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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Hosting Provider In 2023

Accuwebhosting Based On Reality Checks 5/5 AccuWeb Hosting Offers AccuWeb Hosting has served more than 100K users and have 20 Years of experience in handling small to large scale websites.
  • Beginner Friendly
  • LiteSpeed with LSCache Plugin for Speed
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Money Back Guarantee
$6.99/m now $4.49/m  (Save Huge 44%) Activate Deal Now As the trade, business and blogging industry is growing daily, website counts in the digital world are increasing. People are switching their businesses online. And, as the websites are increasing in the market, competition in hosting the websites is evidently increasing and choosing a good hosting company has become a tough task. And that’s why we are here to help you. We are going to discuss the AccuWebHosting review. What are the benefits and drawbacks? Should we buy AccuWebhosting or not? Which plan is useful for which marketer and what are the prices and plans they offer. When we start a website, we always ask experts about their experiences and the mistakes they made and learned about it. To start a website, you should be well aware of all the web hosting providers to choose the best.

We did detail research and analysis on AccuwebHosting and prepared a blog on AccuwebHosting review.

We will share all the AccuWeb Hosting coupons and deals that are currently running on the website.

And you might be the one searching for some honest reviews, that’s why you are here. So, let’s start with the AccuWebHosting hosting review.
RATING 4.0 ★★★★☆
PRICE The basic plan starts at $1.99/mo
UPTIME 99.97%
HOSTING TYPES Shared, Cloud, VPS, dedicated
CUSTOMER SUPPORT 365/24/7 chat support, calls, emails

All about AccuWebHosting 2023

AccuwebHosting was started 20 years ago in New Jersey, USA. Offering web hosting services for so long AccuwebHosting is approved by Microsoft as a WebMatrix Compatible Hosting Company.
AccuWebHosting Review
AccuwebHosting hosting has been serving for more than 20 years and it’s surprising how very few reviews on this product clarifies a user about it. Even though they provide excellent services and user satisfaction, they are underrated. Being in the industry since last 20 years is a big thing. It takes a lot of efforts, money, hard work and most important User-Friendly hosting services to survive in the market. Providing good and affordable hosting services made them to win many Hosting Awards that proves about their commitment towards users. AccuWebHosting Review There are a hundred of other hosting companies available and AccuWebHosting is surviving means they are providing something which is useful for users. And that is the one of the reasons Why AccuWebHosting can be the great choice for your website.
AccuWebHosting Review

Benefits of AccuWebHosting in 2023

On spending 20 years journey, AccuwebHosting has become an entrusted web hosting service that serves over 55,000 users today. They have spent so much time detailing every hosting service according to the necessity and demands of the user. AccuwebHosting offers you high uptime and a window server operating system for your website. They provide a quick setup for the website at an affordable cost. AccuwebHosting has provided a better price at outstanding performance and security.
AccuWebHosting Review
They are currently offering the 44% discounts on their wordpress hosting plans. So, if you are planning to buy the hosting then, it might be the right time. Now, Let’s discuss Why AccuWeb Hosting is best fit for you?

1. More Than 100K Clients

AccuWeb Hosting serving more than 100K Clients. It’s a big number. Having that no of users for a hosting company proves that users trust on them. And Also, AccuWeb Hosting doesn’t provide only affordable hosting services but, they also have experience to handle from small website to large scale websites.

2. Blazing Fast Website Speed

AccuWebHosting is one of the few hosting companies that uses latest hardware for the server. Apart from that, they use LiteSpeed Web Server with LSCache to ensure that the WordPress site loads in a fraction of seconds. They also ensure that they don’t oversell the resources of your Server. So, it also helps to make your website fast.

3. Satisfying Support

AccuWeb Hosting provide support through call, tickets and instant chat. In this Accuweb Hosting review, we will discuss about their ticket and chat support. Suppose you get some problem in your website, or you did something wrong that makes your website fail to load. In this case, many hosting companies will provide you the support but they their response time most probably is 24 Hours and, If you are facing a website load problem then that time might be the big time for you. But, Thanks to AccuWeb. They provide solution to your ticket within 11 Minutes. Isn’t Amazing? Also, they provide instant chat support within 7 Seconds unconditionally. That means, you are going to get all your queries solved within few minutes. I personally tested their chat support, and it really did respond within 30 secs, the chat agent was very polite and responded to every question of mine.

4. Free WordPress Migration

Our AccuWeb Hosting review is mainly based on their wordpress hosting review. So, WordPress users like me and you will get free wordpress website migration service. AccuWebHosting Review They don’t charge for it. You just need to contact them, and they will do the rest. AccuwebHosting provides free hosting services to computer and system Engineering students who are eligible on the standards set by the platform. Some criteria need to be fulfilled. They provide free hosting with 25 email accounts.

Features of AccuwebHosting

Below is the list of features that we will get with AccuWeb Hosting, AccuWeb Hosting is not limited to these features but, these are the essential features that a beginner needs while purchasing the hosting.

Here is the list of complete AccuWeb features.

These features are common in all the hosting that we can purchase from the company.
      • Free domain name (with higher plan)
      • Full Money-back guarantee
      • Control Panel
      • Mail Server Monitoring
      • Database Support
      • 10 GB SSD – 50 GB SSD Disk space
      • Setup time- 4 minutes
      • Bandwidth Monitoring
      • Website Security Monitoring
      • Performance Management
      • Guaranteed uptime and speed
      • Resource Optimization
      • Security Tools to protect Website.
    Now, A beginner also may confuse, what to do after purchasing a domain name? Here is a detailed list of things to do after purchasing a domain name. Apart from the above features, AccuWeb Hosting also provide their Server’s Stress Test. NOTE- AccuWebHosting now accepts Bitcoin payments in 2023.

    Pricing and Plans in 2023

    In this detailed AccuWeb WordPress Hosting review, we are going to discuss which plan is suitable for which type of users. We will also recommend you the best AccuWeb WordPress Plan as per your need and requirement. AccuWeb Hosting offers 3 types of wordpress hosting plans – 
    1. WordPress Startup ++
    2. WordPress Professional ++
    3. WordPress Advanced ++
    Now, Let’s start with their most basic plan.

    WordPress Startup ++

    This is the most basic plan of AccuWeb WordPress Hosting. It starts with $3.99/month (with minimum 3 years of term).
    This plan includes benefits like
    • 5 Websites
    • 50 GB SSD Storage
    • Up to 100,000 Monthly Visits
    • 1 TB Bandwidth
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 1 vCPU
    AccuWebHosting Review 2 GB of RAM with 1 vCPU is enough to handle any website with low traffic. Now, if you purchase this plan for 1 year, then it will cost you $4.49 per month with 1 year term. You can also purchase this on monthly basis, but it will cost you about $4.99 per month. The best thing with this plan is, you can host 5 websites here and, it offers up to 100K monthly visits.
    This plan is best for
    If you are starting a website with no to low traffic, then you must try this plan. Try AccuWeb Hosting

    WordPress Professional ++

    This is the most popular plan of AccuWeb WordPress Hosting. It starts with $5.99/month (with minimum 3 years of term).
    This plan includes benefits like
    • Unlimited Websites
    • 75 GB SSD Storage
    • Upto 250,000 Monthly Visits
    • 2 TB Bandwidth
    • 3 GB RAM
    • 2 vCPUs
    • Free CDN
    • Free Premium SSL
    AccuWebHosting Review This plan offers Unlimited no. of websites with 75 GB of storage which is more than enough for medium sized website. In this plan, Websites can have up to 250K monthly visits. 3 GB RAM and 2 vCPUs ensures that your website can handle good of concurrent traffic without compromising with the website speed. This plan also offers FREE CDN and FREE Premium SSL. CDN helps you to serve your websites images according to your website visitor’s location. So, this is a big optimization for the website. Now, if you purchase this plan for 1 year, then it will cost you $7.49 per month with 1 year term. You can also purchase this on monthly basis, but it will cost you about $8.99 per month. The best thing with this plan is, you get FREE CDN and up to 250K monthly visits.
    This plan is best for
    If you have a medium sized website with few hundred of visitors and, you want to have FREE Premium CDN and SSL then, this plan is good for you. Try AccuWeb Hosting

    WordPress Advanced ++

    This is the advance plan of AccuWeb WordPress Hosting. Which is suitable for high traffic wordpress websites. It starts with $7.99/month (with minimum 3 years of term).
    This plan includes benefits like
    • Free Domain Registration
    • Unlimited Websites
    • 100 GB SSD Storage
    • Upto 500,000 Monthly Visits
    • 3 TB Bandwidth
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 2 vCPUs
    • Free CDN
    • Free Premium SSL
    • Free Dedicated IP
    AccuWebHosting Review This plan offers Free Domain Name, Unlimited no. of websites and 100 GB of storage which is especially made for High End websites. In this plan, Websites can have up to 500K monthly visits. This plan is especially crafted with features that are enough for a big website like an eCommerce or a big blog website that are getting thousands of visits. Apart from FREE CDN, you will also get dedicated IP address for enhanced security. Now, if you purchase this plan for 1 year, then it will cost you $9.49 per month with 1 year term. You can also purchase this on monthly basis, but it will cost you about $10.99 per month. The best thing with this plan is, you get FREE Domain Name and up to 500K monthly visits.
    This plan is best for
    If you have a big website that receives millions of visits per month then this plan is the best for you. Try AccuWeb Hosting All these AccuWeb WordPress Hosting plans included MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So, in a rare case, if you don’t like this hosting then you can get your full money back without any question to you.

    How To Buy Hosting from AccuWeb Hosting

    Below are the steps you need to follow to purchase the hosting from AccuWeb Hosting. Step 1: Click on this Magical Link. AccuWebHosting Review On the next screen, click on “Buy Now.” Step 2: Now choose your hosting plan and term and Server Location. AccuWebHosting Review I recommend going with WordPress professional++ plan. Now click on “Order Now” Step 3: Choose your desired domain name. AccuWebHosting Review On this step, you have 3 options.
    1. Get a new domain name.
    2. Transfer your domain name to AccuWeb Hosting.
    3. Update your domain name server.
    Click on “Continue” Step 4: You will get overview of your wordpress plan. AccuWebHosting Review Review all the details and click on Continue.” Step 5: On the next screen, it will ask you for ID protection (Optional) AccuWebHosting Review If you purchase this addon then, No one on the internet can see your details like, Name, Email and Phone No behind your domain name registration. Overall, it will keep your privacy. Now, click on “Continue.” Step 6: Click on Checkout. Now, create your account by entering your basic details like name, email, phone number and password, etc. AccuWebHosting Review Choose your preferred way of payment and click on “Complete Order”. Congratulations, you did it 🙂 This was about the AccuWebHosting hosting review of the affordable hosting plans. We provided you all the comparisons and Accuweb wordpress Hosting review on every plan to compare better.

    Pros and Cons of AccuwebHosting

        1. You can buy packages at monthly, quarterly and yearly prices.
        2. The prices of plans are affordable, and it is easy to use.
        3. They have a good count of server locations globally.
          1. Customer support is not available 24/7 on phone.
          2. Basic Plan doesn’t offer FREE Domain name.

        PR: AccuWebHosting’s honest review in 2023

        We would not talk much in words but let us give you some proof that why we recommend AccuwebHosting. This proof is not just a review by us, but from the users already using this product. Refer to the image below (testimonial on AccuwebHosting review)-
        AccuWebHosting Review
        For more testimonials and reviews, you can go to the “AccuwebHosting review” section using this link. If you are someone looking for these features, you don’t even need to give second thought just hit the subscription to purchase the product.
        AccuWebHosting Review
        This image shows the search results we got after exploring the hosting reviews of AccuwebHosting plans on Google. These websites definitely getting the fast website speed but, have you aware with the fact that website speed is also depends on the type of wordpress theme we are using? It is important to use optimized wordpress theme with a good hosting company. Here is our Kadence Theme Review which is well optimized for performance focused websites.


        Researching and analyzing the hosting of AccuwebHosting reviews all over the web, we found that it’s pretty good to accelerate a beginner’s career. It provides a better option for those who want to start a website online or looking for a basic web hosting package that fits their budget. It offers easy-to-use features and 24/7 customer support service so that you can reach them anytime you have a query. You can expect high security and performance if you go for the advanced plans. However, it provides enough security to keep your website safe to prevent it from threats. You may face some issues with traffic control for the most basic plan. If you are just starting out with low traffic, then WordPress Startup++ plan is best for you. On the other hand, Websites having plenty of traffic should opt for WordPress Professional++ plan. Try AccuWeb Hosting


        Q1 What is AccuWebHosting? AccuwebHosting provides hosting services since last 20 years for wordpress users. They are one of the top reputed hosting companies in the market in terms of website security and speed. Q2 How much do AccuWebHosting costs? The most basic package of wordpress hosting starts at $3.99/mo with a 3 year of plan. However, If you purchase this plan with 1 year validity then it will cost you about $4.49 per month. Q3 Is AccuWebHosting legit? AccuWebHosting, an exceptional all-around option, offers the best features and flexibility. They are in the market since last 20 years and have served more than 100K customers. Having that number of users is proved that they are really doing great. Q4 Is AccuWeb hosting free? AccuWeb hosting doesn’t provide free hosting but, they are running various scheme for students under which, you can get free hosting. In simple words, they provide FREE Hosting to students.