Easy Guide To Fix Duplicate Meta Descriptions Error

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Are you facing Duplicate Meta Descriptions Problem in your website?

If Yes, Then you’re one the right article.

In this article, We will fix the Duplicate Meta Descriptions problem.

Duplicate Title Tags problem can negatively effect your SEO and you should really care to fix this problem.

What is Duplicate Meta Descriptions Problem?

If you recently found that there is only two pages with the duplicate meta descriptions or title.
Then you may be the wrong, there are many pages (In most of the cases) which have duplicate title tags or descriptions problem.
So follow these steps to find out all the duplicate meta title or description in your page.

duplicate meta descriptions
  • Save
  • In The HTML Improvements, You can see if there is any Duplicate meta descriptions.

duplicate meta descriptions
  • Save
  • Above image have 0 Pages so you don’t have to worry about Duplicate Meta Descriptions.
  • But if you saw something like below image then you have to proceed further to fix this.

duplicate meta descriptions
  • Save
  • Click On “Duplicate Meta Descriptions”.

duplicate meta descriptions
  • Save
You can see there are some pages with duplicate meta descriptions problem.

How To Fix Duplicate Meta Descriptions Problem

Method 1 – URLs with duplicate meta tags

  • https://www.yoursite.com/seo-topics
  • https://www.yoursite.com/seo-topics-again

Now, If you have problem with multiple unique URLs  with duplicate meta tags

Then follow these solutions –

  • You may change the Title of Page
  • Make one page No Index using Yoast SEO

Method 2 – By using Yoast SEO

  • Go To Titles & Meta settings of Yoast SEO
  • Edit The Home Page By Adding %%page%% At The Last

duplicate meta descriptions
  • Save

By adding %%page%%, You can ignore the duplicate Meta Description for pagination or multiple paginated pages.

Parameter URLs with duplicate meta tags

  • https://www.yoursite.com/seo-topics
  • https://www.yoursite.com/seo-topics/?option=choice

Read this guide to handle duplicate content caused by URL parameters.

How To Avoid Duplicate Meta Title Tag

You really want to ignore this type of problem in future.

So follow these steps now

  • Go To Titles & Metas settings of Yoast SEO
  • Use %%sitename%% %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitedesc%% template for homepage title

Personal Recommendation

Duplicate meta descriptions problem generally occur in CMS platforms like WORDPRESS and, This is also a common problem.

I have given you a very easy solutions to fix this this type of problems.

Note: Please Share Your Thoughts On This Article By Commenting Below, I will be very thankful to you.

😀 Cheers!

Duplicate Meta Descriptions Error
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