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Bluehost $2.65 Deal: Get 75% Off + Free Domain & SSL In 2023

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Looking for that Bluehost $2.65 deal? You have arrived at the right place!

Bluehost pricing of $2.65 can be claimed effortlessly, with some legitimate tricks that are detailed in this blog.

Bluehost offers a variety of coupon codes to their existing and new customers on every black Friday and cyber-Monday sale.

Although, this is not a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Bluehost sale offer but we have something that can save your money.

We will tell you about the latest and mind-blowing idea of claiming the Bluehost special price.

There are many Bluehost plans available which sometime confuse a beginner about which bluehost plan is best as per their need.

However, In this article, we are going to discuss about Basic Plan of Bluehost. 

Many Bluehost discount coupon codes start from 65% off on the offer to 82% off. The basic Bluehost pricing starts from $3.95/mo and goes less to $2.95/mo, and sometimes just $2.75/mo.

Here, we will discuss Bluehost’s special offer of $2.65 with a flat 75% discount, this discount will help you to save your 0.3$ every month.

Let’s check it out further.

Here is Bluehost Sample website that you can take look for their website speed. So that, you can know how fast Bluehost hosting is with a light weight wordpress theme.

Bluehost 2.65 Deal Quick Review

If you don’t have enough time and, you want to claim the Bluehost special $2.65 deal offer that gives about 70% heavy discount.

Then click on the below button, it will redirect you to the Bluehost official website with the auto added coupon code.

You can buy the Basic web hosting plan with this special price.

Get Bluehost Special Price

Bluehost 2.65 Deal Offer [Coupon and Updates In 2023]

Many of us are aware of the Bluehost discount coupon codes, but not everyone knows about the special deals that Bluehost offers.

At ASKBlogging, we will definitely tell you about the $2.65 deal offer, that too with a heavily discounted price. 

Many websites have already witnessed the fantastic hosting service of Bluehost. And now it’s your turn to grab the offer.

Bluehost $2.65 Deal

To grab the Bluehost hosting deal of $2.65, you need to sign in to the Bluehost website. We tested this deal almost 5-6 times and it was live and working.

When You’ll sign in, the offer on the site will not directly link you to the $2.65 deal offer. Bluehost is offering the basic package with some discounted price that comes out to be $2.65 instead of $2.95.

Bluehost $2.65 Deal

If you are a beginner and want to know how to buy hosting from Bluehost, Then Here is a complete guide about buying Bluehost hosting in 7 easy steps.

How To Activate Bluehost $2.65 Deal?

Activating the $2.65 Bluehost hosting deal is not a direct deal that Bluehost offers. You need to go through some steps to access the discounted price.

All you need is to follow the steps and enjoy the happiness of getting the best of Bluehost offers. We would suggest you clear all the cookies on your browser to go through the whole process in a smooth flow.

You need to choose the Basic Plan of Bluehost compensatory to get the Bluehost special offer, which dropped to $2.65 from $2.95 (if you follow this article carefully).

PS:- To get the offer successfully in one go, we recommend you use a system (laptop/computer).

Are you ready? Let’s get started-

Step 1-> First of all, Go to the official website of Bluehost and land on the offer page.

Step 2-> Now, tap on the “View Plans” button and choose the Basic Plan (as discussed above) that costs $2.95.

Bluehost $2.65 Deal

Step 3-> Create a domain name (you can get free for at least a year), or you can enter the domain name you already have to get linked to this deal OR you can choose it later.

Bluehost $2.65 Deal

Step 4-> Create a new account or enter your details if you already have one. Click on the basic plan of $2.95 that Bluehost offers.

Bluehost $2.65 Deal

Step 5-> Now select the plan for 36 months. Still, showing the offer of $2.95? Don’t worry, you are just few steps away from grabbing a Bluehost hosting deal.

Step 6-> It’s time to get the Bluehost special price.

Surf the page up and down everywhere, Now check and then uncheck the extra package.


Move the cursor (just move the cursor don’t close the tab). You can also switch to another tab.

You will notice a pop-up display on the screen. That display would be on the discount page. Grab the Bluehost discount coupon code and smile!

Bluehost $2.65 Deal

Step 7-> It’s time for the payment of your highly desired Bluehost hosting deal.

Bluehost $2.65 Deal

Congrats! New Discounted Bluehost pricing is unlocked! What are you waiting for? Install WordPress and start with your Favorite WordPress theme.

Choose Bluehost Package Extras

Apart from buying hosting from Bluehost, they also offer some extra Bluehost packages while you are purchasing the hosting. These packages are completely optional but at the same time, they might be useful to you.

If you want to know more about these extra packages, then here is a complete guide on Bluehost Extra Packages. However, below is the quick recap of extra packages.

There are four varieties in package extras i.e., Yoast SEO Premium, Sitelock security, Jetpack backup daily, and Single Domain SSL.

Bluehost $2.65 Deal

These packaging extras are available at different prices for every Package extra that Bluehost provides.

Yoast SEO Premium is available for $2.99 per month, Sitelock security for $2.99 per month, Jetpack backup daily for $2.99 per month, and Single Domain SSL for $3.33 per month.

You can add these Bluehost extra packages as per your requirements and add them to your hosting account after the payment.

Benefits of Bluehost Special $2.65 Deal

      • Free SSL certificate

      • 24/7 support

      • 75% instant discount on shared hosting plans [36 months hosting tenure]

      • Free Domain name

      • Single website hosting

      • 30-day money-back guarantee

      • Custom themes

      • Drag & drop builder

      • 99.99% uptime guarantee

      • Free CDN

      • 10 GB SSD Storage

      • 5 parked domains & 25 subdomains

    Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress and, you are getting Bluehost 2.65 special deal offer without any Bluehost Christmas Sale.

    Save 30% every month with this exciting purchase!

      Bluehost $2.65 Deal

      PR: Bluehost $2.65 per month offer

      This was a clear step by step process of getting the $2.65 deal offer. Bluehost pricing can be availed in very easy steps and provides a free domain for 1 year.

      All the offers under black Friday sales are best. But this is different from others, as it provides a huge discount plus you will get tools for daily backups and prevention from malware attacks.

      As you can see above, we have used the bluehost basic plan for this offer. If you are a beginner or you want to know about its basic plan review, then Here is the complete Bluehost Basic plan review

      Now, come to our conclusion, when we started blogging, we tried one or two hosting sites, but none was as supportive and better as Bluehost. And finally, we landed on Bluehost and after that, we haven’t changed it yet.

      Customer support and User friendly are one of the best features of Bluehost.

      We recommend you grab this deal as soon as possible as it is very reasonable when compared to the features, it’s all worth it.

      We hope that this blog helped you, we tried to answer all your questions related to the $2.65 deal on Bluehost.

      Get Bluehost Special Price

      FAQs- Bluehost $2.65 Deal

      Is Bluehost Worth it?

      Yes, Bluehost is a preferred website for both beginners and developers because of its ease to use and variety of features and, it is officially recommended by WordPress itself.

      One can start the blog or eCommerce or business website with the Bluehost hosting.

      How do I claim my Free Domain in Bluehost?

      Whenever you create a new account on the Bluehost, they offered you a free domain name with their hosting packages. So, Buy Bluehost hosting now to claim the Free Domain.

      Can I use Bluehost for free?

      According to Bluehost 30 Money back policy, you can get full refund if you cancel the new hosting account within 30 days. So, if we view the Bluehost hosting in that way, then we can say, it is free for first 30 days.

      Is the Bluehost 2.65 deal valid?

      Yes, we have verified 4 to 5 times about this deal before writing this article. So, this is a legitimate deal.

      Is there any other Bluehost discount coupon code?

      Currently No, there is not any other discount coupon code. However, you can utilize the Bluehost Special 2.65 deal offer which gives extra off.

      Is there any money-back guarantee?

      Yes, your money is safe with Bluehost as it comes with 30 days No questions asked money back guarantee.

      Does Bluehost charge monthly?

      Unfortunately, No. Bluehost doesn’t charge monthly. You have to get their at least 1-year plan.

      Can I upgrade my plan to a higher-level plan?

      Yes, Bluehost offers this flexibility about upgradation. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime within the Bluehost dashboard.