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Have you ever tried the free trial 2023?

Do you even know what is? You might have heard about it, but don’t know very clearly. And that’s why you are here. Right? Let me tell you what is and what its uses are.

Starting from starting, I was assigned a project to create an app. But I wasn’t aware of anything.

Neither did I know about coding languages nor did I want to hire a highly-paid developer. I searched a lot and came across this unique app builder called

At the point, This tool helped me a lot.

You can create a professional app of your own, by your own using in a couple of minutes and use it for your personal and professional benefits.

If you want to get online, start a business, start a course-providing app, want to launch a cookery site or start event management etc you’ll be needing an app, so that people get to know about the services you provide.

This app builder works for both Android as well as IOS. Also, it works on any device. offers a 14-day special free trial for new users to interact and make them decide whether it’s worth it or not.

So, what are we waiting for, let’s get started-

About In 2023 offers a simple way of creating your own app, by your own, without demanding any knowledge of coding languages.

You don’t need any technical coding skills to create your app if you use as it provides almost all essential features to build the app.

You can create an app providing all the information about the services you offer. 

For example: if you want to run a hair fall solution service provider, you can easily create your app and make people aware of the different products you offer. 

Basically, this tool will help you to get you an Android or IOS (or application for any platform) for the service or business you run.

You can also use this app to send notifications and collect payments professionally through the payment gateway included with the app.

This tool is trusted by ForbesBusiness InsiderYahooMedium and more and have 4.7 Rating on TrustPilot. Rating on TrustPilot

How to Get Free Trial in 2023?

In a couple of minutes, you can access the free trial and activate your account. Just follow some simple and easy steps to create your app and get started-

STEP 1: Click here to visit the official page for the login. free trial

STEP 2: Now click on the button “Start Free Trial“.

STEP 3: When you’ll click on the Start Free Trial button, you’ll be scrolled down to the pricing and plan section of Choose any of the billing options that would be activated till your free trial period. free trial

P.S. We would recommend you go with the Ultimate plan.

STEP 4: A form will occur, where you need to fill in all the information asked, like your Name, Email, Country, and Credit Card Number and hit on the “Get Access Now” button to activate your free trial. free trial

Note: Credit card details are required to grab the free trial access. However, you don’t need to worry about it as it only intends to avoid spammers. Also, they will charge $1 for 14 days free trial.

And After that, They will not be charging any amount till the free trial duration.

Kudos! You’re ready to make your first Android/IOS App under the free trial 2023.

As long as your trial activation is successful, you can select the structure and working atmosphere of your app according to your requirements.

All these can be done in a very short time. So, you can create the app and then launch it on the Google Play Store to the iOS Play Store.

Following are the features that offers in their free trial package-

  • You will get free Android as well as iOS App across TV, Web, Phone, and Tablet
  • Pop-up Notifications
  • Integrations
  • Community access
  • Email & chat support + onboarding calls
  • In-App & Web Purchases
  • Live Streaming
  • Payment Processing + invoicing/taxing
  • Gamification

Now, Let’s discuss some of the above features of in detail. So that you can get clarity over those features.

No Coding Skill Required do not ask for any coding skill, which directly means you don’t need to spend any amount on a developer to set up the app. 

This is one of the best features for entrepreneurs and startups, as all of them do not necessarily belong to a technical background at their initial stage.

It saves your time and money and you can create a customized app on your own. free trial is the best offer through which you can take advantage of this excellent app-creating product.

Give it a try and tell us your experience with it in the comments section below.

If you already have an account, click on login.

No Designing skill required

In, You neither need to possess any coding skills nor any designing skills. As provides simple dragging tools to create the sections as per requirement. comes with the feature of pre-developed templates that helps the user to create any type of layout and design according to their requirements.

Readymade Templates provides ready-made templates which can be used by almost all types of businesses or service providers.

There is no category for particular templates to be used by any particular domain. free trial

There are a variety of templates available to choose from. You can start with Scratch for creating your app or the Drag and drop feature.

This will be helpful for non-tech users as it ends all the needs of a developer here.

Live Streaming

Live streaming simply means streaming any video or audio content live on the website.

It makes learning exciting, you can make them aware of something new like if you want to tell them something valuable or related to the product or service.

It helps your audience to know more about you and makes them engaged with the app.

Drag & Drop

The drag & Drop option in is similar to the WordPress plugin drag-drop feature that helps you build websites without any technical skill.

In the same way, supports creating the best app for your purpose.

Many innovative elements are offered by that help build the app using the drag & drop feature.

It can be used for creating sections and columns in the app which will give your app a customized look.

So, buckle up to show your creativity. free trial

Interactive Communities helps you create social communities that can interact with you and you can interact with them too.

All the people connected to that community will be able to view your app and connect with you.

It expands and integrates the number of customers using the app.

Customer Support

According to the review, the customer support of is very nice. offers a devoted panel called the PassionFighter community that takes care of customers using, you can ask them for any help related to the app.

You can contact them through chat support, email, PassionFighter community. Any of your queries are resolved here.

Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to the customers or the community using your app. It can be aware of the modifications or updates you have made to the app.

It helps the community to stay connected with you. If you want to reveal a new product launch, a surprise giveaway or anything like that, the customers will get informed immediately through the notifications. free trial

Integrated Platform is supported and integrated with more than 3000 services and platforms.

Some of them are –

  • Shopify
  • Google
  • Zapier
  • Mailchimp
  • YouTube
  • Active Campaign
  • Stripe
  • Apple etc.

So, you have major opportunities to Collab or interact with these services.

Accessible to any device

The best feature of is that the app created on it runs on any and every device.

You can access them on the google play store or iOS. It works seamlessly on tablets, smartphones, PC, or desktops.

You won’t face any compatibility issues, so you can use the app from anywhere.

Smooth payment process offers a smooth payment process where the app accepts the payment itself. You don’t have to depend on any other option to get the payment.

You can get the amount directly for the service or products you are offering in your business in your bank account within the App.

Engaging Community activities

The communities on help in connecting more people with your app. The more communities you will build, the more people will know about your app.

It is a type of network that connects people on This network creates a source of exchanging information which also strengthens your connections with the user and helps all grow together.

Other than this, you can create different activities and challenges for your community, to keep them entertained and engaging.

Allow them to participate and win exciting prizes to attract them. free trial

Actionable Insights provides you with a feature to View the insights of your app that helps you analyze and make better decisions. Pricing: Go With This Plan In 2023

Now, what after using the free trial? If you are in favor of using the paid plan, which plan would you like to choose?

Obviously, the one suitable for your purpose and business.

That’s why we have explained all the plans of in brief which will help you to take the best decision.

There are different types of plans(monthly basis) available after the free trial is over.

  • Pro Plan($97/mo)
  • Ultimate Plan($297/mo)
  • Ultimate Plus Plan free trial

1. Pro Plan review

The Pro Plan starts at $97/mo. It is the cheapest plan of and it is best for entrepreneurs and startups who have entered in the digital world. This plan comes with the following features-

  • 100 videos uploading
  • 100 subscribers
  • 100 push notifications/mo
  • Payment processing fee of 3.9%

It is the cheapest plan of to start with

2. Ultimate Plan review

The Ultimate Plan starts at $297/mo. It is the most recommended plan (By ASKBlogging) of This plan comes with the following features-

  • Unlimited videos upload
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Custom Branding
  • Engaging Communities
  • Setup support by the team
  • No payment processing fee

3. Ultimate Plus Plan review

The Ultimate Plus plan price is a special plan that comes with 5 branded apps which is more than the Pro as well as Plus plans. However, the prices of this plan are not mentioned on the official page.

It is customized, you need to call the team and they will tell you everything from pricing to features according to your demands and requirements.

And, the best part of this plan is that they don’t charge any platform fee plus they help with setting up the app for you.

NOTE- The Pro plan and the Ultimate plan are offered by with a 30-day money-back guarantee scheme. But this is not valid for the Ultimate Plus plan.


As we always try to serve you with the best, these plans will definitely save you too much. If you go for a monthly plan of any of the plans, you will pay exactly what it costs. But, if you go for a yearly subscription, you will get to save much amount.

The pro plan costs $79/mo which helps you save $216 per year and the Ultimate plan costs $239/mo which helps you save $696 per year. free trial Review 2023: Worth it or not

The review is proof of how worthy this app-making tool is. This proof is given by Trustpilot. They provide the most honest and genuine customer reviews. free trial

We will update the review here time to time but as of now, also provide case studies about how their product help thousand of happy customers.

I highly recommend to read their case studies of Passion.

Pros and Cons of in 2023

As with everything comes some advantages and some disadvantages, carry many pros and cons, let’s check them out-


  • Drip content helps in grabbing attention.
  • Payment smoothness.
  • For everyone from entrepreneurs to course providers.
  • Notifications
  • No coding skill required
  • Readymade templates
  • 30-day Moneyback guarantee
  • Customer support
  • No designing skill required
  • Monthly as well as yearly subscription options
  • Works on any device


  • Platform fee is charged
  • Ultimate Plus plan prices are not mentioned on the site.
  • Drip content is not pro plan users.

Personal Recommendation

Indeed, the free trial in 203 is worthy in all terms. It offers non-techie features of drag and drop which helps you set up the app according to your desired designs and requirements.

You don’t need any other coding or designing skills to create and set up the app.

You can choose the pricing and plans after the free trial on a monthly or yearly basis. You can even cancel your free trial or suspend the account anytime you want.

Now, It’s free trial gives you the clarity about the tool, its features and benefits. Now, If you want to buy this tool.

Then, we would strongly recommend you start with Ultimate Plan (Due to its benefits) that price with $297 per month.

We are also writing about alternative so that if you are searching for their alternatives then you can get it.

So, this is our partially review that talks about its pricing, features, Pros and Cons and how you can activate your free trial.

Now, explore your 14 Days Free Trial by clicking the below button.

How to cancel free trial?

You can also cancel your free trial (After entering your card details during creating the account), that too safely, without any amount deduction from your account.

You can cancel your 14-day free trial by cancelling your account, by following these steps, go to your account settings>click on “cancel my account“.

Or you can directly mail the team to request the cancellation.

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