sites 2020

No Website Link PA DA Sample
#01 97 99 View
#02 88 100 View
#03 96 99 View
#04 93 92 View
#05 91 89 View
#06 94 93 View
#07 85 82 View
#08 89 87 View
#09 86 83 View
#10 84 82 View
#11 84 80 View
#12 80 75 View
#13 72 77 View
#14 79 75 View
#15 78 74 View
#16 80 75 View
#17 76 71 View
#18 67 60 View
#19 62 54 View
#20 58 60 View
#21 42 53 View
#22 42 32 View
#23 79 74 View
#24 95 94 View
#25 77 93 View
#26 64 85 View
#27 55 46 View
#28 72 87 View
#29 74 94 View
#30 64 76 View

List of Nofollow Profile Creation Sites 2020

No Website Link PA DA Sample
#01 77 72 View
#02 67 61 View
#03 62 54 View
#05 92 90 View
#06 58 52 View
#07 95 94 View
#08 93 93 View
#09 91 88 View
#10 90 88 View
#11 52 87 View
#12 88 85 View
#13 84 80 View
#14 69 78 View
#15 83 81 View
#16 84 81 View
#17 51 74 View
#18 78 74 View
#19 53 44 View
#20 62 78 View
#21 56 84 View
#22 72 87 View
#23 53 93 View
#24 73 93 View
#25 88 93 View
#26 70 90 View
#27 70 80 View
#28 88 100 View
#29 66 89 View
#30 68 89 View

Forum Profile Creation Websites List 2020

If you have just started out your website then forum website can also help you build dofollow backlinks but unlike profile backlinks, You can not create a backlink on your first day of signup.

You have to provide quality content to the forums and after gaining some engagements in your answers, you can naturally place your link.

But remember, Your answer will instantly be removed if you try to place your website link without providing the quality content to the forums.

Another big advantage of forum profile creation websites is, You get targeted traffic to your website and it directly improves your website DA and PA.

and, Your post ranking will also improve on search engines.

But all these things take time, You have to wait at least 10 to 20 days before seeing any positive effect.

Here is the forum website list –

No Website Link PA DA Sample
#01 54 50 View
#02 77 91 View
#03 64 94 View
#04 68 93 View
#05 63 71 View
#06 95 94 View
#07 51 52 View
#08 45 42 View
#09 46 29 View
#10 52 87 View
#11 62 68 View
#12 61 68 View
#13 54 51 View
#14 69 92 View
#15 46 83 View
#16 64 77 View
#17 56 82 View
#18 48 47 View
#19 46 78 View
#20 49 29 View
#21 46 54 View
#22 34 64 View

Personal Recommendation

Creating a website is easy now but the main fact is your website ranking, You have to put a lot of efforts to rank your website or articles in search engine.

Google and other search engines take at least 4 to 5 month to properly index your website but if you create a powerful backlink on profile creation sites then it may take less time and your website will be easily index.

and, Your website hosting also should be good so that it can handle some good amount of traffic.

But, Always build profile backlink on your Niche related sites.

FAQ Related To Profile Creation Sites List

Now, you may have some FAQ’s related to Profile Creation Sites List, So I’m trying to answer all the questions.

but, If you have some more questions or you have some great suggestions that we have not covered then please share this suggestion to the audience by commenting below.

Q1. Are profile backlinks free or paid?

Ans. You can create backlinks on profile creation sites list for FREE.

Q2. Is it recommended to create backlinks on profile building sites?

Ans. Yes, It is strongly recommended to create profile backlinks (but not more than 15.)

Q3. Are high pr profile creation sites good for SEO?

Ans. Yes, These websites are good for SEO but I recommend you to only make backlinks on your Niche related profile websites.

Q4. What are the top profile creation sites list?

Ans. 1-, 2-, 3 –, 4 –, 5 –

Q5. Can I rank my article by creating just profile backlinks?

Ans. Please don’t do that, It will be considered as SPAM and Google will penalize you for this.

Note: Please Share Your Thoughts On This Article By Commenting Below, I will be very thankful to you.

? Piece!


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