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Are you searching for App examples? So that you can analyze if is worth buying or not. reviews can be checked through App examples.

We will guide you with the best apps of App examples to ensure that is worth purchasing.

We will detail both iOS as well as Android app examples to convey all the things clearly. All of them are earning a handsome amount through the apps in 2023.

Creating the Apps on is very easy and fun. You’ll get all the tools and simple drag-and-drop features that help in designing the app without any knowledge of coding and designing skills.

If you want to launch a service-providing app or if you have any other talent that may help you earn by offering different types of services or products.

Along with app templates, we will help you with the pricing and reviews through the app examples.

What is is a platform that provides app-building features and plans without coding skills. It helps in creating apps which can be launched on Google Play and iOs app stores to serve the public with different products and services. App Examples

It can be accessed on any device i.e. tablet, smartphone, desktop, PC, and even on television.

It offers a 14-day free trial after which you can purchase different plans according to your needs. You can even cancel the subscription purchased under a 30-day money-back guarantee. provides a drip content feature under which you can lock some of the videos or products that won’t be unlocked until you have completed the previous levels. provides some readymade templates that help in creating the app. App Examples: Apps created on

Let’s go! We will start introducing all the app examples one by one. Here is the list of all the best app created on the

App created on Passion.ioApp owned byLink
Cirque PlusAllie CooperCase Study
The PortalSavannah BohlinCase Study
Tiffany WilkersonTiffany WilkersonCase Study
Bakerlou MusicLouisaCase Study
Fit in Twenty Ellen DeckerCase Study
Vocal FlowNACase Study
Everything SpiritualNACase Study
Habit CoachColin HilesCase Study
SassyFitNACase Study
Zen YogaNACase Study

1. Cirque Plus App Examples

The Cirque Plus app was created on the Platform and is one of the best app examples of It was founded by Allie Cooper.

This app is about Aerial Art. The founder, Cooper is an Aerial rope coach who created a successful and beneficial business app out of her passion for Aerial rope Art.

With some 50 subscribers, she can make $50k in annual revenue through the app she has created on These subscribers pay something between $37 to $97 per month.

It is available on both Google Play as well as iOS. It is also available on the web. These app examples are empowered by the platform that gave them an identity.

Figures OF Cirque Plus-

  • Subscribers: +50
  • pricing: $37-$97 per month
  • Available on: iOS, Android, and Web
  • Earnings: $50k+ Annual revenue

2. The Portal App Examples:

The Portal is one such app created on the platform and it was founded by Savannah Bohlin. Savannah conducts different workshops and motivational sessions and activities that encourage users to participate.

Savannah was very dynamic about a healthy lifestyle and she wanted to help everyone to stay fit, as a result, she started The Portal, as the founder of this app. She is a certified trainer and health professional.

This app helps users of this app to focus on their natural beauty, fitness and health. The app recommends customized workout plans, meals, success stories, and a huge motivation to stay fit.

The portal has 250 Subscribers recently and Savannah yields some $66k+ annual revenue from them.

The pricing for The Portal is $22.22/mo and it is available on Google Play as well as iOS. It is also available on the web.

Figures Of The Portal-

  • Subscribers: +250
  • pricing: $22.22/mo
  • Available on: iOS, Google Play, iOS
  • Earnings: $66K Annual Revenue

3. Tiffany Wilkerson app examples

Tiffy Wilkerson, a fitness app, was created on the Platform and is one of the succeeding apps of This app leads a journey of physical fitness to its users.

This app is named after its own Tiffy Wilkerson, a professional trainer and fitness Enthusiast. It offers personalized diet plans, exercises, Motivational videos, and success stories of others who have crossed their milestone and are fit and well.

The pricing of this app is about $80/mo and $400 or $800 per 6-week challenge plan. This app holds 50+ subscribers who help Tiffy earn about $60k+ annually.

Figures of Tiffany Wilkerson-

  • Subscribers: +50
  • pricing: $80/mo and $400-$800 per week.
  • Available on: Google Play, iOS, web
  • Earnings: $60k annual revenue

4. Bakerlou Music App Examples:

This is counted as one of the best apps created on the platform, created by a music teacher Louisa.

Bakerlou Music is a personalized tuition for music classes. You can learn and improve your skills here. You’ll get personal attention and guidance, and suggestions on your skills to make it more sharpened.

She has just 20 paying subscribers over her app and, she is earning a handsome living income of £21,000 annually through her app.

And, as of now, she has more than 60 downloads on the Google Play Store.

Figures of Bakerlou Music –

  • Subscribers: 20+
  • pricing: £47.99-£130 per month
  • Available on: iOS, Google Play, Web
  • Earnings: £21k+ Annual Revenue

5. Fit in Twenty app examples

Fit in Twenty, created by Ellen Decker is another fitness app created on software. Ellen Decker is a social media influencer with about 65.8k+ followers, a model and a health enthusiast, who encourages people to stay fit through this app.

The app offers daily tasks and efficient workout plans. It helps you lean muscle, and reduce fat in just 20 minutes a day using the iPhone app which is rated 5 stars.

Fit in Twenty has 60 subscribers and helps Ellen earn $30k+ in earnings charging $34.99 per month to each of its subscribers.

Figures of Fit in Twenty –

  • Subscribers: 60
  • pricing: $34.99/mo
  • Available on: Google Play, iOS
  • Earnings: $30K+

6. Everything Spiritual app examples

Everything special makes you feel everything special! Lol! It helps its users to overcome stress and help them regain joy and happiness. It balances your life and helps you stay calm.

The main feature of software used by this app is that they use push notifications to keep their users feel happy and not alone which helps them fight anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

This app constantly takes meditative sessions, yoga practices and other interactive live sessions like yoga to keep the user happy and calm.

The main aim of this app is to provide users with solution who are fighting against depression, anxiety, stress or mental related problems.

This app can be easily found on Android, iOS, and Web platforms so their targeted users can access it from anywhere.

Figures of Everything Spiritual-

  • Subscribers: NA
  • pricing: NA
  • Available on: Google Play, iOS, Web
  • Earnings: NA

7. Habit Coach app examples

Habit Coach is a revolutionary app created by executive coach Colin Hiles to help its users to break the chain of all the bad habits they have and start new habits to live a prosperous lifestyle.

The app uses the micro momentum technique which helps people to change their bad lifestyle. and this is scientifically proved that this technique is one of the effective techniques to change the bad lifestyle.

A person with innovative thinking can use this app’s template to kickout his/her own app for to tackle these types of problems.

Figures of Habit Coach-

  • Subscribers: NA
  • pricing: NA
  • Available on: Google Play, iOS, Web
  • Earnings: NA

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