GeneratePress Review: Is It The Conqueror of All WP Themes? [2021]

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GeneratePress WordPress theme is a one-stop solution for those who want to build their WordPress website with effective SEO and very well structured optimized code.

In this Generatepress review, We will talk about how Generatepress improves our website speed by +1 SEC and, How this theme can help you to drive more traffic (and even more sales) to your blog/website.

These are some of the main topics that we will talk about in this Generatepress Theme Review.

Here is the quick Generatepress review

Generatepress is a well SEO optimized with clear code structure multi purpose theme which you can use for all types of website like eCommerce, Professional Blog website or Magazine, etc. Generatepress is especially built for those who want to put their creativity level to the next level with rich customization options.

Now come to our article, This Generatepress review will help you either you want to change your WordPress website theme or you want to start a new wordpress website.

and, I’m damn sure at the end of this post, All your doubts will be clear about the Generatepress theme

Many newbie bloggers who start their blog get trapped into magazine themes. I’m not saying magazine themes are not good but, If you are creating a blog then Magazine themes are not for you.

Back in 2017 when I started my blog, This is the same mistake I have made (and most of the beginners also did).

So I suggest, Don’t install magazine themes because the theme which we are talking about has more to say.

Generatepress theme has more than 2,700,000+ downloads and 300,000+ active installs with a 5-star rating on over 692 reviews and these numbers are consistently growing day by day.

Generatepress Review

You can build almost all types of websites with this theme, All you have is a WordPress installed website.

Its founder has especially made Generatepress theme for bloggers who want a rocket speed like a website.

You can also see the Generatepress theme demo on their website for free.

Here is a poll about GeneratePress Theme –


Now, Before going into the depth of this Generatepress Review, Take a look at the main headings of this article –

Generatepress Premium Overview

This theme is one of the most positive start-rated themes in the WordPress theme store and, Many popular websites are using this theme.

I must say Generatepress theme price is affordable so even if you’re a beginner you can afford it. 

Generatepress Review Generatepress Features

When I started my first blog in 2017, I was using another theme.

My website speed was good with that theme but I was not satisfied with it, So I decided to switch to another theme.

One of my clients told me about the GeneratePress WordPress theme.

Then I checked Generatepress reviews on the internet and I was satisfied with this theme.

I saw Its founder making the commitment to install a Generatepress theme for bloggers

So, I finally decided to switch to the Generatepress theme.

Here is the speed test of my website before Generatepress and After Generatpress.

Generatepress Review - website speed test

I was shocked.

It was the Generatepress free version. It has increased my website speed for 1 SEC.

It was a minor change in the website speed but, It was very big in terms of SEO.

Yet it was a very good experience with it and, From this experience, I can say that this theme is the perfect fit if SEO matters for you.

The team behind the Generatepress theme update it frequently, so you don’t need to worry about any bug or coding error. They also provide new features with their update.

Generatepress uses well structured and optimized code that is why It helps in SEO.

A good SEO-friendly theme can also help you to boost your website ranking so, It is highly recommended for new bloggers to start with this theme.

You can also start with its free version.

What is GeneratePress made for?

Many of the newbie bloggers who decided to go with the Generatepress theme are creating the simple blog website but, They may also be planning for an eCommerce store to sell their courses and videos in the future.

and, If you think, You can not make your eCommerce store after creating a simple blog website with the Generatepress theme then you are wrong.

There are tons of Generatepress sample sites available where all types of websites are running.

Some of the well-known examples are –

1 – Floor King

Floor King - Generatepress Review

2 – WPLogout

Generatepress Review

3 – DesignBuildWeb

Generatepress Review

The only reason peoples use this theme is its wide range of customization options which enable this theme to be comfortable for all types of websites.

But, Yes if you want to make a pro website like the above one then you have to use a page builder plugin with it. I’m using the Elementor Pro page builder which is working fine for me.

Generatepress theme is comfortable with all of the well-known page builders.

GeneratePress Might Not Be A Good Fit if

You can make any type of website with the GeneratePress WordPress theme but, If you are looking for a great and attractive theme layout just after installing the theme then, It will be very tough for you to choose this theme.

Because a fresh copy of WordPress when installed with the Generatapress premium is looks like this –

Generatepress Review WordPress default image

But Generatepress premium becomes easier with its pre-built theme site library which you can import anytime based on your website niche.

While tons of Generatepress sample sites are using the Generatepress theme for building websites like eCommerce, Freelancing type, etc.

So, You can also create a website like the above one.

You only have to customize your website which is a time taking and creative task.

Let’s say –

You want to create a fashion blog then, You can install a WordPress theme that is specially built for a fashion blog.

It will save your time but, It also has its own PROS and CONS.

Generatepress WordPress Theme vs Other Themes

Here is the look of all the PROS and CONS of using the Generatepress theme and other dedicated themes.

GeneratePress Theme

Other Dedicated Themes

1 – Built for every type of website

2 – Highly SEO & Code optimized

3 – Need time and creativity to build your dream website

4 – Have good demos but not as dedicated themes

5 – Increase website speed

6 – Generatepress documentation with good support

1 – You can not build all type of website

2 – SEO & Code optimized but not as Generatepress

3 – Just one click away from making your dream site with an attractive layout

4 – Good support

So, These are the PROS and CONS of using a GP theme vs a Dedicated Theme. I hope you now have a clear understanding of why the GP theme is best.

Now, Let’s move to our next topic which is, How to choose between Generatepress free vs premium.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium

Generatepress comes with two versions, one is free while the other is the premium version. If I say in a few words, the Generatepress free version comes with limited customization options that stop you from editing any area of your website.

While its premium version comes with full hand customization options that are capable to make any type of website.

Generatepress Free Version

While many WP theme’s free versions are completely useless but, Generatepress free version is completely surprising for me.

There are enough customization options available that I can use to build a normal (or maybe a pro) website.

Here is the list of all completely free customization options –

1 – Mobile Friendly

It is a very important aspect of SEO and User Experience. If your website is not mobile-friendly then you lose the opportunity to attract 3.8 billion mobile phone users.

If you want to be in the business then you have to make your website mobile-friendly but Thanks to the Generatepress theme, Its free version can be fit to any screen size.

2 – Light Weight

GeneratePress theme size is only 1 MB which is quite better than other WordPress themes. Its lightweight structure also helps your website to load faster than others.

3 – Schema Optimized

Nowadays, Google is optimizing its algorithm to get the most accurate result for a query and, That’s how SCHEMA works.

It helps google to understand your website content.

For Ex – If you search Elementor Pro review on google then it will show you the results like this.

Generatepress Review Schema Type

Now, The results which have star ratings are the ones that are using the REVIEW SCHEMA.

Generatepress theme is completely Schema optimized which means, This theme will also help you to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine.

4 – Fonts and Typography

More than 100+ fonts available for customization in the free theme only.

5 – Pro module

Generatepress site library offers 14+ pro modules in its free version which you can use to build a beautiful blog/website.

These are the important features of the Generatepress Free version, Now let’s take a look at Generatepress free version PROS & CONS.

GeneratePress Free Pros and Cons


1 – Use it for the lifetime at 0 cost.

2 – There are many amazing features available with the free theme (like typography, font editing, pre-build showcase.)

3 – 100% SEO-optimized & mobile-friendly theme.

4 – Light-weighted and optimized code that loads your site fast.

1 – No official support

2 – Need CSS knowledge to design various part of the website.

3 – You can not remove “Power by GeneratePress Copyright” text

4 – No, Import/Export Functionality

GeneratePress Premium Version

We have crafted this Generatepress Review by keeping in mind GP Premium. GeneratePress Premium is a WordPress plugin which you need to install on your website to activate its premium customization.

By installing GP premium, You enable all its premium customization options  and after that, You can edit any area of your website (which was not possible in the free version of Generatepress.)

Some of the paid addons are –

Generatepress Review: Generatepress add ons

Below is the list of GeneratePress premium features and benefits –

1 – Site Library

Generatepress has more than 33 premium theme demo sites which you can use to make your dream site or their structure using these theme demo sites.

Generatepress site library

These premium theme demo sites cover all the niches so, You don’t have to worry about your niche.

2 – Colors

A website with the right color combination can decrease your bounce rate. Generatepress premium comes with a 60+ color option to edit any area of your site.

3 – Blog

It is very boring now to see the traditional blog post list now and that’s where GeneratePress premium exists.

GeneratePress premium comes with 3 different new layouts for blog post listing.

4 – Elements

Elements are the most popular feature of the generatepress premium theme. This is the only feature that makes it unique from others.

For Ex –

When you install the Generatepress theme on your website, Your website post header will look like this

Generatepress Review

But, Elements makes it possible to make your post header like this

Generatepress Review

That is the one use of Elements. There are a lot of unique and amazing things you can do with Elements.

Isn’t it Amazing?

5 – Background

If you want to change your website background or you want to insert an image in your website background, You can do it easily within 1 or 2 clicks.

6 – Typography

Perfect typography increases your blog readability and Its premium version comes with 70+ typography options.

You can customize and decide the fonts of any area on your website.

Generatepress review - Typhography

The most popular typography is MULI for bloggers.

7 – Spacing

Most of the wordpress premium themes do not provide this feature but, With the Generatepress premium, you can decide the spacing between the widgets.

Even you can decide the space between your featured image and post title.

Generatepress Review Space between widgets

There is a lot more to do with this feature. Try your own experiment.

8 – Modules

Modules are very useful. You can activate or deactivate various functionalities of your website by using modules.

Generatepress review - modules

For Ex

You can deactivate WooCommerce, Site Library, or backgrounds modules. It is my choice and, It is up to you which module you want or which module you deactivate.

9 – Copyright Text

You can change the copyright text of your wordpress theme. This is not possible in the GP free version.

Generatepress Review - Copyright remove

10 – Import/Export

This will be a very useful feature if you handle multiple websites. This feature will help you to migrate the setting of one wordpress website to another wordpress website with just 1 click.

It will save you precious time.

11 – WooCommerce

If you are creating an eCommerce website with the Generatepress premium theme then you can enable this element. This element will convert your whole website into an eCommerce site.

12 – Mega Menu

This module will help you to create an advanced menu. This module will enable you to create sticky navigation, a separate header for mobile, slide-out navigation, and a lot more.

The best part of our Generatepress Review is, With other premium themes, You have to install a wordpress plugin to create these types of advanced menus but with the GP premium version, All these advanced features are possible.

13 – Hook And Filters

Only a few themes provide this feature. With this feature, You can insert a PHP code or a shortcode at any area of your wordpress theme.

The best part is, You don’t need a web developer to add custom codes to your wordpress website.

Even if you are a beginner, You can do it by yourself by using the Hooks.

14 – Anything Is Possible

You can’t believe, You can make any type of website with GP Premium with its customization rich elements and modules.

15 – Documentation

Generatepress Documents is available for both free and premium users. Its knowledgeable documents show the step by step process on how to customize or do something.

Most of the time the problems which you are facing can be solved with their documentation.

But, Sometimes you need instant support for a query with your Generatepress Theme that is 24/7 instant support.

16 – 24/7 Support

Generatepress doesn’t provide instant support to all of the users. It only provides instant support to its Paid users.

But, The main thing is in your favor because 99% of problems which you will face while customizing your website is clearly explained in its Knowledge rich Documentation with perfect and easy solutions.

If still, you want to contact them, Then you have to purchase their license and you can 24/7 instantly chat with them.

Generatepress Premium Pros and Cons


1 – The pricing is affordable (only $59).

2 – No hidden fees while purchasing the GP Premium.

3 – Any type of website can be created with GP Premium.

4 – They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5 – GP Theme is comfortable with almost all the major page builders (like Elementor Pro, Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder, etc.)

6 – Their support team is very experienced and knowledgeable, You can expect that they will solve your queries within hours.

In my research, Everything is fine in GP Premium.

I hope you have got the difference between Generatepress Free vs Premium. If there is something more you can comment down.

When should I upgrade to Premium

From the above points, You can clearly understand the difference with advantages and disadvantages between the FREE and PREMIUM version theme.

But, As a beginner, you may confuse here whether you should go with its FREE version or PREMIUM version.

What I recommend here is only one thing –

  • Need and Customization

If you want to customize your website like a pro and you want to make a professional website then this thing is only possible with GP Premium.

Its free version is only good if you want to just start and want to explore the wordpress and Generatepress theme.

But, If you are doing a serious business like eCommerce or Blogging then I recommend you to select its premium version.

Blogging is not a hobby anymore. It’s a business, and Every business needs some amount of investment.

So, If you’re planning to start a blog then it’s a business, and You also have to invest here.

Generatepress Premium Theme Examples

There are a lot of people who may think that, Is it really possible to convert this normal-looking wordpress theme to a professional website?

Generatepress Review

The simple answer is YES. This theme will provide you the website structure and, You have to then convert this structure into your desired theme layout.

But as a beginner, You may find it difficult to design your website from scratch.

That’s why I have researched for you to provide you the generatepress theme examples. You can also take these examples for an idea to customize your website.

I have also published a dedicated post on Generatepress theme examples, You can read it.

Some of these theme examples are –

1 –

2 –

3 –

These are the popular websites that are using the Generatepress theme.

Generatepress Theme Comparison

There are many wordpress themes available which claim the same that Generatepress stand for.

They also claim they are lightweight, SEO optimized, Schema optimized themes.

Some of these themes are – DIVI, ASTRA PRO, etc.

So, Whether you’re a beginner or you are planning to switch to Generatepress Premium theme. You may think that how Generatepress premium is different with all its competitors?

And, This what our GeneratePress Review is all about.

I will show you the step by step difference between Generatepress and its top competitors.

Generatepress vs Astra theme

Comparison Generatepress Astra


$44 (Discounted)/Year

Free Version


Ease of Use


Customization Options


Demo Templates

+44 Templates
only +20 Templates


24/7 - Excellent
24/7 - Good

Overall Experience


Generatepress vs Divi Theme

Comparison Generatepress Divi


$44 (Discounted)/Year

Free Version


Ease of Use


Customization Options


Demo Templates

+44 Templates
100 of Templates


24/7 - Excellent
24/7 - Good

Overall Experience


I hope the comparison between Generatepress vs Astra theme and Generatepress vs Divi theme explained everything.

Their competitors are also the best but due to low pricing and a wide range of customization options, Generatepress is our winner 🏆.

Is GeneratePress Premium Worth Its Price?

Well, If you utilize its premium version then it will be a great and worth theme for you. You can make all types of websites with this theme So, You don’t have to worry about your future projects.

This theme is specially made for bloggers because bloggers want to rank their blog posts on google and this theme is well optimized for this.

So If you are a blogger then this theme will also help you to rank faster in Google due to its SEO, Schema, and Coding optimization.

Generatepress premium version is definitely worth its pricing. You only need to pay $59 to activate all its premium services.

$59 as generatepress theme price is a normal amount and it’s a very less amount as compared to other businesses that need a huge investment to start.

I’m strongly recommending you to go with this theme as it will not disappoint you in terms of Features, Speed and Customization.

After all, you are getting the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee which makes your investment 100% risk-free.

How To Buy GeneratePress Premium

By using the following steps, You can purchase the GP Premium theme.

STEP 1: Visit This Special Link

STEP 2: Click the “premium” labeled button

STEP 3: Click “Get it Now” here, Then click on the “Add to Cart” button

STEP 4: After clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, you will see the purchasing page.

Now enter some personal details, add card details, or pay via PayPal, accept their terms and conditions, and hit the “Purchase” button.

Within minutes, You will get the license key in your Generatepress account and in the Email Box.

Now install the Generatepress Free Theme (From WordPress theme dashboard) and GP Plugin (Download it from Generatepress dashboard and, then upload it to your wordpress website plugin section) then enter your license key.

You have successfully activated and installed the GP Premium theme.

PR: Generatepress Review 2021

In my Generatepress theme review, I didn’t only focus on generatepress features but, I also showed you its comparison with its top competitors like Astra Pro, OceanWP, etc.

And, Yes it is reality, Its competitors also have one (or two) advantages over generatepress theme.

But, If we talk about its pricing, customization, and overall experience then I can say that this theme is the winner among all its competitors.

I’m not the one who only uses this theme but, There are a lot of webmasters who use this theme for all of their projects. These webmasters also reviewed this theme with their overall experience.

We have collected some of the real-time generatepress reviews.

Take a look below –

Generatepress Review

These reviews are independent and real reviews with at least 6 months of experience with the Generatepress theme.

So, Whether you want to build a simple website or a professional eCommerce website. You can build it easily with its wide range of customization options.

FAQ Related To Generatepress Theme Reviews

I hope your doubt about the Generatepress theme is cleared now. There are many beginners who want to purchase this theme but before that, They want to ask some questions. 

That’s why I have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. What is the cost of the Generatepress Premium Theme?

The 1 year (and starter plan) will cost you about $59 for the first year only. From next year, You will get a 40% lifetime discount on renewal pricing.

There is also a Life Time plan available for just $249. This is a one-time payment. You will get lifetime updates and support.

You can have up to 500 licensed themes from both plans.

Q2. Does GeneratePress work with Elementor?

Definitely YES, I’m also using the Elementor Pro page builder for my website customization and It works like a charm.

Q3. How do I activate my GeneratePress premium?

Just install the GP Premium plugin from the Generatepress dashboard and, Install it in your wordpress plugin section.

Enter your LIcense key to activate its full services.

Q4. Can I use it to build an Ecommerce Website?

YES, You can use it on the eCommerce website as it is a multi-purpose wordpress theme.

Q5. Does It have a money-back guarantee?

Generatepress premium comes with 30 days no-question ask money-back guarantee. So, You don’t have to worry about anything.

Have you liked my generatepress review article? Please share your thought or suggestion about this article by commenting below.

Q6. Can I see the Generatepress theme demo?

Yes, This theme provides the free Generatepress theme demo on its website. You can also install its free version to see its features.

Q7. What theme works best with Elementor?

There are many WordPress themes that work best with Elementor.

1 – Generatpress

2 – Astra

3 – OceanWP

Features Ease of use Performance Support





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    I have been using the GeneratePress premium theme on some of my micro-niche blogs. It’s neat layout and flexibility tends me to design my blogs appealing to the readership. Especially, using GP Premium, I never felt bad about the loading speed. That’s an added advantage.


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