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Top 10 Grammarly Alternatives [Review + Expert Pick] In 2023

Whether you start a blog, sends an email or anything that includes writing to client, Writing has been essential part of our life. It is one of the most payable skill in 2023.

Good Writing not only makes you professional writer, but it also makes your content more engaging.

Now, if you are one of those who (like me) makes many grammar mistakes while writing.

Then you must be known about Grammarly grammar checker tool.

Now, You are here because you want to get a good Grammarly Alternative in 2023.

So, I’m writing a detailed guide about the Grammarly Alternatives, and I will compare all the features of Grammarly Premium to all its Alternatives.

There are also Free Grammarly Alternatives available on the web which we will also explore in our blog.

So, Before going to know about best alternatives to Grammarly Premium.

You should really have the knowledge of all its Premium Features.

So, we will explore all the features and benefits of Grammarly Premium.

Grammarly Overview

If you are a full-time blogger, then Grammarly has helped you a lot to correct your Grammatical mistakes.

Many fresh Bloggers use Grammarly for their content writing because everyone faces grammatical mistakes in the beginning.

Now Google has also confirmed that Grammar error free content will rank higher in the search engine.

Let’s come to its first features – 

1 – Grammar & Spelling Checks

This is the main reason, Why every one sign up for Grammarly.

If you know a little English and you generally make mistakes in writing then you can surely use Grammarly.

Peoples (like me) are not so good in English writing, so we can use such tools to correct our Grammar mistakes.

2 – Check Context, and Sentence Structure

For a beginner, Only writing English is not important but you have to make your sentence more clear more understandable to your user or client.

Clear sentences structure are more likely to convince peoples more easily.

Now, Grammarly can help you to write easy sentence structures that are easy to understand.

3 – Vocabulary Enhancement 

If you’re a beginner then most probably you may be confused about your vocabulary list.

Now, Grammarly helps you and all of those who are week in English to learn various vocabulary.

If you want to become a good content writer then you must have to use Grammarly or one of Grammarly Alternative.

It will help you to write and speak English more smoothly.

4 – Plagiarism Detector

This is the most important feature (Included in Grammarly Premium Plan) used by Bloggers and Freelance Writers.

If you’re new to content writing then let me describe the Plagiarism for you.

Suppose you have created an article and submitted it to Google.

Now, Google is smarter than you (at least for identifying duplicate content on the web), If your submitted article is already published anywhere on the web, Then Google will penalize you.


and, if you repeated these mistakes again and again then Google can block your domain name and can finish your domain value.

Now, It means that your content will never rank on the Google.

So, I highly recommend everyone to check their content before publishing it to Google or any other search engine.

Grammarly Premium checks about 16 Billion pages for plagiarism and it can help you detect plagiarism in your content.

5 – Content Delivery

If you’re an Affiliate Marketer, then this feature can impress you to increase your affiliate sales.

Your content should be convincing to your audience so that you can generate more affiliate sales. Content Delivery in Grammarly Premium makes its side heavier.

I also give secrets tips to my Email Subscribers, You can subscribe here.

In Grammarly free version, you got the only Tone Detection feature for your content.

But Grammarly Premium gives you many features like Content Confident, Content Politeness, Formality Level, and Inclusive Language.

Plan Comparison

There are many small useful features available in the Grammarly, you can explore all the features in the above image.

Now, we will discuss the Grammarly Alternatives.

Best Alternatives To Grammarly In 2023

1 – ProWritingAid

free grammarly alternatives

ProWritingAid is the best alternative to Grammarly and if your primary concern is pricing in Grammarly then you can switch to ProWritingAid.

There are many users of Grammarly who switch to ProWritingAid. It is available in both the free and premium versions.

ProWritingAid provides you the 25 different tests such as grammar, pronouns, sentence structure & length, transition, and vague words, etc.

and, These test overall help you to improve your content.

Like, Grammarly Chrome extension, It has also a extension that is easily available on all broadly uses Browsers.

Benefits of Using ProWritingAid

Features: ProWritingAid has all the essential features that you need for content writing.

  • Fix Style Issues
  • Edit Faster

and, There are many more features available for a good content writer.

But, Its Plagiarism Checker tool has an additional cost, Which you have to pay additionally if you want to use Plagiarism Feature. 

free grammarly alternatives

Pricing: The best benefit which you got from the ProWritingAid is its affordable pricing.

free grammarly alternatives

Grammarly Premium pricing starts from $30/month whereas ProWritingAid pricing starts from $20/month.

and, There is one more thing which makes it is unique, If you can afford then you can make $299 One Time Payment and You will get LifeTime Membership of this tool

From My View, It is the best deal to grab now.

There is also a 14-day refund policy which makes you more confident to use ProWritingAid without any hassle.

2 – WhiteSmoke

Grammarly alternatives

WhiteSmoke is another great tool by which you can correct your Grammar Errors.

It not only corrects your Grammar Mistakes but also gives you the suggestions of spell checking, and writing style.

WhiteSmoke is available on all the platforms (MAC, WINDOWS, web browsers, iOS, and Android, etc.)

It can give you all the features that Grammarly gives you.

By using WhiteSmoke, You can check whether your text is plagiarized or not.

You get a Plagiarism checker for free with its Premium Plan.

While with the ProWritingAid, You have to purchase an extra license for the Plagiarism Checker.

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Benefits of Using WhiteSmoke

Own KeyBoard: I know, Like me, you are also facing the problem of wrong or mistyped word in our smartphone’s keyboard.

But WhiteSmoke has its own keyboard for smartphone users so that you can’t repeat any more Grammar mistakes.

Note: I am talking about Grammar mistakes, not about Spelling corrections.

Use Everywhere: WhiteSmoke is available on all the platforms so whenever you’re using any of your electronic devices for writing, you are using 100% of your money that you have invested in the WhiteSmoke Premium.

Premade Templates: If you are a student or a job seeker, Then it can help you in many ways.

WhiteSmoke has almost 100+ templates for your writing (including templates for Letter and documents.)

This means It will save your lot of time which you will waste for the searching of the online letter and document format.

Translator: There is still a language problem that exists.

If you want to convert one language to another language then it is a very difficult task.

but with the WhiteSmoke, you can translate over 45 languages from one to another.

This is the best feature that you got from the WhiteSmoke.

Free Trial: If you want to try there Free Trial, Then you can try it here without any cost to you and if you liked it then you can go for it.

Pricing: There pricing is quite simple, You can try there Premium plan which will give you the maximum benefits.

Grammarly alternatives

They are giving you a 50% discount which is a big discount.

and, If you want to try WhiteSmoke, Then click the Magical Button now.

3 – Ginger

Grammarly alternatives

Ginger is another brilliant tool, which is used by students, bloggers, and teachers.

Ginger is a professional Grammar Editing tool that prompts a red box whenever you made any mistake and it will suggest the right word to replace with.

Unlike Grammarly, You can approve all the Grammar correct request by clicking on “Approve All”.

That is why it is one of the best alternatives to Grammarly.

It is available in Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, and Mac so that you can use the tool on each and every platform that you use for writing.

Ginger has two plans, one is a Free plan, which misses many features like error analysis report, text reader, and unlimited grammar checker.

and Second is the Premium plan, Where you get all the benefits.

Benefits of Using Ginger as a Grammarly Alternatives

High Accuracy: One of the best features of this tool is the High Accuracy and more personalized suggestions, It can show you the more accurate data.

Beginners can use this tool for their professional work.


Mobile Proofreader: If you are a student or a professional who needs to type English words in their Smart Phone, Then Ginger can help you to make your English Error Free.

Ginger tool comes with a Keypad that works for both Android and iOS.

Free Access: English Learners always wants to learn English Grammar so that they can’t make any more Grammar mistakes.

With the Ginger Premium, You get access to the Ginger Training Center, Where you can learn English Grammar more deeply.

Deep Algorithm: Ginger built with a strong Algorithm, Which can identify even your minor mistakes.

and, It means that the correction of your Grammar error is not based on the single word but it based on the whole sentence and the nature of the sentence.

Translator: Ginger comes with 40 languages which you can use to translate from one language to another language.

Bloggers and Freelancers can use this tool for other languages’ content writing that they didn’t know.

If you liked this tool then you can try their free trial.

4 – Slick Write

Grammarly alternatives

Slick Write is another one of the best Grammarly Alternatives, Which is effectively competing with Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

Under its extension, When you select a word for correction then a pop up appears where you can select associate of words. 

Wikipedia option is also available there so that you can know more about that word.

Content readability is the top priority for any content writer and Slick Write help you in this pain point.

Slick Write suggests you the best readability structure so that it can make your content more better for the user.

It comes with Chrome and Firefox extension.

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Benefits of Using Slick Write as a Grammarly Alternatives

Stop Repeating Word: If you want to make your content engaging then you can not repeat the same word over and over.

You have to make sure that, there is no repeating word in your content.

Now, With the SlickWrite tool, If there is more than enough repeated word in your content then It will mark all of them. and, Now with the Slick Write’s Vocabulary Variety feature,

you can replace that word with the similar one. Slick Write makes it easy for the user to concentrate on a particular paragraph using Graphical Representation

There’re some more features which you can experience by using this tool, so to buy now.

5 – Paper Rater

Grammarly alternatives

Paper Rater is generally used by students and teachers. Paper Rater uses Machine Learning to identify the errors in your content.

If you are a blogger or content writer then you can use this tool for your personal use but I don’t recommend using this tool for the professional work.

Because there are many better Grammar Checking tools available than this one.

This tool comes with a free and paid plan,.

The free model gives you 50 submissions per month and it will check your Grammar mistakes and also gives you the writing suggestions.

In the free model, the length of the page can not be more than 5 pages.

However, the Paid user can not exceed 20 Page/Submission.

Grammarly alternatives

The main reason behind this tool to not recommend for bloggers is, This tool doesn’t come with Chrome or Firefox extension.

and, For the ease of access, The Grammar Checker tool should have an extension.

Benefits of Using Paper Rater

As in Grammarly and ProWritingAid, You can check plagiarism in your content by these tools.

Plagiarism Checker is a very essential feature for any blogger or student and The best thing is, Paper Rater gives you the 10 Free plagiarism checking/Month in there Free Plan.

and, If you purchase there Premium Plan then you can get 25 Plagiarism checking/month.

Many big players don’t allow for the Plagiarism feature in their Free Version. 

Unlike other popular Grammar Checker tools, You have to paste the targeted content in the Paper Rater text box and it will check all the Grammar mistakes.

And, This is the only thing that disappoints me.

Grammarly and ProWritingAid have there owned chrome and Mozilla extension, Which makes it very easy for the Bloggers to find and correct any error.

But overall, I recommend this tool to Teachers and students only.

If you want to try this tool then you can try their free version, It will never disappoint you.

6 – After The Deadline

Grammarly alternatives

AfterTheDeadline is an Open Source tool that you can use for your Grammar Mistakes.

Unfortunately, there is no Plagiarism checker in this tool but still, you can use “After The Deadline”.

As I said, It is an Open Source tool. There is no pricing to use this tool.

They Provide Chrome and Mozilla Extension so you get the maximum benefit of this tool.

If you are a student or a teacher, you can use this tool but Content Writers find it difficult to use this tool due to lack of some essential features.

and, This tool is also available on WordPress which makes it easy for Web Developers to write content with 99% no Grammar Mistakes.

Benefits of Using After The Deadline

The first benefit of using this tool is that there is no pricing of it.

It can check your Grammar Error or if you have made any Spelling mistake, It will help you to correct that.

This tool will also suggest you the best style of the content by its “Advanced Style Checking” tool.

It will increase the readability of the content.

But, I think if this tool has Plagiarism Checker then it can make this tool more broader for the audience.

But if you are a web developer then you can contribute a Plagiarism Checker tool to this.

Now, To buy this tool – 

7 – Hemingway

Grammarly alternatives

It is another good alternative to Grammarly, which focused more on the lengthy sentences, wrong use of adverbs, and complicated words.

It is less concerned about spelling and punctuation which is a negative point of itself.

However, Student and Teachers still can use this tool because it contains all the essential features that it needs for you.

You can correct your Grammar mistakes for free in the web version but if you want to use it within your Desktop then you have to download this tool for which you have to make a payment.

Grammarly Alternatives

Benefits of Using Hemingway

Grammarly and all the listed Grammar editor tools require an Internet connection for the editing but Hemingway works offline.

Which is the best benefit of this tool.

It has a very clean and easy to use Interface so if you have never used any Grammar editor tool even then you can easily use this tool.

I know it is tough for beginners to apply all the laws of better readability but this tool help beginners to divide big paragraphs into 2-3 lines.

It will increase the readability of your content.

Hemingway will give the detail of every suggestion or correction that it will point out.

I thought Content writer may find a better tool than this Grammarly Alternatives.

8 – AutoCrit


AutoCrit is a new Grammar checker tool available with the Free and Paid Pricing.

This tool comes with tons of features and its maximum pricing goes to $297/Year. It can be beneficial for bloggers, Teachers, and Students.

Basically, AutoCrit is used by book writers and If you are a book writer or something like that then AutoCrit will be a perfect fit for you.

In its premium plan, You get the guidance of the experts to write about Genres include Romance, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Academic, Memoir, and more.

But as I said, It is suitable for book writers so there is no chrome or Mozilla extension. It might be a big problem for Bloggers.

Benefits of Using AutoCrit

AutoCrit analyzes your content into six categories that are dialogue, word choice, strong writing, repetition, comparison to fiction, and pacing and momentum.

I know if you are a blogger or content writer then you don’t need these features but a book writer needs these features for better readability.

But this is also an advantage of the bloggers because your content becomes more clear and error-free.

In the text editor, You get the word by word analysis which makes it more strong than other Grammar Editing Tools to increase the readability of the content.

If you are a book writer then this tool can help you to make your book more better and specifically by comparing your genre manuscripts with the published fiction works by the veteran book writers.

Its pricing is more than the other Grammar Editing tool but it is worth to its pricing because ultimately it is providing you all the benefits that a book writer needs.

There are 14-day money-back guarantee so if you didn’t like the tool then you can request for the money.

9 – LanguageTool


Language Tool is also one of the good Grammarly Alternatives that you can purchase for your Grammar Correction.

This tool has an updated algorithm to check your grammar mistakes and It will highlight all the words which are wrong.

This tool comes with Free and paid pricing.

In the Free version, You can check up to 20 K characters at the same time.

But there is no Plagiarism Checker in the free version which is a negative point of this software.

Its pricing is quite simple and affordable, You just need to pay only 1099 Indian Rupees or $15 (approx)/YEARLY.

This tool comes with all the essential add-ons including Chrome and Mozilla Extension.


Benefits of Using LanguageTool

The first benefit of this tool, It has the most updated algorithm.

If you are a student or teacher then you can go for this tool, bloggers and content writers can also use this tool and I also recommend it to Bloggers due to its simple pricing and essential features.

10 – OnlineCorrection


It is another tool that is known for its Free services. It can correct your grammar mistakes easily.

It is not as good as ProWritingAid and WhiteSmoke but as it is free so it’s all services that this tool provides is good.

Whenever you write your content in the text box, It shows the colorful words which make it easy to correct the wrong and Grammatically Error words correctly.

You get many languages along with English for grammar correction.

If you are searching for free Grammarly Alternatives then you can use this tool as a free proofread tool.

and, There is no need for any SIGN-UP, so you can quickly do your all stuffs.

The only benefit that you get, It is a free tool to use.

Grammarly Alternative’s Comparison

Grammar Error Correct and Spelling Correct is a common function for any Grammar Editing tool.

So we will not mention those features under “MAIN FEATURES” in our Grammarly Alternatives Comparison.

and, under “ACTION” There will be two buttons – 

  1. FREE
  2. PAID

FREE means there pricing is started from Free Plan and PAID means there pricing is started from Paid Plan (Which  means there is no free pricing.)

Now, let’s explore it…



  1. Detailed Explanations
  2. Context Sensitive Style Suggestions
  3. Find Repeated Words
  4. Mac and Windows Support
  5. Plagiarism Checker (for premium plans)




  1. Error Explanations
  2. Document & Letter Templates
  5. Translator & Dictionary




  1. Sentence Rephrasing
  2. Translation
  3. Dictionary
  4. Errors Analysis



Slick Write

  1. Adverbs
  2. Prepositional Phrase Index
  3. Passive Voice Index
  4. Readability Index
  5. Structural Flow




  1. Vocabulary builder
  2. only web based
  3. High-quality proofreading
  4. free trail
  5. Starting from $11.29/MONTH




  2. Contextual spell checking.
  3. Advanced style of checking.
  4. Intelligent Grammar checking etc.




  1. Six-Fold Analysis
  2. No Guesswork Editing
  3. Dynamic Summary Report
  4. Published Fiction Comparison
  5. STARTING FROM $29.97 per month




  1. Variations Of Languages
  2. Rule-Based
  3. Personal Dictionary




  1. Minimalistic Design
  2. Reporting Feature
  3. Stylistic Hints
  5. Supports English Dialects




  1. Cut Dead Weight From Writing
  2. Send Hemingway Highlights To Colleagues
  3. No Internet Connection Required



Personal Recommendation on Alternatives to Grammarly

If I have to choose a Grammarly Alternatives then I will make a list on the basis of two factors –

  1. Features
  2. Pricing

Remember, I will not choose a free tool as they didn’t provide essential features so I will go with the free version of the other premium tools and these are – 

  1. ProWritingAid
  2. Ginger

You can take more but I personally recommend these only.

Both the tool has a free version and also there data is accurate so you can take it as some of the best Grammarly Alternatives.

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