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How To Start A Blog In 2023 That Makes $999/M [Under 15 Min]

Are you thinking “how to start a blog in 2023?” but confused about whether you should start your blog or not or you don’t know where to start it?

If yes then you have landed on the right article.

How To Start a Blog In 2023 [6 Quick Steps]

1 – Choose your blog niche [Based on your Passion + Audience Interest]

2 – Book your blog domain name and get hosting

3 – Start your blog by installing WordPress [or Blogger]

4 – Install a simple WordPress theme [like Generatepress]

5 – Setting up essential pages like privacy policy, disclaimer etc.

6 – Research keywords & Publish your first content

You want to achieve all your dreams but it is not possible with your 9 AM to 5 PM job. You should start something on your own if you want to achieve your dreams.

There are many online profitable businesses available that you can start but all of them need some big amount of investment.

But, starting a blog is very easy and cost-effective. Blogging is one of the best ways to earn nowadays and, If you want to live your Dream Life then blogging is the best way to do so.

This is the step-by-step guide that will guide you on how to start a blog in 2023 and get paid. I’ve covered all your blogging-related queries here so read this guide carefully.

But wait…

Are you thinking about how much you can earn through blogging?

Let me answer your query with practical data.

Some of the pro bloggers are earning more than $100K per YEAR and some of them are earning $10K per YEAR.

but, Yes all of them are living their dream life and they are enjoying it.

Pritam Nagrale Founder of Money Connection and Surejobs.

Pritam Sir owns a BMW car and he had bought it through Blogging.

how to start a blog wordpress

If you have little knowledge about Blogging then you have known about Neil Patel, He is one of the best Content Marketers who owns and SEO tool UberSuggest.

His website receives more than 24,36,112 unique visitors per month and he makes on average $2000 per day.

Yes, It is per day income.

Below screenshot is the earning proof –

how to start a blog and get paid

I’m not saying you will earn the same as these pro bloggers are making but with some strategy and proper guidance, you can earn at least $999/month within the next couple of months.

and your query about how to start a blog and get paid will be solved.

But you will also have to invest the same amount of time with the right strategy to make money from Blogging.

Benefits of Blogging

You may think that what benefits will I get if I start my own blog?

A successful Blogger has many advantages, They can do whatever they want to do. Below is the list of some best blogging benefits –

  • You can live your own Dream Life.
  • You can work any time, anywhere.
  • You can earn a hell of a lot of money from it
  • You will learn many on-demand skills like SEO, Digital Marketing, etc that can easily give you hundreds of Dollars per month on a freelancing basis.
  • If you run a small business then Blogging can help you to drive more customers.
  • It needs a few days of work per week (but in initial days, You have to work hard).
  • You can choose it as your full-time career.
  • You build your own professional networks on social media platforms.
  • You also build your own brand.

There are many more benefits of doing blogging. I’m strongly recommending you to choose blogging as your part-time career and start a blog now.

Now, Let’s come to the topic How to become a blogger and make money. Below are the next few steps which you need to follow to start your own successful blog.

How to start a blog and make money in 2023

The very first step is, Choosing your niche.

Choose Your Blogging Niche

Blogging for beginners has never been an easy thing and one of the important and confusing tasks while starting your own blog is Choosing the right niche.

If you select the wrong niche for blogging, then you can’t run your blog for more than 2 to 3 months.

That’s why It is a very essential step while starting your blog.

Most of the successful bloggers will tell you to choose the niche for which you are passionate because it will help you in the long run.

how to start a blog and get paid


Somehow, they are right, you should be passionate about something that you can start writing immediately.

But What I recommend to you and what I believe is, If there is hell money then there is passion and, If there is no money then there is no passion.

If I’m blogging in a niche and, I’m not earning through it then I will definitely quit from it.

But It is not required to have 100% knowledge of a niche to start a blog in India or anywhere, you can also start with a little bit of knowledge.

You may also hear that Blogging is just a hobby but, this is not the reality anymore. Blogging is a serious business right now and, Many pro bloggers around the world are living their dream life through blogging.

In a business, you have to do all the work. It does not matter whether you like it or not or you know it or not, You have to do it to grow your business.

The same goes for blogging. You have to work hard from day one. You have to do many blogging-related tasks whether you know it or not.

If you don’t know it, you have to learn it.

So, Choosing a profitable niche should not be based only on a hobby.

Choose your Blogging niche on the basis of these two factors –

  1. Audience Revenue Potential
  2. Affiliate Marketing Potential


how to start a blog and get paid

1. Audience Revenue Potential

When you start a blog, You should focus on audience revenue potential. Its means, Will your blog audience willing to spend money on your content?

If your answer is yes then you are on the right track.

You can not choose a topic for which your audience is not willing to pay you.

For Example, Let’s take my blog  –

I have started this blog to provide the knowledge of blogging to youngsters like me. I teach them SEO, Blogging, and related things in my blog.

and, I recommend them various products and services related to blogging and SEO, They are my targeted audience so they will take interest to buy my recommended products.

If you’re solving a particular problem and you want to start your blog on that niche then take a look at the below screenshot –

how to start a blog

Now, the second factor is,

2. Affiliate Marketing Potential

This is the main method of most of the pro bloggers to monetize their blog and, This is also my favorite way to earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing means, You are writing a great piece of content that is helping the audience and you are recommending some products in the article (that is strongly related to your content).

Your audience is taking the interest to buy the product and, You are earning a good commission on each sale.

how to start a blog

There are all types of affiliate products available for all the niches but the main thing which matters is, How will your reader trust you?

You can not start recommending affiliate products from day 1 when you start a blog. First, You have to build trust towards your audience which is a time taking process.

Step By Step Guide To Start With Affiliate Marketing –

STEP 1: Search products related to your industry [“Your Niche” + products, Search these terms on Google]

STEP 2: Apply for their affiliate program.

STEP 3: Start promoting their products to the right audience.

Now, You are definitely thinking about these niches –

  • Finance
  • Tech
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Blogging
  • Digital Marketing

No doubt, these niches are big money-making niches and, You can start your blog with one of them but, there are still many more uncovered niches available. You have to just work hard to find out the untapped niches.

Take these two factors seriously while deciding your blogging niche.

Blogging Platform

There are mainly two blogging platforms available.

  1. Blogger (By Google)

You can either start your blog on WordPress or on Blogger.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The main difference is, WordPress is paid while the blogger is free.

Most people who want to create a blog are not web developers, and blogger can be their first choice but before taking any decision, Take a look at the main differences between blogger and wordpress.

Pros and Cons of WordPress


  1. You can create any type of website with You just need to install some best page builder plugins, and You can design any type of website.
  2. There are many customization options available so that, You can change or modify any area of your website.
  3. Due to the popularity, 99% of third-party tools are available with wordpress.
  4. You are handling your complete website which is not possible in Blogger.


  1. You are controlling your website so, It will be difficult for a beginner to handle the security of the website and, You are solely responsible for your website if hacked.
  2. It will take some time for a beginner to get familiar with WordPress. If you are using a drag and drop page builder then, You need to first understand it.
  3. If you want to create a professional website with WordPress then you have to learn HTML/CSS and PHP.
  4. HTML/CSS is necessary for you to make a professional website.

Pros and Cons of Blogger


  1. Blogger is completely free with its subdomain name [You can also use your custom domain name there for free]
  2. Blogger is very simple to set up, You are just a few steps away to set up your blog.
  3. You don’t need to know HTML/CSS or PHP to start with Blogger.
  4. You don’t need to purchase web hosting to host your blog on Blogger. Your hosting is provided by google So, Your blog can handle any sort of traffic with a blazing fast blogger website.
  5. Your blog is secured by Google, so there are very few (or no) chances that your blog will be hacked.


  1. There is no customer support available
  2. Blogger is working on traditional blogging even now that many blogs have great looks with attractive features but, Blogger is old age now.
  3. There are not many customization options available so, You can expect that your website will be very normal and simple. You can’t build a website like ShoutMeLoud or ASKBlogging with Blogger.

I hope you got a clear difference between and blogger. I’m strongly recommending you to start your blog with

This article is specially made for those who want to start their blog on but, we’ll also guide you if you want to start your blog on blogger.

For those who are asking “how to start a blog for free,” they can start with a blogger. It is completely free.

Follow the step by step tutorial to start a blog on blogger –

STEP 1: Sign in to Blogger with your Google account.

STEP 2: On the left, click the Down arrow.

STEP 3: Click the New blog.

STEP 4: Enter a name for your blog & Click next

STEP 5: Choose a blog address or URL & Click Save.

So, This is the complete guide for those beginners who are asking about how to start a blog with no money. I hope you learned it well. 

Now come to our topic, This article will guide you step by step on How to Become a Blogger in 2023 on wordpress so keep reading this article.

Buy A Good Domain Name

It is a very essential step because it describes your brand identity. You can not buy any domain name but, You have to follow some steps to get a domain name related to your brand or identity.

Here are a few tips which will help you to choose your domain name –

  1. Your domain name should not be too complex or have long spellings.
  2. Your domain name should be easy to remember.
  3. Avoid using numbers and hyphens in your domain name.
  4. Choose a domain name that can represent your broad niche.

For Ex, I’m using the ASKBlogging domain name. It is broadly related to blogging and easy to remember. My audience can guess that my website is related to Blogging, and they can solve any query related to blogging here.

Now the next is, don’t choose too specific domain names for your niche. Try to choose a domain name that is broadly related to your niche.

Because it might be possible that you lose your interest in your first specific niche (Which is possible for first-time bloggers), so You can switch to different niches in your broad niche.

Your domain name is not related to a category of niche so you can start your 2nd blog with the same domain name.

For Ex – You are creating an amazon affiliate website specific to newborn baby products.

There are a lot of baby products available –

how to start a blog

If you choose your niche in a baby product that is TROLLERS then don’t buy a domain name specifically related to TROLLERS, like or, Try to choose your domain name related to your broad niche BABY.

If you are finding it hard to choose your domain name then you can use a tool called,

This tool will help you find your website domain name in less than 1 minute.

Step by step guide to get your domain name by LeanDomainSearch –

STEP 1: Visit this link

STEP 2: Enter your primary keyword there [Baby in our case]

I’m typing the BabyProduct there.

how to start a blog

There are a lot of domain names available in the above image.

but, Don’t be confused there.

STEP 3: Copy your desired domain name.

STEP 4: Our exclusive partner GREENGEEKS provides you the free Domain Name which means, You are currently saving your $12.


how to start a blog and get paid

Now, the next thing which might confuse many new bloggers is, what should be your domain name extension.

There are many extensions available that is, .com, .net, .org, .ooo, .in, .io, etc.

how to start a blog wordpress

What I recommend is, Choose the .com domain name.

People trust .com domain name more than .us, .net or .org domain extensions.

Are you ready to launch your wordpress blog? Get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) with my link below:

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Get Your Blog Hosting With Free Domain Name

There are many hosting companies available where you can host your blog but the big mistake that most of the new bloggers make is, They choose the cheapest or free hosting company.

Free hosting companies are good to learn blogging but, If you want to do a serious blogging business and you want to earn $999/Month within the next couple of months then you have to invest some amount of money and hard work.

Now, I can easily recommend the cheapest hosting company but I will not do that because I know, Hosting matters a lot in the blogging industry.

If you choose a bad hosting company then you can’t make your blog successful. You have to choose a good hosting company that can make your blog super fast.

I’m recommending you GreenGeeks here. It will make your website superfast with their lite speed server and free CDN.

how to start a blog wordpress

Note: GreenGeeks hosting comes with 30 Day money back guarantee So, you are trying this hosting with a Risk-Free Guarantee.

Benefits of GreenGeeks

  • Affordable price
  • Free .com Domain Name
  • Unlimited Email Addresses and Storage
  • Security
  • Automatic Nightly Backups
  • One-click WordPress Install
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Ease of Use
  • Server Uptime
  • Great Customer Support
  • LSCache Included
  • 300% Green Energy Match
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

GreenGeeks Hosting Reviews

how to start a blog wordpress

How To Buy GreenGeeks Hosting


STEP 2: Click on “Get Started Now”

GreenGeeks Hosting

STEP 3: If you have already a domain name then enter it in box 2 or, If you want to register a New Domain Name then enter your desired Domain Name in box 1

how to start a blog wordpress

Click on the “Next” button

STEP 4: Enter your basic details like Name, Address, Phone No, etc.

Choose one plan which fits into your pocket.


  1. EcoSite Lite – Monthly – $9.95/month = 1 Month Plan
  2. EcoSite Lite – Annually – $4.95/month = 1 Year Plan
  3. EcoSite Lite – Biennially – $3.95/month = 2 Year Plan
  4. EcoSite Lite – Triennially – $2.95/month = 3 Year Plan

I suggest you go with a 1 Year Plan.

STEP 5: Enter your card details.


STEP 6: Click on “Create Account”

Now, you have successfully purchased your domain name. It is time to set up your blog.

Note: Skip below step if you have purchased your domain name and hosting from the same company.

There may be some newbie bloggers who have purchased their domain name from different companies.

In this case, you have a domain name and Hosting but, both are from different hosting companies.

Follow this step-by-step guide to connect your domain name to GreenGeeks Hosting –

I’m thinking that You have purchased your domain name from GoDaddy but, if you have purchased it from other hosting than GoDaddy then you can still follow this tutorial to point your domain name to GreenGeeks.

STEP 1: Log in to your GoDaddy account

Godaddy Login

After login, You will be redirected to the ALL DOMAIN page.

STEP 2: Select your domain which you want to use, then click on DNS.


GoDaddy DNS

STEP 3: Search for nameservers & click on change.


STEP 4: Now, click on “I’ll use my own nameservers.”

STEP 5: Click on “ADD Nameserver”

STEP 7: Enter these three nameservers


GoDaddy nameserver GoDaddy nameserver

STEP 8: Click on the “Save” button.


It may take up to 30 minutes to connect your domain name with GreenGeeks. In this free time you can make your website logo using Canva.

Activating Free Services In GreenGeeks

Now, this is the time to activate the free services that you have got with the GreenGeeks Hosting.

In this guide, we will activate the Free SSL certificate and create a free professional email address.

SSL Certificate: A SSL certificate is a lock that is on the left side of your website address. It is also a ranking factor so, You must install it

how to start a blog for free

Professional Email Address: A professional email address is a custom email address that makes your website more professional.

A professional email address looks likes [email protected].

I’m also using a professional email address that ie, [email protected]

Install the Free SSL Certificate

Follow these steps to install the free SSL certificate in your website

STEP 1: Log into your GreenGeeks Account

STEP 2: On the next screen, click on “Security”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 3: Click on “SSL certificates”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 4: Click on “Add SSL Certificate”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 5: Click on “Select a Service” field and choose your Domain Name

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 6: Under “Enter a Domain” field select your Domain Name and click on continue

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 7: Scroll down to the bottom and click, “Select Let’s Encrypt.”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 8: Verify all the details and click, “Confirm and Create” to finish the installation.

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 9: Now click the “Install SSL Certificate” button

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 10: Now you may receive an error stating: “

Error 37: Error Validating DNS Challenge. Please try again in 30 minutes. If this error still persists after two hours please contact Support. [23685]”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

This error is common while installing your first SSL certificate and you don’t need to do anything here. It may take up to 2-3 hours to install the SSL certificate in your domain.

And your free SSL certificate is successfully installed.

Create Free Professional Email Address

STEP 1: Log in to GreenGeeks and go to cPanel

STEP 2: In the “Email” section, click the “Email Accounts”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 3: On the next screen, Enter your desired email address and Domain Name

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 4: Now enter a strong password or generate one

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 5: In the next step, enter the “Mailbox Quota”

I recommend you to select “Unlimited”

STEP 6: Then click on “Create Account”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

You have created your first professional email address for free.

Now, this is the time to install wordpress so let’s move to the next steps.

Installing WordPress In Your Website

In order to solve your query about How To Start A Blog In 2023, We will now install a CMS software that is, wordpress.

how to start a blog for free

Follow the below guide to install the wordpress for your domain name –

STEP 1: Login To Your GreenGeeks Account

STEP 2: Go To cPanel

STEP 3: Click on “Softaculous App Installer”

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 4: Seach For WordPress & Click On Install

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 5: Select Your Domain Name

Under “Site Setting”, You can change your Blog/Website Name and Description (At Installation time, It is optional)

Under “Admin Account”, Choose your user name and password carefully. It is the most secure and careful step because anyone having these credentials can login to your website.

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 6: Enter your current email address, login details will be sent to your entered email address

i Bought A Domain Name Now What

STEP 7: Click on “Install”

CONGRATULATIONS!, You have successfully installed the wordpress.

Are you ready to launch your wordpress blog? Get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) with my link below:

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Choose a Fast Loading Theme

After installing the wordpress, It is the most essential step. You have to choose the right theme for your wordpress website.

There are tons of wordpress themes available but all of them are not great. 

You are creating a wordpress blog that’s why, You need to be more specific here because it will affect your blog performance.

By default, You will see this page after installing the wordpress.


Well, I strongly recommend you to remove this theme and select another theme.

I’m listing some blog design principles here, You must follow it to design your blog –

  • Your website fonts should be between 14 and 17 points and easy to read.
  • Use a menu structure that also looks great in mobile and tablet.
  • Your website structure should be good because it will impact your visitors’ blog experience, so try to clear all the things in your blog.
  • Don’t over design your blog, Try to be simple. You can make your blog beautiful later. 
  • Focus on your website content and blog post.

How To Install A WordPress Theme

Follow this step by step guide to install a wordpress theme in your blog website –

The first thing you need to do is log in to your WordPress admin. 

Next, go to the Appearance » Themes and Look for Add New button then click on this button.

how to start a blog wordpress

On the next screen, You can select your website theme from the option of Featured WordPress themes, Popular WordPress themes, Latest WordPress themes.

You can also search your desired wordpress theme in the search box.

how to start a blog wordpress

In the search box, We have searched for the most popular Astra Theme.

When you see the theme which you want to install, simply click on the install button, If you want to take a look at the theme then you can also preview it by clicking on the preview button.

For now we are installing the Astra Theme.

how to start a blog wordpress

Now, WordPress will show you the success message at the top of the theme that means your theme is successfully installed.

You can now ‘Activate’ or ‘Live preview’ the newly installed wordpress theme.

how to start a blog wordpress

In order to work with this theme, You need to activate the theme by clicking on the activate button.

Tips To Choose A Lightweight WordPress Theme

  • Read the description of the theme. It will help you to decide whether that theme will be fit in your niche or not.
  • Choose a responsive and light weight theme.
  • Before selecting your final theme, Analyze its rating on the website. It will help you to decide whether that theme is good or not.
  • You should preview the demo version of the theme to get an idea about the  final look of your website.

My Recommendation On Best WordPress Theme

Choosing a best wordpress theme is a very time taking and confusing task because there are a lot of good wordpress themes available.

But, I’ve been in this industry since 2017, so I can solve your problem here.

I’m recommending you to use Generatepress Theme.

Generatepress is a lightweight, SEO friendly theme that will also help you to boost your website speed. This theme can be used to make any type of website.

For ex – Use  this theme to build an attractive blog, an eCommerce store or a business website, etc.

I’m also using the Generatepress Premium theme in all of my websites.

This theme is available in free version and paid version. If you are starting out, then its free version is best for you.

I have created a dedicated article on Generatepress Free vs Premium, You can read it to know more about the Generatepress theme.

These Generatepress Theme Examples will help you to design your blog homepage and blog post.

Benefits of Generatepress Theme

Generatepress Premium features

But most of the Generatepress features are available with its premium version which is worth $59.

Free Download

Get Premium Version

Essential Plugins installation

In the process of learning How to Become a Blogger wordpress. You have to install the best plugin for your wordpress website.

how to start a blog for free

I’m recommending you install these plugins –

Elementor Page Builder: This is a page builder which will help you to design your blog post and homepage design.

I’m also using this page builder for my website design and customization.

This is a freemium plugin but you can start with its free version.

LuckyWP Table of Content: This is a very useful plugin. It will create a table of content for your blog post. You can not take the table of content lightly.

Table of content helps your website to rank higher in the Search Engine.

ThirstyAffiliates: If you are creating an amazon affiliate website then this plugin will help you. It will cloak your affiliate URL.

For ex –

It will convert your affiliate URL from


SocialSnap: Social sharing is very important for a wordpress blog. There are many social sharing plugins available in the wordpress store but, This plugin is a light-weight plugin with many good and updated features.

You can install its free version to get started.

WP Rocket: You are investing your time to write the best piece of content but If your website speed is slow then there is no use of your best piece of content.

But, If you install the WP Rocket plugin then it will definitely improve your website speed.

This plugin is a paid plugin costing about $49 for one website. Click here to know more about it.

OptinMonster: Taking the email of your audience by providing them free content is the best way to return back your audience on every new post you published.

OptinMonster plugin will help you to take the emails of your visitors. 

With the help of this plugin, you can create exit intent, in-content opt-ins, modal popups and more.

You can start with this plugin by just $9/month.

WebPushr: This is a push notification plugin. It will help you to take your visitors in your hand. 

This plugin will create a notification for your visitors and, When a user subscribes to that notification, then they will get a push notification on every post you published.

It totally depends on you what free value you provide them so they agree to subscribe to your notifications.

RankMath (SEO): All of the above plugins are essential and strongly recommended plugins, But without this plugin you can’t even think of starting your wordpress blog.

Being a blogger, I know the importance of SEO. 

I’m totally dependent on Google organic traffic (done by SEO). I use the RankMath SEO plugin which handles all my SEO tasks.

Setup Essential Pages

Whenever you start a new blog, You need to create some essential and important pages for your website.

You also need to create those essential pages. These pages are –

  1. Contact Us Page
  2. Privacy Policy Page
  3. Affiliate Disclaimer Page
  4. Terms & Condition Page (Optional)

You can easily create your privacy policy, affiliate disclaimer and terms & condition pages with the help of online tools.

With the help of Elementor page builder, You can create a contact us page or if you don’t like to use Elementor page builder then you can use WPForms plugin to create your contact us page.

Initial SEO of Your Blog

In this step, We will do the basic SEO of your wordpress blog. This is not advanced SEO but it is a very essential step.

The first thing which you need to clear is, What should be your permalink structure?

What is a Permalink Structure?

A permalink structure is your URL structure that google index. Here is the various examples of permalink structure (In wordpress)


In the above image, Your website domain name is under the red rectangle. The next to your domain name is your Permalink structure [under black rectangle] which you can change and, It is very important to optimize it according to google SEO.

There are a total five permalink structures available in wordpress and, the most recommended is Example 5 permalink structure.

You can also design your own permalink structure in the Custom Structure.

Google has officially confirmed that, It counts small permalink structure as a SEO factor.

So, Smaller permalink structure will give you more SEO benefits.


Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool

These tools are very important for your wordpress blog. These tools will help you to know the progress and improvement of your blog.

You can easily index your wordpress blogs through these Webmaster tools.

Here is the step by step guide to start with Google Search Console –

STEP 1: Visit Google Search Console & Login with your Google account.

STEP 2: Then click on “Add A Property” on the top of the page

STEP 3: Enter the URL of your website

STEP 4: Verify your domain name through DNS or RankMath

Now, You have successfully verified your domain name in the Google Search Console.

You can follow the same steps to verify your domain property in the Bing Webmaster Tool.

You need to also connect your Google Analytics account to your website. Analytics gives you the Stats of your website like Live visitors, etc.

Once you verified your domain name property in the Google search console then you can signup with the Google analytics with the same google account.

Google analytics will give you a tracking code which is look like this.

how to start a blog Google-Analytics-Tracking-Code

You need to paste that code in your theme’s header.php file.

Backlink Building Guide

A backlink is a link of another page to your website. For better understanding, see the below image –


There are mainly two types of backlinks available –

  1. No Follow backlink
  2. Do Follow backlink

No Follow backlinks are not important in terms of SEO but, Do Follow backlinks matters a lot. Do Follow backlinks helps you to rank your blog post in Google.

I have created a dedicated article on how to do backlink building, Read it now.

When you create a new website, You can create initial backlinks in various blog submission sites.

Profile creation sites are also good for making quality backlinks for a new website.

Keyword Research Guide

Keyword research is very important step for any blogger. A right keyword can make you rich over night but it is not as easy as it looks.

A keyword is a phrase or a sentence that you search on the Google to solve your query.

Here is the full video guide that will teach you how to do proper keyword research for a new website –

I hope you liked it but if there is something that you want to know then you can coment below. I will be very happy to solve your all queries.

How To Create First Content or Blog Post

After customizing your blog, It is the time to make some pillar content for your blog.

But before making pillar content, You should know how to do keyword research for your blog because if you write content without proper keyword research then there will be no one to read your blog post and you can not make even $1 from it.

Later on this post i will guide you step by step how to do proper keyword research that ranks on the first page of Google.

But for now,

Follow this step by step guide to make your first content –

STEP 1: Login to your WP dashboard & Click on Post -> Add New

STEP 2: Add your post title in the Add title and below this, You can add your blog post content

STEP 3: Add your focus keyword and related keywords here

STEP 3: Then click on the “Edit Snippet” & Add your SEO Title and SEO desc

So, This is how you can create your first blog post in your wordpress blog.

Now the next step is to promote your blog post

How To Promote Your Website

It is the most recommended step. Most of the new bloggers don’t promote their blog and hence they didn’t get as much website traffic as they can.

New bloggers only depend on the organic traffic and, It is one the worst mistakes that a new blogger makes.

You can also generate tons of website traffic from other sources like social media.

Here is the step by step guide on how to promote your blog post/website –

Facebook: Facebook is not only for chatting or friendship. You can gain tons of website traffic from facebook. All you have to do is to create a facebook group where you share valuable content to your audience.

But there are some rules and guidelines which you must follow before creating your facebook group.

STEP 1: Join like minded facebook groups where your niche related group owners and audience interact with each other.

STEP 2: Start posting valuable content in their groups and soon your targeted audience will interact with your valuable content.

Note: Your must share some valuable content that can add value to your audience

STEP 3: Once you get enough interaction, Start your own facebook groups and invite them all &  also ask various group owners to share your group link in their facebook group.

It is a small process but it will create a big impact.

Pinterest: It is an image sharing website with huge potential. Most of the new bloggers ignore this social platform.

You can make your niche related images that can add value then you can start sharing that image in Pinterest.

There are many more ways to promote your blog post but in the initial stage, Focus on these two methods.

But don’t Spam on any social media.

Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Blogging is not a hobby any more and that’s why there are tons of methods available to monetize your blog.

Some of these methods are –

Affiliate Marketing: Most of the pro bloggers choose this method to monetize their blog.

You can promote your niche related products in your blog post, but you have to give them free value first and once your audience trusts you, You can start recommending some amazing products to them.

And they will be definitely buy them

Google Adsense: It is the second method to monetize your blog. I don’t recommend this monetization method because it makes your audience experience bad but still you can use this method.

Selling Backlinks: Once you have enough quality content and website authority in the MOZ then you can start accepting paid backlinks.

You can charge your own $ for backlinks but Backlinks price is dependent on your website authority and no. of visitors you are getting.

Sell Your Course: If you have a large no. of audience then you can launch your premium courses which must be related to your audience interest.

If there is enough value in your course then your audience can easily purchase your course.

These are some best methods to monetize your blog.

Bonus Tools For You

I’ve been blogging since 2017 and I have more than +3 years of experience in it. So in this time period, I have got some amazing blogging tools that are making my day be day tasks very easy.

If you use these tools then definitely, You can become more productive with your blog, and You can grow your blog like a charm. You will get the best deals by clicking anywhere on this blog.

These tools are –

Grammarly: This tool will help you to correct your grammar mistakes.

SEMrush: You need only this tool to do all SEO-related tasks for your website. This tool helps me to do the tasks like researching keywords, creating backlinks, analyzing my blog competitors and many more.

TempMail: It is a Google chrome extension that helps me to sign up for a website where I need only one time interaction with a temporary email address.

Canva: It is a mind-blowing tool that covers my all graphic designing tasks. I create all my website images, featured images, and infographics through this tool.

This is a freemium tool but, Its free version is enough if you want to start a blog.

Workflowy: This online tool helps me to create a table of content for my blog posts. It is an amazing tool and you must try.

This is a free tool.

Frase: I write all my blog posts through this tool. It is a paid tool but, It is worth its pricing.

You have to enter your targeted keyword in this tool and then, this tool will do the SEO research for you.

I strongly recommend you to try this tool, Click here to get it’s free trial without a credit card.

Google Docs: Google docs help me to write Guest Posts for other blog’s websites. This is called Guest Posting.

I simply write the guest post here then I share the Google docs link to the guest posting website.

I will update this list as soon as I get more amazing tools for newbie bloggers.

Now, I hope you’ve learned how to start a blog and make money.

PR: How To Start A Blog From Scratch

Starting a new blog looks very cool but, When you enter in this filed then you got to know that there is a lot of work you have to do.

You have to learn many new things in order to be successful in your blogging journey. Blogging is not a quick rich scheme so, If you are here to just earn money then don’t come here.

You have to provide value to your audience. If you can handle this hard pressure then you can come in this industry as this hard pressure will make you a diamond.

But, If you choose any shortcut then this hard pressure will make you dust So, It is up to you how you use this opportunity.

My one line formula for you is –

Consistency + Improvement = Success

Here is the recap of important points that I have told you above.

  • Choose your blogging niche
  • Select a good domain name
  • Purchase GreenGeeks hosting (with free domain name)
  • Install WordPress
  • Choose a light weight theme and install essenstial plugins

These are the important points of my article but, You don’t want to give half cooked food to your audience so, You have to still read this article step by step.

Frequently Asked Question

How to start blog from scratch?

Pick a niche, buy your domain name and hosting, install wordpress in it then install a light weight theme, then customize your blog and start writing amazing content.

What is required for blogging?

You should have a topic in which a large no. of audience is interested financially. Then start your blog on wordpress and start writing amazing content.

How to grow a blog from scratch?

If you have a query on how to grow a blog from scratch then, You have to work hard with smartness. Great things take time to happen. Write amazing content, and Give free value to the audience. Start posting free content on various social platforms. It will take time but your blog will definitely grow.

What are the types of blogs that make money?

There are various types of blogs that make money but some niches are very great to work but competition is also very high in these niches. Some of these niches are –

  1. Technology
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Health
  4. Daily Needs

These niches are evergreen niches.

How to start a blog on Instagram?

If you want to start your blog on instagram then follow this step by step guide –

  1. Create your account on Instagram
  2. Choose a Niche for Your Instagram Blog
  3. Create an amazing Captivating Bio
  4. Take or Source Attractive Images
  5. Write Your Instagram Blog Posts
  6. Use Relevant Hashtags to Boost Discoverability
  7. Geotag Your Posts
  8. Interact With Other Instagram Users to boost your network

I hope this guide helped you to start your Instagram blog.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

You can start your blog with $60 in WordPress. You can also start your blog for free with blogger but I don’t recommend it because blogger is too old now.

Is it too late to start a blog in 2023?

No, 2023 may be the best time to start your blog but it will depends on your Blogging Niche and Consistency.

Inshort, You can start your blog right now.