+250 Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List [Rank Faster]

Do you want Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List?

Definitely Yes!, That’s why you are reading this article.

Recently, I was looking for a list of Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List to create some backlinks.

But I didn’t get a satisfying result as there are many spam websites that can also decrease my website’s SEO.

I hope you know if you create unworthy links for your website in 2023, Then, It may harm your website badly.

There were some genuine websites that provide Do Follow backlinks (and NoFollow Backlinks) but they were not enough.

When you search the Instant commenting sites list in the search engine, you will get a ton of results.

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

These results will claim that they provide, +500 comment backlinks, etc. 

But, most of the time, Number of backlinks is compromised over quality. You don’t need to create ton of backlinks, Instead, You create few quality backlinks then it is good to go with your content.

There are also some top free high DA dofollow comment sites available but most of them are not working anymore.

and I also created some dofollow backlinks there but, It doesn’t work as I expected.

So, I decided to make a list of Dofollow Commenting Sites List and after detailed research, I prepared a list of 250+ (High DA PA) websites that provide instant blog commenting backlinks.

But wait,

Do you think all the websites that provide quality do follow backlinks are good for your website SEO?

If you think, then you are Wrong.

Even it can badly affect your website SEO if you didn’t build niche relevant backlinks.

So, I’m providing almost all types of blog comment backlink websites to build high quality backlinks.

But there are tons of blog comment backlinks available to create but only some of them are relevant blogs and genuine websites. You must first identify them that which website is good and which are not for quality do follow backlinks.

How To Check Website Authenticity

STEP 1: Install the MOZ extension

STEP 2: Create a free account on MOZ

STEP 3: Visit the website where you want to create comment backlink

STEP 4: Click on MOZ extension

Dofollow Commenting Sites List

At the bottom of the page, You will get MOZ notification bar.

STEP 5: Analyze it’s DA and Spam Score

If DA is greater than 10 and Spam Score is less than 5 then that website is perfect for comment backlink.

and ignore those websites that do not fulfil those criteria. 

Dofollow Commenting Sites List

In our case, Website has 57 DA and 3% Spam Score so we can create a do-follow comment backlink here.

The Right Way To Create Comment Backlink

Backlink are very important for websites so If you do it right way then you can take the maximum benefit of it but many of newbie bloggers does it in wrong way.

Google is updating its algorithm day by day so you can’t spam Google in anyways.

and, If you are just commenting for gaining a do follow backlink then you are making a bad SEO impact for your website.

Try to provide quality to the admin by commenting or you can also try to solve someone’s query (If there is) in the comment box.

Take Below Screenshot As An Example – 

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

Always try to comment more than 12 words.

just like…

“Hey Shivansh, You just solved my problem. Thank you for making a problem solving article”


“I have searched my query everywhere but I didn’t found any solution but finally I got your article, which is easy to understand, Thanks”

If that website is not a auto comment approval website but yet your comment will be easily approved by the admin.

Now, Fill your name, email address and your desired website address and click on “Post Comment”

Generally, It takes more than 4 to 5 days to index your dofollow comment backlink in Google and other search engines.

Benefits of Comment Backlink

As I said above, If you appreciate the author by comments, you can benefit from it.

Newbie bloggers think that if they comment then they will only get a backlink in exchange but, the Comment section is the best way to build a relationship with niche-relevant bloggers.

Here is the list of the top benefits of comment backlinks –

1- Relationship Building

One of the big mistakes that every newbie makes is, not building a good relationship with other blog owners.

You can make relationships with other blog owners by joining their Facebook Groups or Telegram channel.

You can also build healthy relationships with niche-relevant bloggers through the comment section.

Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

Try to Comment on each and every blog post of your favourite blogger (But do not comment at the same time), You can ask a question or appreciate the author in the comment section.

It will help you in long run.

2 – Referral Traffic

This is what I am saying, If you provide quality along with your link in the comment box then other visitors might be interested to visit your blog.

Try to be Niche relevant, It will help you to get targeted referral traffic for free.

For Ex. If you  are reading a post about “10 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools” and you comment

Hey, Amazing post. I also use Grammarly and My personal experience with Grammarly is good.


Hey, Amazing post My personal choice is Grammarly because it provides all the essential features in the free plan, It is one of the best free tools for those who don’t know English well. I have also written a detailed blog about Grammarly Benefits which might tell you all the pros and cons of Grammarly’s free plan.

You can see the difference in both comments, First Comment is good but there is no action to take.

But the second comment is about taking action and visitors may take an interest to visit your blog because they might want to read the Grammarly benefits.

3 – Backlinks

No doubt, We all want to create quality do-follow backlinks in all the genuine possible ways.

A comment section might be the best (and easiest) way to build quality dofollow backlinks for a newbie website owner.

But along with blog comment backlinks, You need to also provide the value in the comment section.

Valuable comments ensure that you get high-quality do follow backlinks instantly.

It will also increase your website domain authority.

4 – Make yourself visible to others

People searching on the web about the products or service that you offer might not be able to visit your website. You should always try to make your presence visible which is the primary step. Otherwise, there’s no gain.

The best way to do this is not to mention the company name but a person’s name. Sometimes, the mentioned company name reflects a bad impression and people think that you just need the link. So, the best trick to make yourself visible is to use your name instead of your company’s name.

How To Search Blog Commenting Sites?

Newbie bloggers and webmasters might find it difficult to find do follow-comment backlink sites.

So, You can search these terms on Google (and search engine) to get the best sites list for blog commenting.

  • Blog commenting Sites
  • Best Dofollow blog sites
  • blog commenting sites for SEO
  • blog commenting sites list for SEO
  • Instant approval blog commenting sites list
  • Dofollow blog commenting sites list
  • Free blog commenting sites list

Avoid These Social Websites For Backlinks

  • Spam Subdomain Comment
  • Facebook Comments
  • Twitter comments
  • Youtube Comments

Avoid These social networking websites (or like that) for backlink purposes. There is no advantage in creating backlinks there.

Your website SEO quality will also decrease by these spamming comment backlinks. So, Instead of these backlinks, You can create profile backlinks for your new website.

Profile backlink is also one of the easiest ways to create quality do-follow backlinks.

Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List

S.No.Blog Commenting websites(Instant Approval)



List of websites for No Follow comment backlinks


List of top website [Need Approval]

High DA Technology Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

High DA Health And Fitness Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

High DA Real Estate Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

  1. barrettsothebysrealty.com
  2. louisvillegalsrealestateblog.com
  3. capesanblasblog.com
  4. coralgablesrealestatevault.com
  5. edmontonrealestateblog.com
  6. expertrealestatelouisville.com
  7. portlandrealestateblog.com
  8. san-diego-real-estate-news.com
  9. therealestatecoconut.com
  10. www.bhomes.com/blog
  11. bloodhoundrealty.com
  12. chicagometroarearealestate.com
  13. www.dennispeaseteam.com/blog
  14. jimmywelch.com
  15. joehaydenrealtor.com/blog
  16. kamloopsrealestateblog.com
  17. kyselectproperties.com/blog
  18. louisvillehomesales.com/blog
  19. nuhomesource.com/blog
  20. premieratlantarealestate.co
  21. pwprudential.com/blog
  22. sanjose.com
  23. shortsaleexpeditor.com

High DA Travel Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

  1. BoardingArea – DA 74
  2. GloabalGrasshopper – DA 52
  3. DangerousBuisness – DA 49
  4. ShaluSharma – DA 49
  5. VelvetEscape – DA 49
  6. InspiringTravellers – DA 46
  7. TheShootingStar – DA 45
  8. LakshmiSharat – DA 41
  9. SidTheWanderer – DA 40

High DA Lifestyle Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

  1. Aha-Now – DA 44
  2. EverythingMom – DA 42
  3. Naina – DA 33
  4. AkanshRedhu – DA 30
  5. SweetStyleBlog – DA 29
  6. VanityNoApologies – DA 28
  7. Purushu – DA 26
  8. LookingGoodFeelingFab – DA 22

High DA Finance Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

  1. MoneySavingMom – DA 73
  2. OneCentAtATime – DA 51
  3. FinancialHighway – DA 48
  4. OneMint – DA 47
  5. SafalNiveshak – DA 45

High DA Education Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

  1. http://ehs.mit.edu – DA 95
  2. http://sites.psu.edu – DA 92
  3. http://writing.wisc.edu – DA 91
  4. https://golem.ph.utexas.edu – DA 91
  5. http://blogs.bu.edu – DA 90
  6. http://blogs.oregonstate.edu – DA 89
  7. http://calendar.cal.msu.edu – DA 88
  8. http://runcielab.ucdavis.edu – DA 86
  9. http://blog.iese.edu – DA 73
  10. http://blogs.uww.edu – DA 72
  11. https://my.carthage.edu – DA 64
  12. https://my.slc.edu – DA 62
  13. http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu – DA 61

High DA Food Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

  1. 100daysofrealfood – DA 72
  2. Balancedbites – DA 61
  3. Appforhealth – DA 54
  4. Bentolunch – DA 33
  5. Cybelepascal – DA 32
  6. Diabeticmediterraneandiet– DA 28
  7. Agirldefloured – DA 25
  8. Delicious-knowledge – DA 22
  9. Chewthefacts – DA 16

High DA Fashion Blogs For Blog Commenting Backlink

  1. Livelaughdressup
  2. Styleapastiche
  3. Everylilthings
  4. Fashionmate
  5. Thatelegantchic
  6. Selestyme
  7. Wastedbyfashion
  8. Glamshutte
  9. Looksuave
  10. Styleovercoffee
  11. Outoncatwalk
  12. Shanayas
  13. 50shadesofvogue

Personal Recommendation

Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list are good for creating backlinks but, Don’t depend on these backlinks. Content backlink is still best backlinks among all types of backlinks.

Try to focus on Content backlinks or Author backlinks, It will help you in the long run.

Important Points To Remember
  • Don’t make too many comment backlink at the same time for a post.
  • If the number of comment backlinks is more than then don’t make backlink there.
  • Always provide value in the comment section

Now, Below is the some FAQ questions which might be in your mind which creating do follow comment backlinks So, Take a look there.

Frequently Asked question

Q1. What is Blog Commenting in SEO?

Ans. Blog commenting is a way to create relationship with other niche relevant bloggers, Blog commenting help us to share our idea or opinion with the author. Blog commenting also help us to get free backlinks.

Q2. Does Blog commenting help SEO?

Ans. In our research, We have found that Blog commenting will help you in SEO but, Don’t depend on this method as it may not work all the time. There are many quality methods which you can use to get the free backlinks.

Q3. How can I get free backlinks? 

Ans. There are many free methods available to create quality free do follow backlinks for your website. Some of the methods are –

1. Blog Commenting Sites
2. Search Engine Submission
3. My Response is on My Own Website
4. Social Bookmarking Sites
5. Image Sharing Sites
6. Profile Creation Sites
7. Ping Submission
8. Guest Posts

Q4. Should I Allow Commenting on my Blog?

Ans. I strongly recommend you to enable comment section in your website. It will help your users to interact with you and, Your users can also share valuable ideas and opinions with you. So must enable the comment box.

Q5. How can you tell if a link is no follow?

1. Right click on the link and click “View page source”

2. Look for the particular link

3. If there is rel=”nofollow” then link is no follow otherwise link is do follow.

Now, I hope your query about “Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites List” is solved now but if there is something that you want to know or you want to share your idea or opinion then please comment below.

I will be very thankful to solve your query.

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