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How To Do Backlink Building For A New Website (Secret Revealed) 2022

Writing great content is not enough, Even if your content is 100% better than others.

If you don’t know How To Do Backlink Building and you are not building backlinks for your article then you can’t even rank in the top 20 results of Google.

No matter, How is your content valuable.

Recently, I wrote an article on one of my websites and after publishing, This is the time to promote the content through backlinks and social media.

Now, there is one strategy called email backlink building.

In this strategy, You email all the fellow bloggers for a backlink in your niche.

Beginners always try this strategy because it is very easy to do but its success rate is not appreciable.

Because, An average person receives 88 emails daily, and Peoples may ignore or forgot the email easily because it is not a top priority for them to link you.

Now, I have emailed 10 websites for my newly published article and requesting them for a backlink. But only one webmaster replied to my email till now.

Here is the screenshot of it.

and Seriously, Maybe this strategy work for you some time but I don’t recommend it totally.

There are many good strategies to earn a Do-Follow backlink for your newly created article and these strategies are very powerful to build backlink, it will definitely boost your ranking in Google.

But, It takes time for the backlink building process.

How To Do Backlink Building

Now, Let’s Discuss How To Do Link Building For SEO with these powerful strategies.

How To Do Backlink Building For SEO

Our First Method is my all-time favorite method, and if you are a beginner then you must try this method to build backlinks.

1. Guest Posting Technique

How To Do Backlink Building

Guest Posting is my favorite method, I have created tons of backlinks through this method.

In simple language, You write quality of content to other websites and they give a Do-Follow Backlink (Most Probably) to your website.

But, It is not as easy as it seems.

You have to provide value to the webmaster then you will get a do-follow backlink from them.

But, There are tons of websites that provide Guest Posting opportunities for every niche so you don’t need to worry if a website doesn’t reply to your email or rejected your content.

Recently, I had approached a website for a guest posting

How To Do Backlink Building

  • Save

Try to be simple in your pitch email and always read all the guest post guidelines before applying for the guest post.

You can use the above template that I use for approaching the guest posting websites but remember, always give them more than 3 topics to write about.

It will higher the possibilities for getting the guest posting opportunity.

Now, Here is the reply of that email.

How To Do Backlink Building

  • Save

They replied within 48 hours with a positive message and I got a Do Follow backlink from a 37 DA website.

If you are a beginner then I suggest, Don’t select high Domain Authority websites because they will not reply to your email for the guest posting.

Target Low to Medium websites that have DA 10-30.

Side Note: You can check your website DA in ahrefs for free.

How To Find Guest Posting Sites

Always make backlink on your niche related website. It will give you the maximum exposure and if your backlink is not related to your niche then it will negatively impact your website in Google.

or, If your website has low-quality backlinks then must remove it through Google Disavow Tool.

To get your Niche related websites for guest posting, Search this term on Google –

Your Niche + intitle:”write for us” or Your Niche + intitle:”contributor”

You can find various websites for guest posting.

Side Note: Install MOZ Bar extension to check the website’s DA on the search result.

Here is a screenshot of it,

How To Do Backlink Building

  • Save

Select suitable websites, read their blog post, and start applying for guest posting according to their guidelines.

This is the first method to solve your query about “How To Do Backlink Building” but it may be a tough task as beginners are not familiar with it.

But, Don’t worry there are still some best methods that exist to build backlinks for your website.

2. Power of Broken Link Building

How To Do Backlink Building

This is the most powerful strategy with minimum effort, You just need to create quality content and notify other webmasters about your content.

But there’s a whole process of it.

It is not like begging for backlinks to other webmasters.

But newbie bloggers make mistakes here and they actually beg for backlink without providing any value to the webmaster.

About Broken Link Building

✋ Unlimited Quality Broken Link Building Opportunities

✋ Less Effort More Result

✋ Free of Cost Link Building Method

✋ Approx 15% – 20% Result (Email 100 websites and only 15 – 20 websites agree to link you)

✋ Beginners Friendly Method

✋ Only Pitch Relevant and Spam Free Websites

In simple language, You analyze websites 404 post/pages in ahrefs then you analyze the no. of dofollow backlinks links to that website’s dead post/page.

Then you make a quality post and you email all the websites (which gives them Do-Follow backlink.)

You write in the email “Your linked post is dead now but I have created the same post so, You can replace the dead post link with my post’s link.”

but there is a proper method to writing the email for approaching the broken link building.

Use This Email Template –

How To Do Backlink Building

and most probably, they will replace the dead link with your website link but do not expect 100% result,

If you email 20 websites then you will get a positive reply only from 2 to 3 websites.

Now, Let’s describe this strategy in brief.

How To Do Backlink Building Through This Strategy

STEP 1: Find a targeted website

Target the website where you want to steal a lot of quality do-follow backlinks.

but make sure, You do not select non-relevant or spam or new websites because either you will not get any broken link or you get penalized if you make backlinks on Spamming websites.

STEP 2: Enter the targeted domain name in ahrefs and search it

STEP 3: Click on Best by links

How To Do Backlink Building

STEP 4: On the next screen, Select 404 not found in HTTPS

Double click on the Dofollow to organize the list in ascending order.

How To Do Backlink Building

404 not found pages are the dead pages and Dofollow links are the links that are linked to a dead page.

Now, it is your responsibility to search for a suitable dead post among these dead pages. If there are 100 dead pages then you may get only 10 right posts to work on.

But these 10 dead pages will give you the maximum benefit.

STEP 5: Select your article and click on a small arrow

STEP 6: If it shows “view archive”, then click on it (optional)

Analyze the dead content in the Wayback machine or, if there is no archive then, skip this step.

How To Do Backlink Building

STEP 7: Click on Dofollow links to view its links

STEP 7: Click on Dofollow links to view its links

These are quality do follow links which you can grab by just creating the quality-rich content.

and, if Wayback machine doesn’t work then analyze the heading and create the content.

STEP 8: Takeout the email address of all the dofollow websites, You can use Hunter extension for this task.

It will give you the web site’s email address in one click.

STEP 9: Email all the websites and notify them about your updated content.

If you are a newbie then don’t write an email by your own, Use my email template and if they didn’t respond in 1 or 

You have done it now!

If everything is good then you will get quality do follow the link but make sure, Your content should be quality content.

These tools are very costly so if you want to buy them then there are some group buy tools that give you access to these tools at a cheap price.

Now, Let’s move to the next strategy to build a backlink.

3. Get Active On Social Media

How To Do Backlink Building

Being active on social media gives you the opportunity to make your website brand and open social media doors for quality backlinks

But, It is one of the mistakes that every newbie bloggers make. They only depend on the Google Search Traffic.

and they miss the big opportunity to get quality traffic and quality backlinks from social media sources.

Organic traffic is the most quality traffic. But in 2021, It is not easy to rank on the first page of google.

But, Social Media can help you to rank on the first page of google (It is confirmed by google)

It is not a secret but newbie bloggers don’t use social media for website branding.

Most of the newbie bloggers just share their website posts/pages on social media platforms.

It is called Spamming and you will get 0 results from it.

You have to post quality content on social media platforms, Quality content means a value-rich graphic or something like that which is worth to reading.

Recently, I have shared a graphic on a Facebook group.

How To Do Backlink Building

This is my first post on a Facebook group and I receive 42 likes and 6 comments. It is less number but enough as my first post.

Now, What I am getting from it is BRANDING of my website

Branding is must important for any industry, If peoples know your website they will search it on google and it sends a positive signal to Google.

and, Google will improve your ranking.

This is not a one day or one week process but you have to keep posting quality content on social media platforms.

It will let others know about your website or business and when peoples start to trust on you, They will not hesitate to link your content on their website.

But the success key is, Your content should giving some value to your readers.

How To Do It Practically

1. Join All The Facebook Group Related To Your Niche

2. Create Your Own Facebook Group

3. Create Your Profile On LinkedIn and Pinterest

Now, Start creating some value-rich content and post on these social media. You can Canva for free to create an attractive graphics.

But, make sure your graphic designing must giving some value to the readers.

Whenever you post your content to other Facebook groups, Don’t include your website link. If you do then Facebook group admin will not approve your post.

Here is an example

How To Do Backlink Building

I am trying to give quality content to the users and I have not linked my website link here.

But at the last Graphic, I have given my website name and also promoted my Facebook group.

I post this content on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can do the same.

4. Make Better Content Then Ask For Backlink

How To Do Backlink Building

This method is founded by Brian Dean, He is an SEO expert. This method is also called the Skyscraper Technique.

Many big websites give a dofollow backlink to other websites just because they need their content as a reference.

There are very good chances that their reference content is not well written or you can write that content with more in-depth.

and, Then you contact the webmaster and notify them about your masterpiece of content.

After a dedicated email, 10 out of 50 webmasters will easily approve your post and give you the do-follow backlink.

But, It is not as easy as I am telling you.

You have to make the in-depth and right piece of content so that webmaster can easily approve your request.

In-depth content doesn’t mean just more no. of words but you have to cover each and every point of the targeted keyword.

Now, The question is How you will find this opportunity?

So, Let’s see how to do backlink building by this method.

How To Find Low-Quality Content

The easiest way to do this is to search your targeted keyword on Google.

How To Do Backlink Building

Now, The websites which are ranking on the top of Google can have good no. of backlinks.

What you have to do is, Create 10x better content than these ranking content. It is not so easy but you can do it.

You can use tools like or to cover all the related topics.

After creating the content, Analyze all the ranking website’s backlink and email them that your content is 10x better than they are.

Most probably, You will get the backlink but it doesn’t work then don’t worry, there are unlimited opportunities to build the backlink.

You can also find out the low quality or outdated content through ahref and then you can create the updated content.

It is a more effective technique for backlink building.

How To Do Backlink Building

Type your keyword in the Content Explorer, Set a custom date for outdated content, and Make word count 1000 words.

It will help you to get the content that is not well written.

How To Do Backlink Building

Analyze the list and find out the content where you can easily create the updated content.

You can get some link opportunities from this list.

Now, the next step is to create the quality content and notify all the webmasters that given the backlink to that outdated content.

They will be happy to link you because no one wants outdated or very short content.

5. Build Your Own New Techniques

How To Do Backlink Building

If you launch something new in the market and it is being useful to other bloggers then you have a good opportunity for your branding and link building.

Recently, Brian Dean discovered the two new link building techniques

  1. The Moving Man Method
  2. The Skyscraper Technique

Now, Would you want to see the benefit of this?

He increases his website organic traffic by 652% in just 7 days.

How To Do Backlink Building

This is the advantage If you discover something new.

But make sure whatever you discover (Free Tool, Technique, or something else), It must be useful to the large no. of your niche related audience.

You will only get the backlink if –

  1. You can prove your strategy works
  2. It is super useful to other fellow bloggers

So, If you know a useful strategy then you can share it with the world. You will get the advantage of it.

Now, Let’s move to the next strategy.

6. Bonus Tip

How To Do Backlink Building

All the above strategies are free strategy and that’s why It may take up to 7 days to build backlink theirs.

but if you want to invest some money in the backlink building then this bonus tip is for you.

We will create paid backlinks.

Many of you will ask, purchasing the backlink is illegal and Google will take action against it.

You are right, But LinksManagement will handle all the stuff. All the things will happen in a natural manner and you don’t need to worry about the Google penalty.

You can visit LinkManagement to buy natural backlinks.

It is the secret tool that many international bloggers use to build quality backlinks in no time.

Side Note: I don’t recommend buying backlinks from freelancing sites because mostly peoples are doing spamming there for link building.

Personal Recommendation

Many peoples have a myth that if they create great content then their blog will automatically rank but it doesn’t happen in auto mode.

Great content is the most important part but what will you do if no one reads your content and that is why You have to create quality backlinks for your article.

Creating only backlinks is not enough to rank your content but it helps to rank faster.

Now, I use many strategies to create backlink for my website but, My personal best strategies are – 

  1. Broken Link Building
  2. Guest Posting

In the initial days of the AskBlogging, I use the Guest Posting and Broken link building method to create a backlink for my website.

But you should apply all the strategies mentioned above, It will give you the maximum exposure.

Now, tell me your favorite strategy in the comment box or if you know something more then please mention it in the comment box.

we will be very happy to add your content in our article.

FAQ’s Related To “How To Do Backlink Building”

Q1. How To Rank Higher In Google?

Ans. There are many parameters you have to fulfill if you want to rank in Google and, Backlink building is one of the priority ways to rank higher in Google.

Q2. Can I Rank Without Backlink?

Ans. It’s all depends on the keyword. If there is no competition keyword then you can rank without backlink but if there is even little competition then you have to build backlinks.

Q3. What are the Types of Link Building?

Ans. There are many types of link building strategies but I have mainly focused on these strategies only.

  1. Broken Link Building
  2. Guest Posting
  3. Link Round-Ups
  4. Brand Building on Social Media
  5. Skyscraper Technique

Q4. What is the easiest way to create backlinks?

Ans. In my opinion, The best way to create backlink is Guest Posting, Link Round-Ups, and Broken Link Building.

You can also apply these strategies.

Note: Please Share Your Thoughts On This Article By Commenting Below, I will be very thankful to you.

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