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I Bought A Domain Name Now What? Create Your Free Website

Have you recently purchased a new domain name?

If YES, then Congratulations!

You are in the world’s top 30% of young minds that take action.

But what to do next?

You may be asking yourself “I bought a domain name now what?” but don’t worry we have started AskBlogging to help action takers like you.

Now, there are many new things you are going to learn after purchasing a domain name.

But don’t be panic, All these new things are very easy to learn even if you have ZERO knowledge in the online world, You can learn it easily.

This post will help you whether you want to start a blog or an eCommerce Store, When you read this post carefully till the end, It is my commitment that You can easily start your website.

But, Did you know what is a domain name?

A Domain Name is a unique name on the internet.

For Ex. In this physical world, Everyone calls us with our name. In the same way, A Domain Name is your Name on the Virtual World or internet.

I hope you have understood the meaning of a Domain Name.

Now, After purchasing a domain name what is the next thing which you have to do? The next big thing is to purchase a good hosting for your Domain Name.

Most of the beginner make mistakes here as they choose free hosting or a cheap hosting company for their domain name.

Cheap hosting companies charge you very less amount as compare to other hosting company’s prices.

But their uptime is very very low which means whenever someone visits your website it will not load and shows a message like that 

And your website can be easily hacked as there is no security and the worst thing is that, there is no official support from the hosting side so no one is there to help you.

Let’s get started to answer this question “I bought a domain name now what?”

Purchase A Good Hosting

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

This is the most important step for any webmaster, I could also recommend yoou free hosting companies but they will destroy your website and your online identity.

So, I strongly recommend you to go with GreenGeeks.

In the first view, GreenGeeks total cost you about $56 for the first year and you will also get a .com domain name for free.

but answer me a question first, Do you want to start a blog?

if your answer is “Yes! I purchased the domain only for creating a blog”

then you need a good host that can take the load of your visitors.

Benefits of GreenGeeks

The first benefit of using GreenGeeks is its unlimited storage.

1 – Unlimited Storage

It means, whatever size of your website is you don’t need to worry about extra space because you have Unlimited Storage.

2 – Unlimited Bandwidth

It helps your website to load very fast.

3 – Free Domain Name

If you purchase GreenGeeks hosting plan then you will get a .com domain name for free.

4 – Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate makes your website extra protective and it has also an SEO benefit, Google gives priority to the SSL Certificate website than the non-SSL Certificate website.

A Good SSL Certificate costs about $20/year but you are exclusively getting a free SSL Certificate with GreenGeeks.

5 – Best Speed Technologies

You will get advanced security like LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP/2, PHP7, and free CDN.

It will help you to make your website super fast.

6 – 24/7 LIVE Support

GreenGeeks gives you any time live support so if you want to contact them at midnight then you can easily contact them and they will be very happy to solve your query.

7 – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with GreenGeeks (Probably Never Happen) then you can withdraw your money within 30 days and they will not ask you a single question.

There are many more benefits of using GreenGeeks Hosting but the above points are the important and essential ones.

Now we have an exclusive offer for you which will expire after some time.


How To Buy Hosting From GreenGeeks

If you want guidance to buy hosting from GreenGeeks then follow these steps:


STEP 2: Click on “Get Started Now”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 3: If you have already a domain name then enter it in box 2 or, If you want to register a New Domain Name then enter your desired Domain Name in box 1

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

Click on the “Next” button

STEP 4: Enter your basic details like Name, Address, Phone No, etc

Choose one plan which fits into your pocket

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

1 – EcoSite Lite – Monthly – $9.95/month = 1 Month Plan
2 – EcoSite Lite – Annually – $4.95/month = 1 Year Plan
3 – EcoSite Lite – Biennially – $3.95/month = 2 Year Plan
4 – EcoSite Lite – Triennially – $2.95/month = 3 Year Plan

I suggest you go with 1 Year Plan.

STEP 5: Enter your card details

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 6: Click on “Create Account”

Successful, Again Congratulations, You are a real action taker.

Connect Domain NAME With GreenGeeks

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

If you have registered your domain name with GreenGeeks then SKIP THIS STEP.

But if you have purchased your Domain Name from companies like Namecheap, Godaddy, or any other then you have to connect your domain name with GreenGeeks hosting.

I suppose you have purchased your domain name from GoDaddy but if you have purchased from any other company then you can also follow these steps to connect your Domain Name with your hosting.

STEP 1: Log in to your GoDaddy account

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

After login, You will be redirected to ALL DOMAIN page

STEP 2: Select a domain which you want to host, Then click on DNS

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 3: Search for nameservers & click on change

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 4: On the next screen, click on “I’ll use my own nameservers”

STEP 5: Click on “ADD Nameserver”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 7: Enter these three nameservers


i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 8: Click on “Save” button


Now, It may take around 30 minutes (up to 48 hours) to take effect on the internet, In the meantime, you can create your website logo using CANVA.

If you have purchased your Domain Name from any other company then you can still use these simple steps to connect your Domain Name with GreenGeeks. 

Now, The next thing is to set up your Domain Name with wordpress

Activate Free Domain Services

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

GreenGeeks comes with many free features, two of them are Free SSL certificate and Free Email Hosting.

If you are a beginner and you have just purchased GreenGeeks hosting then you may find it difficult to activate these services so to activate these services we have prepared a step by step guide for you.

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

A SSL certificate is very important for any website/blog, If your website has a SSL certificate then it will show you a green lock in the left of the URL and if it has not then it will not show you the green lock.

How To Activate Free SSL Certificate

To install a free SSL certificate, follow these steps

STEP 1: Log into your GreenGeeks Account

STEP 2: On the next screen, click on “Security”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 3: Click on “SSL certificates”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 4: Click on “Add SSL Certificate”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 5: Click on “Select a Service” field and choose your Domain Name

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 6: Under “Enter a Domain” field select your Domain Name and click on continue

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 7: Scroll down to the bottom and click, “Select Let’s Encrypt.”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 8: Verify all the details and click, “Confirm and Create” to finish the installation.

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 9: Now click the “Install SSL Certificate” button

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 10: Now you may receive an error stating: “

Error 37: Error Validating DNS Challenge. Please try again in 30 minutes. If this error still persists after two hours please contact Support. [23685]”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

This error is common for first time user and you don’t need to do anything here. It may take up to 2-3 hours to install an SSL certificate in your domain.

And your free SSL certificate is successfully installed.

Now, let’s move to create a free professional email.

How To Create Your Professional Email Address

Did you know about Professional Email? If not then let me explain it.

A professional email is like [email protected] or [email protected]. It is always a better approach to use a professional email for your business website. 

Newbie bloggers and webmasters don’t create their professional email address and they continue to use Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo mail services.

Whenever you send a business email with your Gmail or Yahoo mail accounts, then there are very fewer chances that they will reply to your inquiry.

And it will create a negative impact on your business.

Now, if you receive an email from [email protected], then you will be interested to reply back?

But if you receive an email from [email protected] then you will most probably open your email box and reply to this email address.

It looks more professional.

Now, Follows these steps to create a free professional email –

STEP 1: Log in to GreenGeeks and go to cPanel

STEP 2: In the “Email” section, click the “Email Accounts”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 3: On the next screen, Enter your desired email address and Domain Name

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 4: Now enter a strong password or generate one

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 5: In the next step, enter the “Mailbox Quota”

I recommend you to select “Unlimited”

STEP 6: Then click on “Create Account”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

You have SUCCESSFULLY created your first professional email address for free.

Now, this is the time to install wordpress so let’s move to the next steps.

WordPress In GreenGeeks

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

Have you heard of wordpress before?

As a beginner, You don’t have wordpress knowledge so we will first know it and then explore the benefits of using it.

WordPress is a content management system, which basically allows a beginner (like you) to make their website within seconds without touching a single code.

Benefits of Using WordPress

1 – Ease of Use

WordPress is very easy to use even if you are a beginner, you can use it easily. Adding a new post, creating a new page, change in setting, etc all these things are very easy to do.

2 – Handle your Website From Any Computer

You can handle the admin area of your website from any computer, You just need a good internet connection and a computer.

3 – No Coding Required/FTP Required

You don’t need to know any coding language (like HTML, CSS, PHP, etc) to start your website with wordpress. Even from installing wordpress to publish your first post, you don’t need to touch a single code.

4 – Full Control Over Your Website

You don’t need to know any code to control your website, you just need to follow instructions to do any task on your website.

5 – Customize Your Website

You can beautifully craft your website using HTML and CSS but if you don’t know these languages then a simple layout is good to start.

All the official theme in wordpress are mobile responsive.

6 – A Blog Is Ready To Go

If you want to start a blog then nothing is better than installing a wordpress and kick off your blog website within seconds.

7 – Everything Is Possible With WordPress

If you are thinking, you can only create a blog website using wordpress then you wrong.

You can create any type of website using wordpress, some of the websites are  TechCrunch, Sony Music, and BBC America.

So, if you are planning to launch a website other than a blog then you can also use wordpress.

8 – WordPress Scalability

WordPress is best at there security and scalability, It gets every month a new and fresh update so if you are planning to launch a website for long term then you can go for wordpress without a second thought in your mind.

 9 – Support From WordPress Community

Many wordpress lovers share their in-depth knowledge in the wordpress community.

So, If you face any problem in wordpress then you can ask your question in the wordpress community.

Some of them are very experienced wordpress users so they can easily solve your problem.

Next is, Installing wordpress in GreenGeeks Hosting.

How To Install WordPress

If your domain is successfully connected to GreenGeeks then this is the time to install wordpress.

But if your Domain is still not connected after 48 hours then recheck all steps and make sure you follow all the steps carefully.

You can also contact me in the comment section for any help.

So to install wordpress –

STEP 1: Login To Your GreenGeeks Account

STEP 2: Go To cPanel

STEP 3: Click on “Softaculous App Installer”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 4: Seach For WordPress & Click On Install

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 5: Select Your Domain Name

Under “Site Setting”, You can change your Blog/Website Name and Description (Optional At Installation)

Under “Admin Account”, Fill your user name and password carefully, because anyone with these credentials can be logging to your wordpress website. (Most Careful Step)

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 6: Enter your current email address, login details will be sent to your entered email address

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 7: Click on “Install”

CONGRATULATIONS!, You have successfully installed the wordpress.

Now the next step is to set up your website.

Getting a Premium WordPress Theme

Now, the next important thing is to install a WordPress Theme.

WordPress is an open-source content management system so anyone can contribute to wordpress development and that’s why it has tons of good looking themes to install.

But from those themes, you have to choose a single good theme that fits your blog perfectly. Here is a beneficial point for you, I am learning wordpress since 2017 so I can recommend you the best theme from the industry.

But answer me a question first, Will you want to look different on the internet?

I know, most say yes.

Then you have to install a Premium WordPress Theme and that’s why I always recommend premium wordpress theme.

Reason For This: WordPress has thousands of free themes and these themes are used by many web designers and bloggers so it is nearly impossible to build a unique site with free themes.

and In today’s world, you have to update your website every minute every second, and if you did not respond according to users and if they face any problem on your website then it will be the worst thing with your website.

But Installing a premium theme gives you an advantage in many aspects.


Whenever it comes to security, Free themes, and premium themes both are very secured but premium themes security is far better than Free Themes.

Because a webmaster invests a big amount of money to developing the theme’s security at its best.

But free theme owners don’t invest much money in its security.

And, that’s why free themes can be easily hacked.


The best feature of premium themes is the regular update, Every month or cycle you get an update which improves your website speed and its security.

A theme size should be in KB because it improves your website speed, which directly affects your SEO.


Suppose you are working with a free theme and you find a code problem within the theme and after that, your website is not working properly then what will you do?

You can not contact the free theme developer at any time, even in most of the cases you only get support from there community.

And, all this process takes time to solve.

But when you work with a premium theme, you get instant support at any time from the theme developer.

There is no time or number of contact support limitations.


Affiliate Booster: This wordpress theme is launched by Kulwant Nagi Sir, This theme has possibly all the features that a blogger, Affiliate Marketer and e store wants. This theme has 100% score in Google Page Speed. I strongly recommend this theme.

GeneratePress: It is one my my favorite theme, We are also using generatepress on this website. This theme gives you security with light speed. Its total size is less than 40kb.

Astra Pro: This theme is my second choice and I am also using this theme on my other websites. Generatepress and Astra Pro both are almost the same but Generatepress is used by Bloggers and Astra Pro is used by Digital Marketing Agency.

Installing Essential Plugins

Plugins add functionality or feature to your website. If you want to add a feature to your website then you can do this by installing a suitable plugin.

but beginners make mistakes here and they try to install too many plugins which make their website very slow and if you install any unknown plugin then your website can also be hacked.

If you want to start a blog, an eCommerce store, or any other website, I am making a list of evergreen essential plugins that you should install in your wordpress website.

Rank Math: It is an SEO plugin that handles all your SEO work for free. RankMath provides all the premium features for free while other SEO plugins charge you for those features.


  1. Bloggers
  2. eCommerce Store Owners 
  3. Niche Sites 
  4. Businesses 
  5. Local Businesses 
  6. Startups 
  7. The Real Estate 
  8. Artists & Photographers 
  9. Directories 
  10. Or any WordPress Website

So as a newbie, I strongly recommend you use the Rank Math wordpress plugin.

WP Rocket: No one likes a slow website and If your website loads more than 3 sec then you can lose your 50% potential visitors and also your post ranking will go down in search engine.

Your website speed depends on many factors (like your hosting, your wordpress theme, and no of plugins you are using, etc.) but if you want to speed up your website to 5x then you can purchase WP Rocket plugin.

I Theme Security Pro: Your website security is very important. Beginners don’t focus on their wordpress website security and that’s why among all CMS platforms 90 wordpress website was hacked.

I Theme Security pro comes with many security features that make your website extra protective. You should really install this wordpress plugin to enhance your website security.

It comes with a free plan and a paid plan.

These are the must-have plugins which I strongly recommend to use with your website.

Adding Important Pages To The Website

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

After installing the wordpress theme and some essential plugins on your website, This is time to make some important pages for your website.

No matter what type of website you want to make. You have to make these essential pages.

The first page is the privacy policy page

How To Create Privacy Policy

STEP 1: Visit this website

STEP 2: On the next screen, Enter your website name and website URL

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 3: Click the Next button and “Yes” all the radio buttons

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 4: On the next page, Enter your country, state, and email address

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 5: Click on “Copy text to clipboard”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 6: Open your wordpress website dashboard

STEP 7: Hover on pages & click on “All Pages”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 8: Search for “Privacy Policy” page and click on edit 

STEP 9: Paste your privacy policy here and click on publish

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

Your Privacy Policy page is live now.

Using the same tool, You can make the Disclaimer Page by following all the steps.

Remember, Disclaimer Page is important for your website so don’t skip this page.

How To Create Contact Us Page

Contact us page is very important for your website and If you want Google Adsense approval then you must make a “Contact Us” page.

Follow these steps to make this page –

STEP 1: Install Contact 7 plugin

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 2: Click on Contact > Contact Forms

and copy the shortcode of “Contact form 1”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 3: Open your website and create a new page

STEP 4: Paste this shortcode and click on Publish

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

Your “Contact Us” page is live now.

Tips For Your Blog

If you want to start a blog after purchasing your brand new domain name then trust me it can be one of the best decisions of your life.

But there are many mistakes which a beginner makes and I have also made that mistake so I recommend you to read this blog where I have shared all the beginner’s mistakes and how you can tackle these mistakes.

WARNING: Do not start blogging by seeing the success of others because if you do that then you can’t work more than 60 days.

TIP 1: Don’t start with a broad niche, Choose a micro-niche because it will give you good results in 4 to 6 months.

Because whatever your niche is, There is a tough competition and as a beginner, you can’t beat them in Google Ranking.

So, I suggest you start with a micro-niche blog. A micro niche is a sub-topic of your primary niche.

I suppose you are interested in DSLR then some examples of micro niche blogs are –

  • DSLR lens price in a
  • DSLR lens specifications,
  • Wide-angle DSLR lenses, or
  • DSLR lens cleaning tips.

You can start your micro niche blog in any of these subtopics in 2020.

TIP 2: You need to do hard work at least for one year and do not think about money in just 3 to 4 months.

If you think about money in 3 to 4 months after starting your blog then it will demotivate you because you haven’t earned yet.

And this demotivation makes you quit your blogging career.

TIP 3: The next big thing which you must do is Guest Posting. It is an effective way to build powerful backlinks for your website.

If you are a beginner then you may take it lightly but trust me starting a Guest Post link building will really help you to make your blog authority blog.

TIP 4: If you want to start an affiliate blog then do not start with too many affiliate products because it may confuse your website visitors what to buy.

First test the product or if you don’t have a budget then visit your competitor’s website and analyze what products they are promoting and start promoting those products.

TIP 5: When you will start a new website then one of the difficult tasks is to get quality traffic to your website.

but there is a Question-Answer website that can send you unlimited quality traffic.

Its name is

Open and answer all the related questions which are relevant to your niche.

but if you don’t have an interest in blogs and you are still questioning your self “I bought a domain name now what?”, then you can also start an eCommerce store.

Bonus For You

I’m working since 2017 in this industry so I have knowledge about some great tools which can help you to be more productive.

You can also beautifully craft your content using these tools.

These tools are  –

1 – GRAMMARLY: If your English is not good then you can use Grammarly Tool. This tool will help you to write the content without any grammar mistakes. This tool will help you to check plagiarism for free.

2 – CANVA: It is a graphic designing tool which will help you to design attractive Graphics.

3 – CODEABLE: It is a platform that helps you to work with wordpress developers and troubleshoot wordpress errors.

4 – UBERSUGGEST: It will help you to research keywords for your website. 

Time To Take Action

I have told you all the useful and fruitful ways that you need to finish your query about “I bought a domain name now what?” so this is a time to take action now.

You will definitely face some problems in the beginning but remember every problem has a solution and you can easily solve that problem so NEVER GIVE UP!

Here is a recap –

STEP 1: Buy Hosting From GreenGeeks In Just $56

STEP 2: Connect Your Domain Name With GreenGeeks

STEP 3: Activate Free SSL Certificate

STEP 4: Create Your Free Professional Email Address

STEP 5: Install WordPress In Your Domain Name

STEP 6: Install A Recommended Theme

STEP 7: Install Essential Plugins

STEP 8: Add Important Pages To Your Website

STEP 9: Some Personal Tips From Me

STEP 10: Bonus For You

In these ten steps, your website will be ready to work.

FAQ’s Related To “I Bought a Domain Name Now What”

Q1. I bought a domain name now what?

Ans. Next is, Purchase hosting from GreenGeeks and then follow all the steps mentioned in this article.

Q2. How do I set up a website after buying a domain?

Ans. The first is to buy hosting from GreenGeeks and then connect your domain with GreenGeeks. Next is to install wordpress and then create some content. We have a detailed guide so read this article.

Q3. How do I permanently buy a domain name?

Ans. There is no way to buy a domain name permanently so whenever you buy a domain name it gets registered for one year.

Q4. Can I build my own website for free?

Ans. Yes, you can build your website for free without any cost after purchasing a domain name but there are 90% chances that your website will easily hack. So I prefer to go with some good hosts like GreenGeeks.

Q5. What is the easiest website builder for beginners?

Ans. If you are working in wordpress then Beaver Builder, DIVI Builder, and Elementor are the best as a website builder.

Q6. Where is the best place to buy a domain name?

Ans. You can buy a cheap domain name from GoDaddy or PorkBun.

Note: Please Share Your Thoughts On This Article By Commenting Below, I will be very thankful to you.

? Piece!

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