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One of the most important things for any WebMaster is to Create a list of do follow backlinks and the more difficult task in this process is to find legitimate Do Follow Links Sites that provide Powerful Link Juice.

Yes, Only creating backlinks for your website is not enough even It can downgrade your Ranking if you did anything wrong with the link building process.

Creating backlinks for your website is very good and it will definitely make your website Authority website.

But there are some rules and regulations which you need to follow.

and, most of the newbie bloggers didn’t know how to get dofollow backlink with the proper way and they try to make backlinks on every website.

This is the most dangerous thing a blogger can do with its website, and It can increase your website’s Spam score.

and, the worst thing which will happen is, GOOGLE will never rank you again.

So, In this article, I will share all the legitimate Do Follow Links Sites that can build your website authority ❤️.

Backlink For Beginners

If you are a beginner then you may be confused about Backlinks so let me clear it first.

Suppose, You own a website ‘A’ and your friend owns a website ‘B’.

Whenever you (WEBSITE A) give a link to your friend’s WEBSITE ‘B’ then it is called Backlink.

and it means that Website B has a backlink from Website A.

Do Follow Links Sites
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and there are many types of backlinks that you can get through various Link Building Strategies (like GUEST POSTING and SKYSCRAPER, etc.)

But your list of do follow backlinks should not contain any SPAM website. No matter how much the Domain Authority targeted website has.

Types of Backlink

According to the Importance of SEO, There are mainly two types of backlinks that will work for your SEO.

1 – Do-Follow Backlink

This is the backlink that you have to build for your website. It gives you powerful LINK JUICE which makes your website SUPER AUTHORITATIVE but remembers all the links on different websites are not the same.

They may be No Follow backlinks.

How To Check If Backlink Is Do-Follow

  • Right Click On The Link
  • If the link is like below screenshot

Do Follow Links Sites
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  • Link is DO FOLLOW Backlink

It is the most lovable link that every WEBMASTER want for their website.

Mostly you can get DO FOLLOW backlink by Guest Posting and read this article to get Authoritative Do Follow Links Sites.

2 – No-Follow Backlink

No-Follow backlinks are still very helpful to make Authority Website because It can transfer targeted traffic to your website which is one of the factors to increase Web Site Authority.

But still, It can’t transfer you any LINK JUICE.

How To Check If Backlink Is No-Follow

  • Right Click On The Link
  • If the link is like below screenshot

Do Follow Links Sites
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  • If the link has rel=”nofollow”
  • Link is NO FOLLOW

Where No-Follow Backlink Come From

Some common ways where we can create No-Follow backlinks.

  • Social media such as Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, etc
  • Mostly in Blog Comments
  • Q & A website such as Quora
  • Forum websites such as Reddit
  • Press releases

Using Quora and Reddit, You can transfer the quality of traffic to your blog which may also convert into leads.

Precautions For Backlink Building

Mostly Beginners make mistakes by building backlinks on every possible website and this is the worst thing a blogger can do.

But a well known Business Men and Youtube Sensational Motivational Speaker have said –

To Be Successful, It is not important how many opportunity you grab but important is how many opportunity you drop.


Points To Keep In Mind

  • Do not make more than 8 to 10 backlinks per day
  • Only Make Relevant backlinks related to your NICHE
  • Only make backlinks on reputed Do Follow Links Sites
  • Try to avoid new websites for backlink
  • Your hosting company should be good
  • Content Backlink is the most powerful backlink so try to make this backlink
  • Do not make comment Do Follow backlink because everyone is doing this so there is no quality in it

I have tried all of these methods to create backlinks and trust me, You may get a positive result from some of these methods,

But all of these will be short term and will negatively impact your website in the long term.

Do Follow Links Sites

There are many ways to create backlink for your website but among them, Guest Posting is the most powerful way to create backlink.

1 – Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a very useful technique for link building. Explore all the websites that excepting the Guest Post.


DomainWords RequiredDomain AuthorityAction
themaverickspirit+80028Get Now
iblogzone+70046Get Now
getresponse+130081Get Now
listiller+200032Get Now
glean+70037Get Now
socialmedia+200053Get Now
bitsfrombytes+200057Get Now
linkody+200057Get Now
sitepronews+80055Get Now
saasgenius+200040Get Now
thesempost+14062Get Now
jeffbullas+200072Get Now
bloggingways+50030Get Now
quertime+100051Get Now
cxl+185059Get Now
bplans+200069Get Now
thebloggingbuddha+150032Get Now
onlineincometeacher+70043Get Now
wealthygorilla+200060Get Now
beabetterblogger+200036Get Now
business2community+30086Get Now
quickregister+50030Get Now
practicalecommerce+12067Get Now
bootstrappingecommerce+200038Get Now
workawesome+80055Get Now
doubleyourfreelancing+200048Get Now
unsettle+100043Get Now
livechatinc+100075Get Now
geekopedia+200035Get Now
beafreelanceblogger+200046Get Now
leavingworkbehind+6545Get Now
shoutmeloud+200070Get Now
venturebeat+60093Get Now
salesartillery+200044Get Now
copyhackers+200053Get Now
searchenginejournal+200086Get Now
unsettle+200043Get Now
millo+200055Get Now
matthewwoodward+200052Get Now
socialmediaexaminer+200079Get Now
smartbusinesstrends+200041Get Now
fundsforwriters+200048Get Now
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theworkathomewife+200049Get Now
smashingwall+200034Get Now
freelancersunion+200065Get Now
businessinsider+200093Get Now
searchenginewatch+200079Get Now
geekestateblog+200045Get Now
rankpay+100041Get Now
writetodone+80053Get Now
pushengage+100037Get Now
fosspost+200038Get Now
www2.ncte.org+50063Get Now
www.grb.uk.com+200052Get Now
blog.blogdash.com+70044Get Now
theplanetd+200070Get Now
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blogs.ibo.org+50067Get Now
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historyofeducation.org.uk+50034Get Now
namasteui+200034Get Now
renewableenergyworld+200081Get Now
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bforblogging+120037Get Now
templatemonster+200087Get Now
bitcatcha+200039Get Now
info.talview+200043Get Now
historians.org+200065Get Now
webnots+100045Get Now
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nonprofitinformation+60038Get Now
blog.okfn.org+80067Get Now
blog.socialchamp.io+200036Get Now
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Now, if you are a medium level blogger or have done Guest Post on other websites then you may easily get a positive response from the Web Site Owner.

But what about beginners who have started out?

When I was first known for the Guest Blogging then I search it on Google and found about 100+ Do Follow Links Sites for the Guest Posting.

I applied to 50 websites for the Guest Posting but I only get responses from 2 to 3 websites.

Do Follow Links Sites
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I thought, This was normal but is it?

Then I research and found this is because most of the beginner doesn’t know the actual Email outreach that works.

After researching 3 to 4 days, I create an Email outreach template that can help for the Guest Posting.

Note: Always read all the guidelines very carefully because most of the beginners do not read it and they never get a reply from WebMaster.

#1 – Template 1

Tell them that you are a regular reader of their blog rather than a random person.

list of do follow backlinks
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#2 – Template 2

This Email outreach template can help you to get approval for the dofollow high pr Backlink.

But always remember, Do not make any grammar mistakes, you can use some chrome plugins like Grammarly or ProWritingAid to correct your grammar mistakes.

list of do follow backlinks
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2 – Profile Backlink

If you have just started out blogging or affiliate marketing then you need to build a list of do follow backlinks to rank higher in Google.

and, Google gives an advantage to new websites to rank higher in google.

But how you can inform Google that I am the new one in the blogging or (Your Niche) industry.

Profile backlink is one of the best ways to inform Google about your new website on the internet.

There are many Do-Follow link sites available for the Profile building but all the profile backlinks are not the same so always try to make profile backlink on high pr domain sites.

You can check the domain name DA in ahrefs for free.

Profile Backlinks may be Do Follow or No Follow so first we will list out Do Follow Backlink


Below is the list of top No Follow Profile Backlinks – 


No Follow profile backlinks will not send you any link juice but still they are helpful for your website.

Personal Recommendation on Do Follow Links Sites

Building backlink on Do Follow Links Sites is important but if there is no quality then there is no advantage of these backlinks.

and, You may also be punished by Google if you do anything wrong with link building.

I have listed only the top quality do follow links sites.

Guest Posting is the most popular way to create Authority Do Follow backlinks.

I have shown you the step by step guide on “how to get dofollow backlink” from guest posting.

But, if you face any problem then you can ask me on the comment section.

To make your work easy and to save your precious time, I have provided DA and PA, and No words required for do follow links sites that are accepting Guest Posting.

Profile backlinks are a great way to build backlink but the important is Guest Posting Do Follow backlinks.

Note: Please Share Your Thoughts On This Article By Commenting Below, I will be very thankful to you.

😀 Cheers!

Do Follow Links Sites
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