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Genesis vs GeneratePress – The Right WP Theme Choice In 2023

When we talk about WordPress themes, it’s always about performance, customization, SEO-friendliness, and so on.

But what if you’ve stuck upon two wordpress themes that are much like each other? Genesis vs GeneratePress. Who?

Yes, in this article I have compared Genesis vs GeneratePress to help you understand and make the right decision between both of them. So, let the battle between Genesis vs GeneratePress begin!

Although, there are a few themes that offer a little bit more than GeneratePress.

Some of them show quick performance results, while others have better customization options. Nevertheless, you can have a quick look at all of them in GeneratePress Alternatives.

Genesis Framework is the core framework built by StudioPress and has been in the WordPress eco-space for a long time.

On the other hand, GeneratePress has quickly picked up popularity due to its flexibility, performance results, and ease of use.

If you are confused about which theme you should buy to start a blog between these two wordpress themes, then this generatepress vs genesis framework comparison will ease you.

Users often get confused about GeneratePress and genesis.

Genesis vs GeneratePress – Quick Insights

Free Version
Coding Skills Required
SEO Optimized
Support & Updates (for a 1-year subscription)1-year Unlimited Support & Updates1-year Unlimited Support & Updates
Support & Updates(for Lifetime subscription)1-year Unlimited Support & Lifetime UpdatesLifetime Support & Updates
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited AccessYou can access only what you’ve bought. Unless you’ve purchased Genesis ProAccess everything including premium extensions and the GeneratePress site library
Annual PricingGenesis Pro is $360 per year that includes Genesis Framework and all StudioPress Child Themes$59
Lifetime PricingEach Child Theme is on a lifetime pricing model ranging from $74 to $129$249

There is a very thin line of difference between these two themes. Excluding the fact that with GeneratePress you get everything under an annual and a lifetime pricing model.

But with Genesis, you’ve got to pay for each child theme (lifetime pricing model) or get Genesis Pro.

Before we get started, let us look at all the Pros and Cons between GeneratePress and Genesis. So, that we could compare Genesis vs GeneratePress easily.

Genesis Framework Pros and Cons


  • The Genesis Framework comes free with any child theme you purchase. Earlier you had to buy both of them separately.
  • Every Child theme bought is available with you for a lifetime.
  • Genesis offers a decent website performance.
  • It is a developer-friendly theme.
  • Genesis themes come with multiple advanced layout options. You can also download the Genesis Blocks plugin for more options under the Gutenberg editor.
  • All child themes come with multiple homepage customization layouts. Choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Demo site codes are available right after you purchase the child theme. Letting you create your site exactly how it was displayed on the shelf.
  • Support and documentation are very good
  • Genesis provides a lifetime payment option.
  • You get unlimited lifetime support and updates.


  • In terms of performance, GeneratePress beats Genesis
  • Customization options are for developers. If you are a non-technical person with little to no coding background, then you will have to rely on plugins.
  • May need you to download more plugins, which could affect the site’s performance.
  • Each child’s theme is different and made for a particular niche. Hence, they should be bought separately. Unless you invest in Genesis Pro.
  • Once you buy a Genesis Child theme, it is available with you for a lifetime. The updates continue lifelong, but the support ends after 1 year.
  • Once you buy a Genesis Child theme it is available with you for a lifetime. The updates continue lifelong but, the support ends after 1 year.
  • Genesis is a little expensive.

GeneratePress Theme Pros and Cons


  • GeneratePress has a very lightweight code. A fresh clean install is just about 30KB.
  • Both the free GeneratePress and GP Premium get updated. Updates are not so often but they are very stable.
  • You do not need any coding knowledge to create a beautiful website. Unless you are thinking of creating membership sites or a web store with lots of products.
  • You do not need to buy any child theme separately.
  • GeneratePress offers complete access to its Site Library for both annual and lifetime subscribers.
  • Just like Genesis, GeneratePress too has extensive documentation and a great support system.
  • Buy 1 single plan and get GP Premium with Extensions, and 60+ GeneratePress Demo Sites.
  • Comes with a Built-in WooCommerce module.
  • The developers have made GeneratePress modular. Meaning, you can activate or deactivate the modules; reducing bloatware on your website.
  • Generatepress is 100% stable and secures to use.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is assured in GeneratePress.
  • A lifetime payment option is available in GeneratePress too.


  • Lacks a header and footer builder. But that can be easily created by GeneratePress Block Elements.
  • Does not come with a White Label branding feature.

Genesis vs GeneratePress – Comparing Side-by-Side

To get it clearer, Let’s Compare the GeneratePress and genesis framework-

👉 What is Genesis Well Known For?

Genesis is a framework created by StudioPress. It is best known as the Genesis Framework.

Not so long ago, the Genesis Framework became open source. Meaning, you can download and use the framework. But, that does not involve any theme with it.

In the WordPress eco-space, frameworks behave like a parent theme giving a rock-solid foundation to other child themes, running over it.

StudioPress offers child themes of their own and others created by third-party developers. You can shop on their site for child themes. Once you buy a child theme, you will get annual support and updates for a lifetime.

At present, StudioPress has released Genesis Pro.

Buying Genesis Pro will give you the following;

  • The Genesis Framework
  • Those theme options are available easily for managing your sites with just a few clicks.
  • Genesis Pro Plugin (page builder)
  • Genesis Custom Blocks

👉 What is GeneratePress Well Known For?

GeneratePress is a freemium theme. Meaning, you get to try GeneratePress for free with limited features and functionalities.

Whereas the premium version of GeneratePress is called GP Premium. GeneratePress is well known for speed and customization. It offers 12 different modules and easily integrates popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. GeneratePress provides typography which is integrated with thousands of google fonts and themes.

Other than this, it provides your website with more attractive and mobile-friendly features, especially when you don’t even have little knowledge about coding.

Almost half of the GeneratePress site library has demo sites that are created using Elementor and Beaver Builder.

If you want to check out some of the popular live sites built with GeneratePress then you must check these live GeneratePress theme examples

We have also written an article about Generatepress Theme review. You can read it their for more clarity about Generatepress theme.

The theme is mobile responsive and offers great SEO friendliness. Moreover, you won’t need to learn hard-level coding if you get your hands on GeneratePress. Just some basic CSS might be useful sometimes.

Which is also optional in most of the cases.

👑 Winner: GeneratePress – For 1 single payment you get a multitude of options.

👉 Unique Features of Genesis

  • Firstly, the most beneficial point to make here is that – Genesis Framework is now open source. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for that.
  • The developers at StudioPress have coded Genesis very well and give awesome support to their customers.
  • Once you buy a Child Theme, it can be used on unlimited websites, gets support for a year, and updates for a lifetime. You do not need to keep paying every year.
  • StudioPress has created dedicated plugins that are exclusive to Genesis. For example, Genesis Custom Footers, Genesis Simple Hooks, Genesis Responsive Menu, etc. 
  • There is an advantage if you are a developer. You can edit the layout and blocks in Genesis.

Genesis is a bit different from GeneratePress. It’s a great theme and you can make complete use of it if you are a developer or running a website development business.

Or else, you will have to rely on downloading plugins, which usually reduces the site’s performance.

👉 Unique Features of GeneratePress

  • GeneratePress is mind-blowingly fast with very little bloatware.
  • GP Premium’s features and functionalities are based on 12 different modules. Activate the ones that are required, and your site will not get slow at all.
  • It is mobile responsive, SEO friendly, and compatible with major page builders.
  • GeneratePress is fully Gutenberg-compatible. It is the first theme to have a theme builder built into the block editor.
  • With the Headers section, you can create different headers for the homepage, category pages, 404 pages, and other useful pages on your site.
  • Menu Plus in GeneratePress is a big winning point. It lets you create big stylish menus and sub-menus (from the primary and secondary menus) that appeal to your audience. Thus, giving you more conversions.
  • Slideout Navigation, Mobile Header, and Sticky Navigation are just to name a few for people trying to create online eCommerce stores using GeneratePress.
  • By using GeneratePress Hooks you can nearly accomplish anything. That means you can create any element, block, or section on part of your website.

Whether you are a developer or a normal user, GeneratePress is an easy-to-use theme. There is something for everyone.

👑 Winner: GeneratePress – A normal user’s perspective

👉 Genesis Site Performance

Although Genesis is based on the parent-child theme relationship, the developers have still done a very good job of creating a framework and theme that helps your website load quickly.

We have compared both the themes by installing their fresh copy to a new domain with few essential plugins.

Now, the result was as we expected –

It is not as fast as GeneratePress, but that is the forte of GeneratePress.

The framework is super clean. Child themes have almost every general feature built into them.

But as and when time passes; your site grows, and you need more options. If you are not a developer, you might need to rely on plugins.

This is the toughest part for anyone – to keep their Genesis site looking beautiful as well as get maximum performance from it.

For example, a few plugins needed to keep your site attractive are as follows;

  • Genesis Simple Edits (Just removed from WordPress Library)
  • Simple Social Icons
  • Genesis Design Palette Pro
  • Genesis Custom Footers
  • Genesis Simple Hooks
  • Genesis Responsive Menu

These are plugins that are required to make your content look good. A website needs other types of SEO plugins, Ad plugins, Import/Export, backup, security plugins, etc.

Having so many plugins kill your website’s speed. This is a serious problem with most non-technical Genesis users.

👉 GeneratePress Site Performance

A neat clean install of GeneratePress is not more than 30KB in size. Meaning, the developers of GeneratePress have focused on performance from the beginning itself.

Here is the Generatepress Speed result –

As you can see the above generatepress speed test, The overall performance score is 98 and its load time is 1.8 seconds which is 0.1 sec more than the Genesis theme.

But the important thing here is, It’s overall performance is better than the Genesis framework.

There is also a functionality in this theme which enable it to minify the CSS and also allow for SVG icons in case you’d like to switch from images to vector graphics (reducing the overall page size).

You have the option to stop loading Google fonts locally.

So, in between GeneratePress and Genesis, GeneratePress supports explicit mentioning of image sizes. This helps in reducing the overall DOM size while any page loads.

That simply means, It will make your web page load faster.

👑 Winner: GeneratePress

👉 Customize Genesis Child Themes

Unlike GeneratePress, Genesis lacks in-detail levels of customization. 

Unless you know how to code…

You can still create beautiful sites with Genesis Child themes by using free plugins offered via StudioPress, but there are limitations to them and you will have to download a few.

For example, Genesis Blocks is a set of content blocks that offers 15 pre-made blocks, 4 full-page layouts, and 8 pre-built sections with its free version.

Likewise, Genesis Simple Hooks, Simple Sidebars, and Simple Menus are just the ones to name a few.

Note: More plugins slower the performance of your site.

For creating awesome-looking websites you will need something that works like a page builder. In that case, Genesis Design Palette Pro and Genesis Extender are the best plugins.

These plugins can easily make your website look beautiful without the need for coding or downloading any other customizing plugin.

The only thing you need here is some reference websites and creativity. For reference website, How’s my website 😁

👉 Customize GeneratePress Theme

With GeneratePress customizing your website is very easy.

Firstly, it uses a modular approach. Meaning activating the modules that are required and leaving the rest as it is without compromising on the beauty and uniformity of your site.

Customize layouts, blocks, colours, typography, backgrounds, widgets, navigation menus, etc.

All this is done much more easily without the use of downloading 3rd party plugins.

The above image is about layout customization in GeneratePress

If you are a little comfortable with coding then you must be knowing that, between GeneratePress and Genesis, GeneratePress allows for creating hooks that can be used on almost any part of your website.

For example, creating page headers, custom footers, custom 404 pages, archive pages, social sharing icons, author profiles, team bio cards, etc.

👑 Winner: GeneratePress – If you are not planning to go for a page builder

I ran a comparison between Genesis and GeneratePress on Google Trends and I saw unusual results.

Have a look at the following screenshot of the Genesis theme vs GeneratePress worldwide comparison of the last 12 months, as of May 2023.

Generatepress was (and currently) always on the top since last 12 months.

There are also two famous SEO tools available in the market that are SEMRush and Ahrefs.

These tools help bloggers and marketers to get their website’s SEO done.

Now, if we compare the trends of these two wordpress themes on these SEO tool websites then –

SEMRush (Recent Screenshot of 2023)

Ahrefs (Recent Screenshot of 2023)

You can see on both the tools that Generatepress Theme was (and currently) top theme over Genesis Framework.

With the Genesis system, you will have to first install the Genesis Framework and then apply a Genesis Child theme to it.

Whereas GeneratePress offers a plugin called GP Premium. Activating the plugin and you’ve got GeneratePress premium with all the modules open.

👑 Winner: GeneratePress – As per current popularity

Now let us go through Genesis vs GeneratePress support and documentation formats-

Genesis Support & Documentation

Genesis Framework and the Child Themes are created by StudioPress. Although they showcase 3rd party child themes on their website, these are just a few.

For each child theme, StudioPress has basic documentation that can get you up and running with the initial installation and setup of the theme.

You are allowed to copy the codes from the setup instruction file for setting up your child theme.

There is documentation on WordPress usage, Performance, and SEO for Genesis Framework and other StudioPress child themes.

Recently, StudioPress launched its flagship product called Genesis Pro. It’s the all-in-one type bundle that includes the Genesis Framework, Genesis Blocks, Genesis Custom Blocks, and all StudioPress Child themes.

That is more helpful for developers or website development agencies.

StudioPress offers Full Support for the Genesis Framework, StudioPress-created Child Themes, StudioPress-created plugins, and Genesis Pro. 

They go the extra mile by offering basic troubleshooting and best practices advice for 3rd party child themes and plugins.

GeneratePress Support & Documentation

GeneratePress has been there for a long time now. It is a stable theme and has a very good knowledge base.

Since the release of GeneratePress 3.0, the documentation has grown big. They have categorized all the tutorials and “how-to” articles under the most common categories like General, Performance, Customization, and so on.

Plus, there are lots of tutorials and videos on the Internet that help you resolve your issues. 

GeneratePress support team offers world-class service to its customers. They answer your queries within a few hours. Unlike other themes, you do not have to keep waiting for days.

Just like performance, support is another forte of this theme.

Updation in Genesis In 2023-

The Genesis Framework has been around for many years and has undergone numerous updates and improvements over time.

Some of the latest features that have been added to Genesis include:

  • Block editor support: The Genesis Framework now fully supports the WordPress block editor, allowing users to create complex page layouts with ease.
  • Custom block library: Genesis includes a custom block library with a variety of useful blocks that can be used to create custom page layouts.
  • One-click theme setup: Genesis now includes a one-click theme setup feature, which makes it easy to quickly set up a new site with the theme.
  • Theme options enhancements: The theme options panel has been updated with new options and improved usability.
  • Accessibility improvements: Genesis has been updated to meet the latest web accessibility standards, making it easier for users with disabilities to use and navigate your site.
  • Performance improvements: The Genesis Framework has been optimized for performance, ensuring that your site loads quickly and efficiently.
  • SEO enhancements: Genesis has built-in support for SEO, including markup and other features that can help improve your site’s search engine rankings.

Updation in GeneratePress In 2023-

GeneratePress is a popular WordPress theme that is known for its lightweight code, flexibility, and customization options. In recent years, it has undergone numerous updates and improvements, adding new features and enhancing existing ones.

Some of the notable features and updates that have been released for GeneratePress in the past include:

  • Performance improvements: GeneratePress has been optimized for speed and performance, with minimal CSS and fast load times.
  • Layout options: GeneratePress provides a variety of layout options, including boxed, full-width, and contained layouts.
  • Accessibility features: GeneratePress is designed with accessibility in mind and includes features like skip links, keyboard navigation, and screen reader text.

Overall, GeneratePress is a well-regarded WordPress theme that continues to evolve and improve.

It’s likely that future updates will focus on further enhancing performance, customization options, and compatibility with new WordPress features and plugins.

Overall, the Genesis Framework continues to evolve and improve, providing users with powerful and flexible tools for building professional-looking WordPress sites.

👑 Winner: Tie – Both the themes provide a very good support system

Genesis vs GeneratePress Pricing 2023

The Genesis Framework is now open source and can be used without paying anything.

From here you’ve got two options.

  • Go for Genesis Pro – Get Genesis Framework, all StudioPress Child Themes, Genesis Blocks Pro and Genesis Custom Blocks
  • Buy WP Engine Hosting Subscription and get 10 StudioPress Genesis Child Themes free for a lifetime.
  • Buy each Genesis Child Theme separately.

Genesis Pro will cost you $360 per year. It does not have a lifetime license.

Get the leading WordPress hosting for your website offered by WP Engine – starting at $25 monthly for an annual subscription.

The themes you get with this stay with you forever and get all future updates.

Whereas Genesis Child Themes can cost you somewhere from $74 to $129, and that’s for a lifetime.

When it comes to GeneratePress, there is no parent-child theme concept here. Therefore, you will be paying for the GeneratePress premium theme only.

GeneratePress premium or GP premium has an annual and lifetime model. It costs $59 for a yearly license and $249 for a lifetime.

Both models offer all premium features, full access to the GeneratePress site library, the limit of use to up to 500 websites, and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: Genesis Theme vs Generatepress

In the conclusion of this article, Let’s focus on need of a user of wants to compare these two themes.

There can be –

  • Website Speed and Performance
  • Pricing
  • Functionality
  • Scope

These are the basic 4 needs of a user. In terms of Speed and Performance, Generatepress is slightly higher than the Genesis framework.

In pricing, Generatepress is our clear winner as its pricing starts from $59 per year.

Genesis and Generatepress both have functionalities that are very useful for a website. and these features can be used to build any type of website.

But generatepress is less complex as compared to Genesis framework.

SO, Here We can say Generatepress is winner.

Now, both the themes regularly update their themes and products in order to be in the game of best wordpress theme in 2023.

Here game is tie.

Now, if we compare overall result then, Generatepress Theme comes to be our winner 🏆.

And here the war of Genesis vs Generatepress ends.

Winner of genesis theme vs generatepress –

For developers & agencies: Genesis

For a single user, blogger, or affiliate marketer: GeneratePress

If your concern is website speed and best wordpress themes, then you will definitely like the below wordpress guides about best hosting and themes.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Genesis theme free?

Recently StudioPress has left the Genesis Framework as open source. So, Anyone can download it for free and start using it.

What is the Genesis theme?

The Genesis theme works on the Parent-Child relationship. The Genesis Framework is like the parent theme. You’ve got to download it first and install it on your WordPress site. Followed by that, you can then install other Genesis Child themes.

What is the difference between Genesis WordPress Framework and Genesis Themes?

The Genesis WordPress framework is the main framework that allows for other Genesis child themes to run in itself. Without the Genesis WordPress framework, Genesis child themes are of no good.

Can I manually add Schema in the Genesis and GeneratePress theme?

Yes, Schema can be added manually in Genesis and GeneratePress. In Genesis, you do it by using the Genesis Script Box. GeneratePress Hooks lets you add it to the GeneratePress theme.

Is GeneratePress an SEO-friendly theme?

GeneratePress is an SEO-friendly theme.

Is GeneratePress premium worth?

If you want to customize your website to next level without installing any extra plugin and compromising your website speed then YES, It’s Premium version worth to buy.