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LinksManagement Review: The Best of SEO 2023

Starting a blog or a website these days is easy now. There are thousands of article and video tutorials available on the internet that will guide you step by step about how to start a blog.

After starting a new blog, Newbie bloggers publish their first content and they expect, they will dominate on the google rank but, it is not like that.

Here is the quick LinksManagement Review 2023

LinksManagement is a website to build quality do-follow backlinks under minutes. All backlinks are created naturally that pass the link juice. You can also optimize before, after, and anchor text to get the max benefit from the backlink.

LM has approx. 8 Million websites where you can instantly build backlinks and cover almost all the website niches.

But What if I told you, You could rank on the first page of Google with just a little bit of effort?

You don’t have to invest $1000 or hire an SEO agency for this. Even you will also get 5 free do-follow backlinks with their $25 free bonus.

LinksManagement Review - Free bonus

I will guide you step by step to get in the top 10 Google results.

There are thousands of website owners (including you and me) working on the same keyword to rank higher on the Search Engine.

But What makes the difference between your content and other’s content?

There are hundreds of factors that Google/Bing counts to rank a website higher in the Search Engine.

One of these factors is high da backlinks and That’s where the LinksManagement tool is making its importance.

Google makes a strong eye for the below factor –

High da backlinks = Higher Google Ranking

More Quality Backlink LinksManagement Review

It is a study by ahref showing about number of backlinks vs search ranking in Google in 2023. Higher the number of backlinks. You have higher chance to be on the top of search result.

It is definitely true that you can write great content for a low difficulty keyword and rank them easily in the search engine.

But Google changes the search result ranking according to its algorithm. Infact, Google has made many search algorithms update in 2023.

So, if you build legitimate backlinks for that low difficulty keyword blog post then it will increase the chances of your article being in the top 10 search result for a very long time.

You can make free backlinks by various backlink building methods but, these methods are time taking.

Sometimes it can take up to 1 month for building just one do-follow backlink from a reputed website.

To create a free backlink, We have to do research for websites to investigate website DA-PA, content quality and relevancy, Page authority to pass link juice, and whether a backlink is Do follow or no follow?

It takes our precious time.

It is also happening now that when you approach a website owner for posting your Guest Post article for a Do-Follow backlink they will ask you to pay $50 or $100.

Linksmanagement review Paid backlinks email

It will be very expensive for a beginner to purchase these paid backlinks at these higher costs. So, Question may arise in your mind about where to buy backlinks?

That’s where LinksManagement Tool helps us to buy high da backlinks.

These are paid backlinks starting from $0.96.

We have made the partnership with LinksManagement to provide you the $25 signup bonus for your first deposit of $25.

It is a brief guide about LinksManagement Review in 2023 So, I have broken down this article into some important headings and sub-headings.

These headings are –

What is LinksManagement?

LinksManagement is a free website where you can purchase do follow and no follow backlink at a very low cost. You can purchase backlinks and place them there on a monthly payment or permanent basis.


It has over 8 million high DA-PA websites where you can create your website or article’s backlink at an affordable cost.

LinksManagement has a wide range of websites for backlinks so whatever your niche is, You can create your backlink here. 

All the websites listed here are real but to be honest, All websites are not great for building backlinks.

Some websites are useless there.

But yet, It has a high DA – PA website which will help definitely help you to improve your article’s ranking in the search engine. 

LinksManagement gives you full flexibility to edit your backlinks before text, anchor text, and after text.

LinksManagement Review Anchor-Text

It is an advantage of LinksManagement and It will make your backlink more worthy.

How Links Management Works?

Links Management is an authority website where buyers and sellers contact each other for backlinks.

First of all, It is a real and genuine website so all the backlinks that you will buy here are safe but you have to be very conscious here.

Google ranks content on the basis of backlinks (one of the important ranking factors) from the relevant websites.

So, Only buy backlinks that are related to your website niche. Links Management has a deep filter option where you can filter a website on the basis of more than 10 factors.

LinksManagement Review Deep Filter

Links Management gives you the option for contextual backlinks.

Contextual backlinks are placed between the content of the article. It is the most powerful backlink in terms of SEO.

LinksManagement Review Contextual backlink

So, Here is how Links Management works

Suppose I want to list my website in the LinksManagement. I will contact them and submit my website.

They will check my website for various parameters like Content Quality, Niche Relevancy, Website Traffic and DA-PA.

If my website has more than 5 DA then it will be approved easily.

Note: LM measures DA and PA from the MOZ SEO Tool. 

After LinksManagement Review in 2023, They will list my website in their backlink directory.

Now, You want to create a backlink from the LM backlink directory.

You adjust the backlink search filter and found my website.

You purchase backlinks on my website either at monthly cost or permanent cost.

The monthly payment is recommended as you can test there if that backlink is beneficial for you or not.

You edited the Before text, Anchor text, and After text and bought the monthly cost backlink on my website.

Your backlink buying journey will end here. You can now focus on your content to make it more search intent friendly.

Here is one special case you may face in LM –

Suppose you buy a monthly payment backlink of a website having DA-30 and PA-30.

If that website DA and PA decrease next month (that is <30) then LM will automatically decrease your monthly cost for the backlink that you have placed.

That is why LM is a great tool for building backlinks. It cares for both backlink seller and buyer.

It will handle all the stuff. Seller just needs to provide a quality website and you just need to run an advance filter to get the most accurate website for building backlinks.

This is how LinksManagement works.

Now If you’re ready to buy quality do-follow backlinks from LM but confuse about how to it most efficiently then follow the below LinksManagement tutorial.

It will guide you step by step.

How to Buy Backlinks in LinksManagement in 2023?

You can efficiently create the LM account and start purchasing high DA backlinks. One good thing about LinksManagement is, You will get a $25 Sign Up bonus after loading your first $25 in the LM wallet.

LinksManagement Review - Free bonus

It means LM is allowing you to buy approx 5 to 8 high DA backlinks for free for the first month which will make your initial investment a worth investment.

Now, to get the approx. 5 free Do-Follow backlinks, Sign Up on LinksManagement with your email ID.

Note: It may take up to 10 minutes to load a $25 bonus in your LM account.

After successfully creating your LinksManagement account, Click on the Buy Backlinks page.


It will redirect you to the Backlinks Directory page where you have to adjust the backlink finder filer to get the most relevant and targeted backlink for your website.

Now on this Filter, There are tons of filter options available to filter a website. These are the LM terminologies.

A beginner may confuse there so, Let’s understand these terminologies.

Price: You can buy backlinks here in two ways, either monthly payment (recurring) or permanent.

I recommend you select a monthly payment and try it for 2 months. Once you see the SEO benefit from that backlink then buy it permanently.

SB Rank: It is the LinksManagement metrics to judge the backlink quality. It is a scale of 1-10 SB Rank.

It is the most crucial step as this step will decide the link juice quality.

SB Rank is just like MOZ DA but, consider SB Rank more powerful as it is the combination of the website’s DA, PA, Trust flow, citation flow of the page.

I recommend you to filter 2 to 3 SB rank here for low budget.

Website Category: It is an important filter as you have to decide the most relevant website for the backlink here.

Thank to LinksManagement, You will get almost all types of categories there.

Pro Tip: Google takes relevancy seriously so only select the relevant websites for backlinks.

URL/Domain Zone: It is also a useful filter. You can adjust the targeted website domain extension.

Just like if you want backlink from a .com, .in, .net, .org, etc extension website. You can adjust it here

DA-PA Filters: This filter stands for DA and PA of the website between 1-100 scale. It is not LM metrics but it fetches DA and PA from MOZ data.

The higher the DA PA will give you the quality link juice to your web pages.

Placement %: It is the probability of link placement. It means whether the website owner accepts your link placement request or not.

This percentage depends on past experience and accepted link percentage of the targeted website So, Higher the placement percentage will increase your link placement chances.

Outbound links: You have to focus on this filter as this filter is directly related to the Link Juice of the backlink.

If you buy contextual links from a page (or a website) where already a lot of outbound (External) backlinks are placed then the quality of your backlink will be very low.

This outbound link filter will help you to strict the targeted website to maximum outbound links.

LInksManagement Review Outbound-links

I recommend you select a maximum of 5 outbound backlinks in this filter so that you can get the maximum link juice for your website.

Hosting Location: If you want backlinks from a specific country then you can use this filter. It will help you to get country-specific backlinks.

If you are running a micro niche blog and you want to rank that blog in a specific country then this filter will help you to rank.

There are some more filters like targeted website Language, keywords, etc. You can try these filters according to your need. 

Now I will place one backlink for ASKblogging to give you the exact step by step guide to place backlinks.

STEP 1: I will apply its filter according to my need and niche.


Among all the filters, Give priority to SB Rank, DA-PA, and maximum outbound links. It will directly affect the link juice.

STEP 2: Now, LinksManagement will provide the websites where I can place the backlinks

Backlink Directory

It will also show you the website’s URL, DA-PA score, and SB rank along with recurring and permanent pricing.

STEP 3: I will select a website for backlink placement

Do not blindly trust LinksManagement So, Manual review all the websites to get the exact data whether that website is good or not. You can SEMRush for review.

STEP 4: After my manual review, I’m selecting website for backlink placement.

Its current DA is 22 and relevant to my website.

Build backlink here

STEP 5: Select your backlink placement type. It means whether you want to place it monthly or permanent basis. I’m selecting a monthly basis.

I need to pay $3.48 per month for this backlink.

Remember, It has 22 DA and is related to my website industry so it is a worth investment for me.

If this backlink positively affects my website then I will buy this backlink permanently by paying one time $24.36.

This is the fastest and easy way to buy quality backlinks.

STEP 6: Place your backlink order.

Add a new Promoted URL: It is the main URL of your website for which you want to buy contextual links.

It will also ask you to fill in some more entries like backlink Before text, Anchor text, and After text.

buy backlinks on linksmanagement

Optimize these texts to get the maximum link juice.

Haven’t any idea about it?

You can also select the backlink type, do-follow, or no-follow.

Our LinksManagement review has also covered that how a nofollow backlink will positively affect your website?

To understand this, Let’s take a scenario

Let’s say you want to buy 10 backlinks for one of your articles.

But If you buy all these backlinks at the same time with the do-follow attribute then it will create a problem for you as it doesn’t seem natural.

Isn’t seem natural to get 10 do-follow backlinks for a single article?

absolutely no.

Google doesn’t allow anyone to influence SERP ranking by purchasing do-follow backlinks.

Google Link Policy

You have to strictly follow Google guidelines.

But, wait

LinksManagement places backlinks naturally so you don’t have to worry about any Google penalty but make sure, You must manually review websites where you’re building backlinks.

And, I strongly recommend 2 important things which you must have to do –

  1. Do not buy more than 3 do-follow backlinks at the same time. You can give 3 to 4 days gap between them
  2. Follow the 70/30 formula. It means for a total of 10 backlinks, Buy 7 do-follow backlinks & 3 no-follow backlinks.

These important factors will help you to avoid any Google penalty.

Now, After the payment wait for the order. LinksManagement will let you know whether your backlink is placed or not.

After your backlink placed, manually review it.

Now I hope, I have answered all your queries related to LinksManagement Review. Let’s move to the topic What Makes LinksManagement Different From Others?

LinksManagement vs Competitors in 2023

We have deeply tested the LM tool and after that, We are writing this LinksManagement Review.

LM tool is different in many aspects from its competitors.

1 – Deep Filter

Its Deep filter allows you to get the most relevant website according to your need and budget.

LinksManagement Review Deep Filter

You can decide the targeted website DA-PA, SB Rank. Niche, Domain Extension, its country, etc. It makes this website different from others because its competitors can not give you that deep filter.

2 – 80% of Inventory Is Hidden

According to LinksManagement, 80% of website inventory is hidden from direct customers and, when you run an SEO test for your website then LM expert can provide you that website for backlinks.

It also ensures the website’s backlink quality as everyone can not access these inventory.

3 – Free SEO Expert Tool

It is a free tool provided by LM. You can use this tool to search for the best DA40-DA100 backlinks from their inventory.

SEO Free Tool

This tool will help you to build quality backlinks on automation

4 – See the backlink page before you buy a link on it

I can guarantee you most of its competitors will not provide you this feature but, LM allows you to check the targeted website backlink page before buying it.

That makes it different from others.

There are some more features of LM available that make it unique like Mannualy backlink placement, Highly relevant backlink page, Backlink price & rank auto-update (even after purchase).

I have reviewed all the features manually and, Yes they are unique in 2 or 3 features.

Free Tools and Bonuses with Links Management

LinksManagement doesn’t only provide you the High DA backlinks list to buy but it will also provide you the some of the best useful SEO tools.

These SEO Tools will help you to make your day to day and backlink building task easier.


SEO Expert Tool

As I have told you, This tool will help you to make your backlink building task in automation mode.

This tool will help you by –

  • Making a list of relevant backlinks that you need
  • Total control & management of your backlink building campaign
  • Making a custom SEO strategy for your website
  • Search reputed website for you to create backlinks
  • 24/7 of your SEO campaign results tracking

SEO Cost Calculator

It is another very useful and important tool by LinksManagement. This tool tells you the approx no. of backlink for a URL that you need to rank for that keyword.

It is a free tool so that you can use it any time.

This tool will also suggest high DA & PA websites after analyzing your URL.

Free SEO Guide

When you signup with LM, They will give you the free PDF that contains the 101 SEO Tips and Tricks guide.

This PDF is written by LinksManagement Expert So, It will be worth reading this PDF as It has some serious actionable SEO Tips

LinksManagement Reviews By Their Customers In 2023

LM can help you to rank in the top 10 positions of Google within 4 to 6 months (When you follow their recommendations). It is not only the lines of text but, It is their commitment.

They have also proved their commitment.

Some of their customers have successfully achieved the top 10 rankings in Google and, They have written their LinksManagement review 2022.

These reviews are –

linksmanagement reviews

Remember that, You will $25 free bonus when you load $25 in your LM wallet. You can use this free bonus to build approx 5 free do-follow backlinks.

So, Why are you waiting now?

Personal Recommendation On LinksManagement

I have tried the LinksManagement tool to build backlinks for my articles and, those articles are performing well.

Some of the articles are also ranking on the first and second page of Google.

Website Traffic Increase

Backlinks are still very essential and important in 2022 and, You have to create them to be in the top position of Google.

If you don’t have time and have at least $25 in the pocket then you can use the LM tool to build backlinks.

When you Signup with LinksManagement, They will give you the free $25 bonus upon loading $25 in your LM wallet. You can use that bonus to build free backlinks. So, It is a very worthy investment.

I’m strongly recommending you to at least try once LinksManagement.

It will create 100% unique content for you, and you don’t need to worry about content writing.

On building high DA and PA backlinks is not enough, you should be using fast loading wordpress theme and 24/7 uptime guaranteed hosting services.

Below are the few personal recommendations for your website –

Frequently Asked Question

I have finished now and, I hope you liked my LinksManagement Review article. Remember that, They are giving you the free $25 bonus.

Have you ever buy contextual links for your website? Please let me know in the comment section.

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